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Chapter 6

A week passed by with relative ease for Margaret. Sure she was the center of gossip due to her being the only one with enough balls to walk out on Snapes class and actually tell him to fuck off. Somehow that actually made the Slytherin house like her a bit more, as no one, even the 'courageous' lions could do that. Also given the fact that she put out some rumors that he was a Death Eater and the one that led to Voldemort attack her family, and that he was just a petty bitter man that hates what he can't have.

Her friends while they hung out with her and seemed to be okay around her, they were wary around her. She couldn't blame them after all she knew Susan told the other girls about the strange (to them anyway) pressure ability she had. So far none of them came to question about it from her.

Since it was Friday, and near the end of the school day, she went outside and found a place to relax and enjoy one of her favorite pass times, playing video games.

She pulled out her PSVita and started to play some games. Her first choice was Persona 4 Golden. A game she had dedicated countless hours playing. Currently she was trying to beat some side bosses that even at her current level were being hard to beat. Currently it was Death.

After about twenty minutes playing( and losing to Death and getting away from it) her friends came over.

Margaret looked up and saw them looking confused, determined, and awe filled. She paused the game and hit the sleep button.

"Yes, may I help you guys?" Margaret asked figuring they got the courage to ask her about things.

Hermione went first. "Yes, first how can your game work here? I was told magic shorts out electronics."

Margaret nodded. "That is a damn lie. Granted in large, and I mean nuke large, amounts will fry the electronics, but no human has that level of energy anyway. Besides any energy with the energy power of a nuke will fry anything, so it is a moot point. The Vita I have now, is from the States so it has a natural magic defense to begin with, but just from the more electrical based magics anyway, thus allowing it to be EMP burst protected as well. The British lie, that magic fries electronic devices, is just that a lie. After all the British purebloods don't want to admit that mundane tech is better than anything they themselves could make." She explained to Hermione, who looked slightly shocked then annoyed.

Susan went next. "Can you explain what that pressure thing was?" she asked somewhat timidly.

Margaret let out a sigh. "Sure, but you may not like it. What that pressure was, is killer intent." She admitted with a sheepish smile shocking everyone.

"WHAT?!" they collectively shouted. Margaret shushed them so that others wouldn't come and hear them talking.

Hermione was the only one that could recover. "How can you make Killer Intent? How do you even know what that is?"

"How do you?" Margaret asked.

"I do read manga as well as fantasy books when I don't want to read texts." She huffed in a slightly annoyed way.

"Well to answer your question, I know what it is because I have been hit by it almost constantly when I was rescued by my family, from the Dursleys. The reason is that they deal with rouge demons and monsters regularly. Killer Intent is a byproduct of putting you will to do harm to the target or rage. Sometimes using Killer Intent can stop a rampaging being from going wild if it is larger than theirs. I know how to do it as it was one of the first lessons I ever received in how to fight." Margaret said with a dismissive wave of her hand.

"So you were raised as a killer?" Tracy asked somewhat fearfully.

Margaret gave a shrug. "I guess you could say that, as I have killed rouge beings before. But truthfully I don't see a problem with some of the things I kill as they are monsters that even some of Lady Lilith's army wouldn't be around."

The magical raised girls tensed while Hermione tensed for another reason.

"L-lady Lilith?" Padma asked with a stutter.

"Yes, Lady Lilith, the queen of hell and one who gave me my mission to come here. I am hunting down parts of Voldemort, due to the fool thinking he can live and not pay the toll for the sins he committed. Lady Lilith gave me the mission as I have a grudge against the bastard." Margaret said.

"How can you work with a demon?" Hermione asked as she knew a story about Lilith and it said she was a demon.

"Simple, she commands and I obey, even if I give her shit about it. She is my mother after all." Margaret said no longer caring if her friends knew. After all she now knew that they would at least keep things they have to a secret.

The five girls froze. Daphne was the first to recover. "I t-thought that L-lily Potter was your mother?"

"She is. Lilith is my blood mother as is Lily Potter." Margaret said with a smirk.

They looked confused for a second before Parvati made the connection. "You mean Lily and Lilith are one and the same?"

Margaret nodded with her grin growing in amusment.

After a few minutes they calmed down and Margaret explained everything after she made them swear not to tell anyone. She told them about her parentage, her job, her true age and shape shifting abilities, and even about Valkyrie.

The girls looked shocked and it took a while for them to process the information they just had dropped on them. Margaret understood and let them figure it out.

After she left them alone to talk amongst themselves she decided to screw around with Quirrell/Voldemort.

She formed her reaper cloak and aged herself to her default form. She then shadow travelled to the empty defense room, where she sensed the leech and weak host.

She turned herself invisible thanks to the reaper cloak and walked into the room using the reaper powers to faze through the door. It was things like this that she loved the reaper cloak as they basically made her a ghost and allowed her to live up to her job's namesake.

She saw Quirrell being abused by Tom and she unleashed her reaper powers. The room started to get colder and colder. It got so cold that ice started to form on some of the liquid containers. She summoned one of her scythes from her own personal ether realm, which she stored her cloak, scythes, and other things she bound to her soul that she considered important enough to do so.

"Tom, Tom, Tom. How nice to finally meet you after so long." Margaret said as she willed herself visible to Quirrell/Voldemort.

The two(one) were freaked out, though Tom tried to pull of the dark lord superiority trick.

