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Chapter 37 - Fast and Furry Ass


The casting studio isn't at all what I thought it would be. I was expecting a high-tech, sterile environment, with tall ceilings and open spaces, maybe with some tasteful artwork depicting previous castings. Instead, when Fluff and I climb out of the car, we're faced with little more than a glorified shed. I get a sudden flashback to the time early in my career when they tried to cast me in Animal Farm. A shudder creeps down my spine.

"You okay?" Fluff side-eyes me.

"Oh, yeah, sure." I've no intention of telling her that story. There aren't many mysteries between us, but I'd like the day I got chased back to my car by a pig wearing lipstick to remain one of them.

"No you're not okay," Fluff has this way of seeing through the bulkshit. "So come on, what's up?"

I grimace, lifting my hand up to gesture at the building. "It's a shed."

She sighs impatiently. "It's not a shed, Edward, it's a wood clad building. I'm pretty sure they don't keep animals or garden equipment in there."

I shiver again. Oh the flashbacks. Maybe I need trauma counselling or something. "It doesn't look very clean," I tell her, wrinkling my nose. "I'm not sure Ed junior is going to be happy coming out in there."

This time she gives a full-on huff. I love it when I piss her off. She does this little twisty thing with her mouth that makes me want to take her in my arms and kiss the hell out of her. I make a mental note to do this more often. "Look Edward," she begins, and I actually wince. She only uses my real name when she's either really angry or really turned on. Either way I feel myself stirring to attention.


"You need to remember the game plan. You're doing this for a reason, it's your first step towards a new life. One with me in it," she adds, pointedly.

I immediately chasten. I've already put her through so much. What the hell she's still doing with me I can't even imagine. I give myself a quick talking to. It's time to man up and get my cock out. I'm doing it for her, after all.

Gathering Fluff into my arms I pull her against me, feeling her body melt against mine. "I'm so in love with you, baby. I can't believe you're still with me. Sometimes I've no idea why."

Fluff rolls onto the balls of her feet, angling her head up to press her lips against mine. They're warm, soft and delicious. "Oh I can think of a few reasons," she murmurs against my mouth.

The blood that was in my head rushes southwards. "Oh yeah?"

"Yes. About twelve inches of them." She giggles and I growl, deepening the kiss.

"It's all for you, gorgeous." I wrap my arms around her. I can't ever get close enough. I want every inch of her against me.

"Me and anybody willing to part with eighty dollars of well-earned cash." She cups my jaw to take away the sting.

"That's just a bit of rubber. It isn't me. It won't hold you afterwards or tell you it loves you. It won't run you a bath full of bubbles and then rub your feet for you. It won't love you."

Her face turns serious. She kisses me again and I can feel emotion pouring out of her. "God I love you, my crazy beautiful man."

"Always," I tell her, meaning it from the depths of my heart.

When we check in at reception, I can feel the scrutiny of the girl behind the desk as she smiles slowly, then picks up the phone. Speaking rapidly into the mouthpiece, she tells the person at the other end that I'm here, then slowly puts it down, never once taking her eyes off me.

"I finish at four," she tells me.

I frown, confused. "Good for you," I say. "That's a fine hour to finish. Enough time to get things done before evening." Gah, I sound so insane. But what the hell am I supposed to say to that?

"My apartment is only a couple of miles away,"

Why the hell is this girl telling me about her real estate? Unease washes over me like an ocean wave.

"Good for you."

She leans forward, revealing an ample cleavage. "It could be so good for you, too."

Realization dawns. She's trying to pick me up, not bore me with mundane details of her day. I turn to look at Fluff, expecting her to be fuming, but instead her eyes are sparkling, her teeth digging into her bottom lip to suppress a laugh.

I decide to be indignant for the both of us. "I'm with my girlfriend," I tell her, slinging my arm around Fluff's shoulders.

"She can come, too. She can watch if she likes, or even join in. Whatever."

The thought of sharing Fluff with anyone makes me feel anger at a level I've never experienced before. I know it's hypocritical, and I know I have no right to think it, but I can't help the way I feel about her. That woman is mine and mine alone.

And I'm all hers.

"No thank you," I tell the receptionist, pulling Fluff closer still. "I'm a one-woman kind of guy."

I ignore her disbelieving stare and press my lips against Fluff's forehead, meaning every word.

I'm this woman's guy, and nobody's going to tell me any different.

Inside, the wooden building is nothing like its exterior. I breathe a sigh of relief when we are taken into what seems like a sterile lab, and are introduced to Rick, the chemist. He's wearing typical scientist garb, with a white coat and gloves. If he only added some goggles, he'd complete the stereotype.

"So I've mixed up the putty for the casting, he tells me. "All we need to do is take a cast, then let the putty harden. Once that's happened we'll be able to create a silicon mold we can send to our factory in China.

I close my eyes, imaging a line of plastic dildos rolling out of the factory. It's good to know my penis is going to be well travelled.

"So you can get undressed there," he gestures at a cubicle with a curtain hanging down "and we'll get on with the task in hand."

He gives a little snigger and I decide I like him.

A few minutes later I'm wearing only a hospital gown, and sitting in front of Rick, with Fluff beside me. He's sloshing some seriously pink liquid around in a giant canister. Eventually he looks up, peering over his thick-rimmed glasses. "So you just need to get it out and put it in here." He pushes the canister towards me.

Well this is awkward. I decide to seek clarification. "You mean my dick?"

No first date, no flowers. Poor Ed junior.

"Yes, that's right." Rick goes all pseudo-scientist on me. "You need to place your erect penis into the rubber solution for approximately five minutes. When it's set, we can remove you, and then wait for it to harden"

My mouth is dry. "I need to be erect?"

"Of course."

I turn to look at Fluff. Shit, I hadn't thought of that. "What if I can't get it up?" I mouth at her.

"We have a selection of movies and magazines to help you with that." Damn Rick, the sneaky lip-reader.

"Those won't be necessary," I reply immediately. There's no way I want to watch any porn. The likelihood is I'll either be in it, or know the people who are. Neither seems particularly appetizing right now.

"Is it possible for me to take the cast?" Fluff interjects. "I'm fully trained. I'm a sculptor, you see."

For a moment Rick looks offended, but then he glances down at my lap and shudders. "Oh yeah, sure. Have you used Dragon Skin before?"

"All the time," Fluff lies smoothly. "It's fine, Rick, I've got this. Go and grab yourself a coffee or something."

Rick doesn't need to be told twice. He scurries out of the room, not bothering to take off his white coat, and the door slams behind him. Fluff turns to look at me, a dirty smile on her face, and purrs "Right then, big boy, we've got work to do. Let's get to it."

It dawns on me again how much I love this girl. She takes every situation in her stride. She barely bats her eyelids at this crazy circus I'm surrounded by, and always seems calm in a crisis. She's seen me naked in a porn studio, naked at a hot tub party. She's been in the tabloids, lied to her father and even joined me in a mock wedding.

She's a keeper, and I intend to do just that. As she reaches beneath my gown, circling her hands around my cock, I find myself blurting out impulsively.

"Will you marry me?"

Her fingers tighten around me, shock written over her face. "Do you say that to all the girls who touch your cock?"

I shake my head, already starting to harden. Any minute now and all the blood will rush out of my brain, leaving me as senseless as ever. "Just you baby. Because I want you to be my wife."

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