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Crona was not a normal child. Stein knew that the day the little five year old pinkett stood on his porch. "What are you doing here sweety?" he had asked kneeling down to her level. She sniffed then said, "My mommy left me *hiccup* here." Stein pursed his lips. "What was your mommy's name?" the girl began to shake. She looked scared out of her wits. "Can you tell me your name?" she stopped shaking. "C-crona… I-I'm Crona." Stein remembered that "Crona" literally meant dark one. He quickly dismissed the thought. It was probably a coincident. "Well Crona, I'm Stein. Come inside are you hungry?" crona nodded her head. "Y-yes"

Stein looked in the fridge only to find nothing. When he looked in the cupboard there were only crackers. "Why don't you eat these real quick, while I get my wallet and we can go out to eat. Kay" he said while setting the plate of crackers on the table. When he walked back to the kitchen he heard a loud crash. Crona! He ran to find Crona in front of the broken dish. He noticed she wasn't wearing shoes. "Crona don't move okay" she obeyed. Stein picked her up and set her on the counter. Then got a broom and pan to clean up the mess. When he finished he went to pick up Crona, but when he picked up his arms she flinched. "I'm sorry I didn't mean it Ragnarok made me drop it. I promise. Please don't hit me!" stein frowned. "Don't worry I wont hit. It was an accident. I bet Ragnarok didn't mean it." Stein said softly and slowly picking her up. Stein carried her to the car and put her in the backseat. He frowned. I'm going to have to buy a car seat for her. He thought. He shook his head.

"What do you want to eat crona?" he asked. Crona shrugged. Stein decided on the food court. Maybe she'll like something there. When they arrived Crona looked around. "Do you want Tommy's?" stein asked. She raised a brow. Stein was flabergatsted. Every kid he knew had Tommy's. he smiled "Tommy's it is then."

When they sat down to eat. Crona stared at the food. She picked up the burger. It smelled good, but when she bit into it, it tasted funny. Stein raised a brow. Then chuckled. He grabbed the hand from Crona's hand and unwrapped it. "Silly, you're supposed to take off the wrapper." He said giving her back the burger. Crona bit into it. Crona looked like she liked it. "Well look who it is." Stein heard a cheery voice behind him. Stein turned to see his boss with his son. "Hello sir." "Now who is this lovely young lady behind you?" "sir this Crona." "Why hello there miss Crona I'd like you to meet ki- where did he go now." He turned around. When did you could see his mini-me. He put a finger to his mouth. Crona did the same nodding. Stein's boss turned around. "Have you guys se-" "BOO PAPA!" The little boy screamed. The older man let out a yelp."Kid don't do that to your papa. You're gonna give me a heart attack." Kid giggled and so did Crona. Stein turned to her then said, "Don't get any ideas missy." "Now kid I want you to meet Crona. Miss Crona this is Kid." Kid shook her hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you Miss Crona" he said formally. "Now kid no need to be formal." His father said. "Kid took a closer look. Oh my gosh!" he hugged her. "You're so symmetrical" stein and his father laughed. "C'mon kid its time to go." "Bye Crona."

When stein and crona left the mall and got home. Stein put her in the guest room. "Good night Crona." He whispered as she fell asleep. Tomorrow they would search for Crona's mom

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