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Now this story will be very mature. And I mean VERY mature. It will contain sex, swearing, gore, incest, futanari/shemales/ hermaphrodites yuri/lesbains, and other mature content.

IT will also touch the point of Religion. Now before anyone bitches at me for doing this.


I made this story simply due to me having the urge and to actually put up a story and work on it. I personally don't give a fuck about religion or anything that could be used as a religion. I see my self as an atheist. I could care less if there is a god or isn't.

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Chapter 1

Lily was pissed. She was just killed by a talentless death fearing pansy with a snake fetish due to a cowardly rat faced bitch and a glory addicted color blind old man with a god complex.

Lily was a beautiful woman with crimson red hair that looked like flame. She had a very curvy body that would make a supper model kill out of jealously. She had a skinny waist that was connected to wide hips and a large plump ass. She had a pair of E-cup breast and bright pink nipples that stood out due to her not really wearing cloths except a skirt and corset piece that didn't really cover anything and just looked decretive.

Lily, or as her real name was Lilith looked around hell. Her domain and true home. Lilith was all the greatest 'evils' of the world. She was Lucifer, Beelzebub, Yami, Hades, and many others. Granted many thought most of her forms were male, but she did that purposely to confuse the mortals.

Granted she wasn't evil, but unlike Adam (God) and his son she had no inhibitions and cared little for mortals. The reason is that she seen the dark side of humanity and she controlled the darker half of the afterlife, the one that gives out punishments as was her role since her father Izanagi gave it to her. Izanagi gave the lighter half to her younger brother. Lilith understood and accepted that. Adam was always a bleeding heart and couldn't really harm someone if he had a choice.

Lilith let out a sigh. While she hardly cared for mortal life, her time as Lily was bitter sweet. Her father and mother Izanami said she could have a little vacation. She took it and planned for making some chaos, much like she did as Morgan Le Fay. Granted that time was by accident when her father of the time went mad due to illness and declared war on magic. Luckily her half brother of the time got the crown and fixed it by having the fool Merlin helping.

This time was actually the first time she gave birth to a child. She didn't know how James Potter talked her into marring him, but she knew he didn't do anything like love potions or charms. She was totally immune to them even as a mortal. It really didn't matter to her. She was finally able to have a child of her own.

But that was the problem. Her daughter was still alive and in the mortal world. Lilith needed to get her back. Luckily her family knew about her child and the circumstance about her latest mortal death. Her father already said she could get her child back by any means.

Now she just needed to get her daughter and get her revenge. After all her daughter still had a point in the near mortal future in the magical part. Dumbledore made it so with his fake prophecy after all. Lilith liked her lips in anticipation for the up and coming chaos.

"Now to get my child and actually raise her like I should." Lilith said with a dark smirk as she leaned back into her throne.

Margaret winced in pain. Her uncle just finished punishing her for accidently breaking some plates. She has been in her relatives place for four years now. She was five, yet she was the one that did most of the work around the house.

If anything she should be the perfect child, yet her fat lazy bully punk of a cousin was considered to be a perfect child, when there was glaring points when he wasn't. Then again this was from people that thought that being fat and violent were perfectly normal traits to have.

Margaret hated her relatives with a burning passion. She only acted as a good girl so that they wouldn't kill her. Margaret wasn't excessively cruel or blood thirsty, but she constantly wished she could gut her 'family' and let the blood splash on her skin.

After all she had killed before, but it was only to end a poor animal's suffering. Dudley got a hold of a bird with his BB gun and shot it showing off to his friends. He hit it in the chest twice and left it alive but in pain. Margaret hid while he showed it off and waited till they left. When Margaret walked up to it and saw it was in pain and would never be able to fly again. She felt pity for it and killed it to prevent it from suffering.

She had done this every time Dudley injured an animal beyond the point of healing. While she felt bad about killing the poor animals, it wasn't the act of killing that bothered her. Just the killing of an innocent being, was what bothered her. Killing was natural to her and didn't detour her in the slightest. She made peace that death was natural and personally felt that killing something's or some people, was doing the world some good. The Dursley's being a perfect example.

Margaret focused her magical energies to heal the bruises she had. She knew about magic. How could she not. After all she could feel the ambient energies around her and she found the damned letter Dumbledore left with her. That was another person on her shit list. It was a very small list she had. It consisted of all of the Dursleys, Dumbledore, the one who killed her parents and a few others that broke her admittedly small number of morals.

Margaret went outside to spend the day way from those she hated and those she hates. She was just glad that she was free for the day.

"Happy birthday for me." Margaret said in a slightly musical voice. She let out a sigh as she walked to the closest park. The park had a small wooden area that was secluded. When she wanted to be alone she went there.

When she got to the woods she found a good place to sit down. When she was nice and comfy, she started to sing. Singing was one of the few pleasers she had.

As the day wore on, Margaret decided that it would be better to go home and not piss of the walrus and horse. Little did she know that doing that would later lead to the best thing in her life.

When she got to the house she could feel that something was wrong. It felt as though danger was everywhere.

Suddenly she moved to the left, this causing her to dodge a blow from a fireplace poker.

She turned and saw Vernon looking at her with rage and hatred. She could also see he looked drunk.

