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Jade's POV

The next day, I was getting ready to head to Brittney's party. As I said, Danny thought I was going shopping with some friends and thank god I got him off of me today. I wasn't looking forward to this party, but then Brittney was one of my close friends and I couldn't upset her. Even though, she was a perky blonde and all she did was flirt.

I wore a leapord ponte peplum dress with beige pumps. The short was a little short on me, but that was the style I liked. My pumps were 5 and a half inches tall and they made me look pretty tall. My make up was done as usual, and I had nude color lipstick on. I loved how my lips looked, they were shining from all the lipgloss and lip plump.

Just as I was about to grab my clutch and keys, my phone rang-which I thanked god because I was about to leave without it.

"Hello?" I answered, looking at my reflection in the mirror.

"Jade! I heard Tom will be there!" It was Cat, my bestfriend-and she was overacting over how her ex boyfriend would be there. He never really cared about her since he was a jerk...different bed every night.

"Cat, who cares! There's gonna be lots of people there he won't be able to find you. He can't do anything, anyways. Don't panic." I tried to say. By I tried, I meant making Cat not worry.

"I guess you're right...you there yet?"

"I'm on my way right now." I told her, zipping my clutch when I was done making sure I had everything in there.

"Okay, see you." I hung up and put my phone in my right hand while opening the door with my other one.

Beck's POV

"Hey!" I greeted my best bud, Andre. Of course Brittney would invite him.

"Sup, man! How are things goin'?" He smiled through his talk with me.

"Things are going FINE, you?" I grabbed a shot from the table I was leaning on.

"Same as you, my man!" He laughed and I joined.

"Hey, Andre!" I called him, we were mostly shouting since the music was pretty loud. Plus, it was crowded here.

"Yeah?" He took a sip of his shot. Yes, Andre's shots are never one, he takes small sips.

"Check her out! Go talk to her." I playfully hit his shoulder.

"Ooooohh, be right back." He laughed in his british tone and left to talk to her. He's always been looking for girls around here, which was fine. Something was that girls that are from those classes are a little scary...pretty scary. I didn't mean scary as in witches...but they were sluts.

Now I was all alone, what would I do? The party is too crowded so I can barely find any of my friends. Just as I was walking around, I saw somebody walking around-looking for someone I'd say. That someone was that same girl who walked into the meeting the other day. Yeah, she was beautiful...but did I know her? No.

I decided to go talk to her and get to know her a little...as friends-Pshh I wish. Yeah you know, there's no one I really find interesting to talk to on here.

"Hey." I walked up to her.

She looked at me, down to my feet and back up to my face. With a roll of eyes she turned on her heels and walked away. Great. She probably thought I was one of those players there is around these kind of parties-always.

"Beck!" Brittney squealed and ran up to me. I'd say trying to run with her 10 inch heels or maybe. I don't know about heels okay?

"Hi." I smiled. Yeah I really didn't enjoy talking to Brittney.

"You liking the party?" She flirted, twirling her blonde hair around her fingers.

"Yeah, it's great." I took a sip of my drink, and put my other hand in my pocket.

She stepped closer to me and held my tie in her hands. She bit her lip and looked up at me. "I could make it more fun...if you join me upstairs." She smirked. What? No No No! Never!

"Uhh-" I began until I was interrupted by a VERY familiar voice yelling 'BECK!' in an angry tone. This cannot be what i'm thinking it is. I gulped and slowly turned around to see who it was, not even caring if Brittney fell down since she was leaning on me.

"Uh..Jillian?" My eyes went wide as I saw. No No No! How could she know i'm here? How was I gonna deal with this? I really am hoping that she didn't see me and Brittney.

I noticed as everyone in the party was staring at us.

"HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU? YOU LIED TO ME, YOU BASTARD!" She yelled really loud, stomping on her feet and running out the door with tears in her eyes.

"Jillian! It's not what you think!" I ran after her, dropping my drink on the floor.

Jade's POV

I turned around as I saw someone yelling a name really loud-and really angrily. I looked at who she was pointing to...yup. That same dude that walked up to me and said 'Hey.'-which I ignored.

"Woah!" Cat's mouth dropped open as she saw what the dude was doing and how angry that girl was.

Drama everywhere. I bothered not to care and just danced with the music.

Jillian's POV

How? And why? Why would Beck do this to me! I loved him, and I trusted him! I can never thank my friend who saw him here and called me enough.

The way that perky blonde was leaning on him. She was about to kiss him. I still can't believe he lied to me like this.

I ran as fast as I could with tears in my eyes. I knew he was running after me because I heard his shoes...and him calling my name. He grabbed my arm and stopped me. I turned to face him...with tears in my eyes.

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