Third Person PoV

The Queen shrieked, and many shards of her fell out onto the ground.

"Get away from there, fool!" she screamed, reaching out with one hand. She had expected it to throw the boy into the fog, but instead he simply slid into the next orb, allowing him to slam down on top of that one as well.

It shattered.

A horrendous pain coursed through her entire being, and she screamed again, more shards falling. By now she was just an open, empty shell with a few key pieces still holding her together.

The boy ran for the next orb.

"No." she gasped, struggling to lift her marred arm. "N-"

The boy smashed the third orb into the ground. The worst pain the Queen had ever felt enveloped her. With one last dying shriek, she collapsed into spilled shards on the ground, her clothing dissipating and two black stones tinkling to the floor with the skin.

Iggy allowed himself a few seconds of happy disbelief- He had actually done it!- before he ran over to Fang. He was still kneeling with Max in his lap, a desperate look on his face as he brushed Maxs hair back and called her name. He had assumed that if the Queen died then Max would wake up, that the poison would disappear. Like in the fairy tales.

But this wasn't a fairy tale. And it looked like it wouldn't have a happy ending.

"You traitorous whelps!" hissed a venomous voice. Iggy turned in alarm. Rising from the pile of broken ceramic was a black cloud. It didn't have any eyes, mouth, or limbs, but it spoke all the same. "You ignorant fiends! You've ruined everything! I could have given you such power, such mastery! But instead you followed love. Well, you will pay for that decision! I will die, but I will die happy knowing that I used my last power to punish you forever!"

The boys blood ran cold at this threat. What did she mean by punish? Did she mean Max would never wake up? Would she trap them here or in some other hellish place and leave them to rot there? Would she summon the spirits of their dead family to torment them?

The Queens spirit did none of this. Instead, the fog began to close in. Faster and faster it whirled and it circled around the three children.

Fang and Iggy huddled together over Max and closed their eyes tightly. They heard one last cackle from the Queen as the cloud evaporated, and Iggy let out a yell as the fog started to grind against their flesh.

They heard shrieks, screams, twisted rhymes, words, all in a jumble as the fog swirled around them.

Then; it stopped.

Iggy and Fang cautiously raised their heads and looked around suspiciously. Imagine their surprise when they found themselves sitting in their own front yard!

Iggy got up and quickly looked around to make sure it wasn't a trick. Fang didn't seem to care. He just stared down at Max, trying anything he could think of to wake her up. It still wasn't working.

A few minutes later, Iggy returned.

"As far as I can tell, we're back. It's all the same." he said, with a shrug. Noticing Fangs lack of attention, he knelt down again next to Max. He thought for a moment.

"You could always try kissing her." he said suddenly, making Fang look up at him in confusion.

"What?" he asked. Iggy shrugged again.

"You know, true loves kiss. It always worked in the stories. Worth a shot, right?"

Fang looked down at Max. Iggy was right, he didn't have anything to lose from trying. So he slowly leaned down and kissed her as gently and lovingly as he could. A few seconds later, he pulled away and watched her anxiously.

For a few moments, she didn't stir. Fang was about to despair when her eyelids fluttered, then opened to reveal her chocolate eyes.

"Max!" he cried out joyously. Max, however, started crying. "Whats wrong?" he asked, sitting her up and holding her to his shoulder. She tried to push away from him.

"This is just another nightmare!" she said. "I won't watch you die again, I won't!" Fang firmly grabbed the sides of her head and swung it around so that she was forced to look at him.

"Max, listen to me. We killed the Queen. We're home. You're awake." he said calmly. Max didn't to believe him, but after realizing she could actually touch him and nothing happened for several moments, she smiled big.

Then it disappeared.

"Fang, where's Angel?" she asked anxiously. "Where's Angel?!"

At that moment, there was an explosion behind them. They all fell on their backs and pulled themselves back across the lawn before looking up.

The boys house of horrors was on fire. Bright yellow flames licked the sky and orange ones reached for the rosebushes under the windows. But all of their eyes were locked on the figure of the small shrieking girl in the second story window.

"Angel!" Max shrieked, fighting against Fangs hold. "Angel!"

Fang, knowing she couldn't do anything to help Angel, just held Max in place and buried his face in her shoulder.

By the time panicing neighbors had called 911 and the fire truck had arrived, Max was sobbing and clinging to Fangs neck. Iggy was crying silently next to them, and even Fang had tears slipping down his cheeks.

The Queen had gotten her revenge.


Four years later

"Max, Iggy, I'm back." Fang called as he walked into the apartment, tossing his keys and the grocery bag he held onto the kitchen table.

"Hey Fang." Max said as she emerged from her bedroom. "Iggy's still at school." Fang nodded in understanding. Iggy had recently enrolled in college, taking a course in pyrotechnics. It was a little difficult, remembering how Angel had burned, but he thought it would be the only way he could move on from what had happened.

The past four years hadn't been easy. They had to go through extensive questioning concerning the disappearance of their families, and they obviously couldn't tell the truth because they'd sound like lunatics. But of course all the bodies had turned to ash, so there wasn't any evidence to incriminate the three teens. So they had been sent to live with Maxs aunt a couple of states away.

After that, it still hadn't gotten any easier. All three of them woke up screaming from nightmares almost every night. They all had to move through the stages of grief and had to try to get past the trauma no one else knew about. Max had to battle her way through 2 years of depression and anxiety, and Iggy had a brief stay in a mental hospital after he cracked and tried to tell Maxs aunt the truth about what had happened. Fang grew even more reclusive and never talked to anyone except Max and his brother. He wouldn't even talk to the teachers at school and neglected his work, which resulted in several nearly failed classes and some relentless bullying.

But they had made it through. Now Max taught self defense at a nearby studio and Fang had a job in an office. They made enough along with Iggys part time job to rent the apartment together and hopefully Fang would get into college soon once they had saved up some more money.

Max walked up to him and gave him a light peck on the lips.

"Iggy insists on making dinner tonight." she said. "Says he's tired of Raman noodles every night."

"I have to say I agree with him." Fang responded with a slight smile, then wrapped his arm around Maxs waist and pulled her closer.

Life still wasn't easy. The past still dragged them down like an anchor and the nightmares were still there. But slowly, they were fighting their way back to life.

Maybe, just maybe, they could have their happy ending.

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