"You little freak! You cost me my job! Since you made me lose my job, you lose your life!" Vernon shouted, unknowningly getting the attention of the neighbors.

"Uncle I was at the park all day, I couldn't have done that." Margaret said calmly hoping that he was too drunk to actually do something.

"BULLSHIT! You are just a worthless little slut, just like that whore of a mother of yours. I don't care what that old freaks says anymore, I will get rid of you and your freaky ways." Vernon said aloud and tried to strike her again.

Margaret not knowing what to do, just kept moving to avoid the blows. And surprisingly it worked well… at least till Dudley decided to help his father.

Dudley threw a ball at Margaret, hitting her just as she dodged a swipe from the poker. The ball hit her legs and knocked her down. Vernon seeing this grinned evilly.

He brought the poker down like a sword and stabbed Margaret on her left shoulder, near her heart. The shock of the blow stunned her so much that she passed out.

The blow combined with the shock of the hit actually killed poor Margaret… for a few minutes. Thanks to Voldemort placing a hourcex in her when he attacked, it actually did something few thought would happen.

The hourcex blocked her demonic blood from being found by Lilith and working. It also gave her a onetime deal of defying death… till her blood activated and healed the wound.

With the hourcex gone, Margaret's demon blood went to working overtime healing the abuse she suffered. The malnourishment she went through healed making her look perfectly normal for a child her age.

Margaret, still blacked out due to the shock, started to move. She stood up scaring the Dursleys due to them thinking she was dead. She then pulled the poker out with a squirt of blood. She then stabbed the poker into the floor, rather deeply.

Margaret looked at the family with blank eyes and spoke in a blank tone. "The reaper has come~" While blank it still had a child like twang to it scaring the Dursleys more.

She held a hand to her side. Suddenly shadows and even some light moved to her hand condensing into a solid form. When they were done merging and solidifying, it formed into a scythe.

She held the scythe to her side and slowly walked to them in a slow and drawn out process scaring them even more. She then started to sing.

"Reaper, Reaper
That's what people will call me
You think your good
Well I'll prove you wrong

"Requiem Eternal
Sent to hell
The reaper has come Sinners"

The song, while short was the last thing the family of four heard as Margaret cut them down. The thing is that Margaret managed to gain consciousness just before she cut down her cousin, which was the first one she killed.

After she killed them she sat against the wall with the scythe still in existence. She leaned her head against the wall. She didn't feel awful at all, just dazed and strangely fulfilled. She closed her eyes and left the feeling of peace she had washed over her.

"You know, most would be trying to get away from the blood. Yet you just let it sit on you and get a sense of peace… then again it could be due to the fact you just killed your tormenters. Or maybe it is from me." A voice said from beside her.

Margaret bolted up and jumped away and pointed the scythe at the voice. When she saw the source she blushed a bit.

The source of the voice was a beautiful woman dressed in simple a black skirt and shirt combo. She had crimson red hair and vivid green eyes much like Margaret's own. When not showing any naughty skin, the skirt was really short and kept flashing her panties. The shirt was really tight that it might as well been painted on.

The woman didn't even pay any attention to the bloodied weapon pointed at her. She casually walked up to a blood coated wall and wiped some off with her finger. She brought the bloody digit to her mouth and licked some off. She immediately gagged from the awful taste.

"Who are you?" Margaret asked steely.

"I am Lilith. The queen and god of hell and sin. I am the one that controls the punishments of sinners and evil. I am the one who prevents chaos in the mortal world. I am also your mother." Lilith said with a surprisingly soft and loving smile at her daughter.

Margaret looked shocked till she felt a sense of love and warmth from the woman. Margaret knew her emotions weren't being played with. She also could see some of the similarities between the woman and her. Her hand shook, till her scythe dropped to the ground and she started to cry. "Why… Why didn't you come and help me before?"

Lilith walked up to Margaret and gave her a deep and loving hug. "You have a fragment of the bastard that killed my mortal shell stuck on that awful scar that lies on your forehead. It had the unfortunate effect of blocking your demonic presence and made it impossible for me to find you. Even when I figured out you were here, Dumbledore actually put up a barrier that prevent anything 'dark' from getting close to you and the house. When Vernon killed you and destroyed the soul shard, it actually broke the barrier. You killing them just prevented it from getting back together again. Now let's take this conversation back to our true home my moonlight princess."

Margaret looked at her mother and gave a small loving smile, which Lilith returned. Lilith waved her hand and a black portal appeared at an open door. "My dear moonlight, it is time I showed you how us demonic beings lived. It is also time I showed you how to harness your powers, both magical and demonic." Lilith said with a dark chuckle, which Margaret gave one too.

As soon as they walked through the portal it collapsed and dissipated from existence.

It was just then that wizards, namely those Dumbledore kept in his pocket at all times along with the old man himself, appeared to try and see if they could save the girl who lived. But they were too late. Margaret already got out of the old fools hands and would never be manipulated by him again.

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Also Lilith is the god of the underworld. She is basically like Hades but with some key differences. The big one is that the other gods didn't banish her down to the underworld. She chose it and can leave there at anytime. she just likes it there simply due to her having complete control there. She bends the underworld/hell to her will. She also isn't totally malevolent. She just doesn't car and likes to cause chaos.

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