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Luchia scooted away from him as quickly as possible, her own heart beating in her chest as a soft light engulfed him.

His eyes were cold to her and a small smile touched his lips. "If I killed him...would you love me?"

"W-What?" Luchia whispered softly, yelping when her arms were pinned above her head, the creepy smile growing wider with each passing second.

"If I killed him, would you love me? You're always saying his name in your sleep, and sometimes when you daydream...it makes me so angry, Luchia..." he leaned his face into her own, taking a deep breath of her scent. "So, if I killed him, would you love me?"

Luchia was flabbergasted. "I-I-"

The door suddenly opened, and three people rushed out, all saying the same thing.


The door flung open to reveal Katashi, Nikora, and Kaito, all stumbling into the room as they squeezed to get in before one another.

'Katashi', who she now dubbed as 'Katashi Number 2', whipped his head around an inhuman growl erupted from his throat. Luchia let out a loud squeak as he pulled her to his body, and she nearly yelped at the heat from his chest, so hot that it was almost like fire. His clothes consisted of a simple black jean and t-shirt, but she could almost feel her back burning...

"She's mine, so back off human."

"No, she isn't, Aedus."

He growled again. "Do not reveal my identity or I will strike you where you stand. I belong to you no longer."

"You belong to me. You are one with me-"

"I BELONG TO NO ONE!" his flames engulfed the room, and she could faintly hear Kaito and that Nikora-lady, almost to the point of wheezing...

"Stop!" Luchia yelled, the pained coughs coming from Kaito were almost too much to bear. The flames immediately ceased and both men turned to her, and Luchia, with both of their burning gazes on her naked body, she wished she could sink into the earth where no one would be able to look at her again.

She was harshly pushed into the hands of her real Katashi, and the fiery one named 'Aedus' glared hard at her.

"I know what you desire, Katashi." Aedus said, clicking his tongue, a smirk adorning his lips. "The moment her sweet voice said 'Stop' I could feel the strings of your heart turn into dark jealousy. But," he stopped, giving Luchia a heartwarming smile, one that was so strikingly similar to Katashi that her eyes widened.

"That will all be over soon, won't it, Luchia?"

He suddenly shifted into a puff of smoke, and she swore that the feeling of soft lips touching her own was real as the puff of smoke dissipated in the air.

"Luchia!" Kaito yelled, coughing harshly. She ripped herself from Katashi to run to Kaito, whose clothes had been burned to the paint where it cut through his skin. "Are you okay?" she yelled, the sudden urge to touch the wound and gauge his reaction was killing her, but he grabbed her hands and pressed it into his sides, letting out a pleasurable sigh. "Your hands...they're so warm." with that being said, his eyes rolled to the back of his head, and he let out a deep breath before he lost complete consciousness.

"Kaito? KAITO!" she yelled, and soon turned her head to Nikora, whose face had burn marks all over, almost unrecognizable from her point of view.

"NANA?" instinctively, she called a nickname, where it came from, she did not know. And although Luchia could hear her breathing, it was faint, and it was scaring the wits out of her. Katashi clutched her shoulder, and it was just then that she realized she had tears in her eyes, clutching Kaito's passed out body to her chest, unconsciously noting how she wasn't feeling sick or nauseous.

The door opened once again to reveal an old woman, and she clutched Kaito tightly to her body, uncaring of the murderous rage. "Y-You need to call a hospital!" Luchia yelled, her attention snapping to the old lady who had walked in. Not long after the words left her mouth, Hanon and Rina ran into the room, their eyes wide in horror.

The stress was all too much for her, she could feel her heartbeat increasing rapidly, and could hear herself hyperventilating.

She let out a whimper when she felt something sharp embed itself within her arm, and she looked at her arm, and a needle was inserted there, pushing in drops of a liquid that she knew well.

A tranquilizer.

She looked up towards the person whose hand held the small needle, and through blurry eyes, she slowly lost consciousness.

The last thing she saw was Katashi's angry, but worried face holding her tightly.

Luchia's head flew up, her eyes widening as sweat matted her hair, and her breathing was fast and uncontrolled.

Katashi ran in the room, bringing water and looking at her calmly, as if this were the usual.

"Hey, hey what's wrong?" he asked, patting her hair and she eagerly took the water that he offered, gulping it quickly.

"It was so vivid Katashi, the fire, you, Kaito, Nikora, him-"

"Woah, woah, woah. Luchia, it was just another nightmare."

"N-No Katashi, it was so real-"

"It was just another nightmare. Nothing to worry about. We went out today, but you passed out because of the heat. You don't remember it?"

No matter how hard she tried, Luchia could not bring up any memories of going out today. She looked up towards the window to see that the crescent moon was shining brightly in the night.

"H-How long have I been out?" she asked, her heart rate easing up a bit, and she berated herself for being so silly; it was simply a dream.

"A few hours. You might want to go back to sleep, you look a bit pale." he said, giving her a small kiss on her forehead. "I'll wake you up when it's dinner time, alright? I'll try not to burn the house." he said with a smile.

Luchia nodded, her own smile taking over her face. "Right!"

It didn't take long for her to sleep. The moment she touched the pillow, it was lights out for her.

He looked at her, leaning against the door frame, his eyes filled with malice and jealousy. How dare that man try and take the one and only thing that truly mattered in his life. He didn't surf simply because it was fun. He did it to make ends meet, and he was pretty damn good and something he hated.

He clenched his fist, his knuckles turning white. Kaito...that...that boy had no right to even think about what was his...

"Ah, jealousy...such a bitter emotion."

His head whipped around to turn to the window. There, Aedus sat swinging his legs over the window ledge. "She's so beautiful, isn't she? Such a rare flower that many would try to nurture and keep. But there's always competition for such a beautiful flower." Aedus chuckled, turning his head towards him.

"I can easily kill him, just...snap his neck."

"No." Katashi whispered, touching Luchia's face with his large palms.

"Why not? It would be so easy to get rid of the nuisance...then, you could have her all to yourself..." he whispered, lies flowing off of his lips like water, and Katashi knew it better than anyone about his lies.

"You want her all for yourself." Katashi said, never moving his eyes away from his beloved. "I won't let you have her."

Aedus gasped, feigning shock. "Why, I would never disobey my master." he said coyly, his words like ice dripping on the floor.

"That's not what it looked like today. I don't want a repeat of this happening again." Katashi said, his warm, brown eyes now turning gray, swirling, as if the color were a raging storm.

Aedus rolled his eyes. "Yes master." Aedus swung outside the window, prepared to leave, but Katashi called out to him.

"Oh, and one more thing, I want you to put a spell on everyone who witnessed what happened today, so that they can not speak of this when Luchia is in a listening radius."

Aedus smiled. "Yes, master."

And with that, Aedus, with his fiery red hair and personality, disappeared into the night.

Katashi looked back at Luchia, whose chest was rising and falling with each breath. "That's right...I own Aedus...and I own you, Luchia.'



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