"Who the hell are you? Don't you know I am Voldemort?" Tom shouted in a harsh broken voice.

Margaret gave a dark chuckle as she walked around the room twirling her scythe a bit. "Oh I know exactly how you are, Tom. After all you have been escaping me for quite a while. Those pitiful soul Fragments you made, are so vile even Lilith herself is pissed. Soon you damned fool, I will hunt you down and kill you permanently. So enjoy whatever pathetic life you still have left. Soon I will finally send you to hell where you and your lying ways belong." Margaret said as she cut Quirrell's chest leaving a shallow cut that would scar thanks to the magic she ran through the blade.

After the cut scarred over she vanished from sight and allowed the room to melt the ice. Margaret gave an unheard dark chuckle. She loved when she could pull the whole Reaper of Death message shtick. It was one of the best parts of the job. Some of her 'victims' actually changed their ways for the better is they aren't that tainted. That and she loved making annoying assholes shit themselves in fear.

She then walked back to her room to get some snacks. She was in the mood for some delicious pockey after all.

Margaret dismissed her reaper gear and pulled out her Vita again and continued to play Persona. What can she say, she was addicted to the games. Of course she surprised many mundane-born children that were shocked at the electronic game. Of course she was all too happy to explain that the magic destroying electronics was a blatant lie. She further proved it by showing her phone, which was actually fully charged and had full signal strength. She also went to further explain that none of the teacher could do anything if they actually followed the rules and didn't disrupt the class. When the mundane-born grinned, Margaret walked off with a smirk that showed her victory and started to laugh manically.

Of course some of the teachers walked by and saw her playing her Vita. It just happened to be McGonagall, Flitwick, Sinistra(who was the youngest teacher), and Snape.

Margaret greeted them all besides Snape, as she refused to acknowledge his existence. "Hello Professors. How are doing at this fine time of day?" She asked with a smile.

Flitwick spoke first. "We are fine Miss Potter, but can you explain what that thing in your hands is?"

Margaret moved it so they can see it fully, especially the screen. "This is my Play Station Vita, or as the mundane people call it, the PSVita. It is a game system that allows me to play some games on the go so I am not just confined to a single room. Currently I am playing a game called Persona 4 Golden, which is the fourth game in the Persona series, which is about a group of people that gain the power to bring forth a part of their very being, aptly named Personas, that allow them to fight beings called Shadows, which are the negative aspects of humanity. In the fourth, the main character and his party, are forced to go into TVs to fight of Shadows and save possible murder victims, which would be killed by their own personal Shadow. Most of the game is going through what are considered dungeons or in the regular world going to school, messing around with friends or just living life for the main character." She said with obvious delight and enjoyment.

McGonagall went next. "Is this muggle technology?"

Margaret nodded. "Yes it is, but I prefer to call them mundane as muggle sounds like you are saying they are thieves or something."

They then looked even more shocked. Sinistra then spoke. "H-how did you get it to work? I have looked for years and I could never find a spell that would allow tech to work? I've been trying ever since I was first introduced to the magical world." She said with joy and jealously.

Margaret snorted in amusement. "Who said I used a spell? Magic has no effects on electricity or technology. The whole thing is a blatant lie fed by the Pureblood propaganda, to make themselves the top dog. I got this thing from America, along with my cell phone, I haven't placed a single spell on them besides the one that makes it harder to break, and a tracking charm to tell me where it is if I lost it. What's more, I didn't buy it from a store that magic users go to. I went to a mundane mall and went to the mundane stores there that had what I needed and paid using regular money. You can test it for yourself." Margaret said to Flitwick as she handed him the game system for him to check it.

He waved his wand to scan it still slightly fearful that he would break it. When the results came back, only two spells registered, the tracking charm and the reinforcement charm, both well known and the only spells on it. In fact the screen, which showed a paused game didn't even flicker when magic was waved over it, thus proving that it wasn't being affected.

"Amazing." Flitwick said with unrestrained awe. He quickly gave it back.

Snape tried to take it, but Margaret quickly put it in her pocket, and didn't even pay any attention to him.

Sinistra looked giddy she turned to Margaret and asked some questions she had. "So just to clarify, mundane tech will work fine and magic won't do anything?"

Margaret shook her head. "Nope, nothing. I mean, have you played the Final Fantasy game? Magic and technology seem to work perfectly fine and sometimes the tech is better than things we have in the real world. Grant I know it is a game and fictional but magic does nothing to machines and sometimes it repairs the machines or has no effect at all."

Sinistra nodded in agreement. "So true little one. So true. By the way have you seen any anime?"

Margaret gave her a surprised look. Sinistra saw it and scoffed. "Hey I am only twenty-two, I still enjoy things like anime, video games and comics. Hell over the summer I went to a convention and saw women twice my age dressing up and acting like children. I have an excuse due to my age. Besides anime and video games rock." Sinistra said with a smirk.

Margaret looked shocked still, then her shocked look turned into a victory smirk. "I have to agree. I'm an otaku myself. By the way, yes I saw some decent anime recently. I have my whole anime and manga collection with me in my trunk."

Sinistra looked gob smacked before she got a wicked grin. "Can you get them and bring them to my office?"

"Totally. I have a projector and a screen. You have room I can set it up and have a marathon." Margaret said with a wicked grin as well.

Sinistra then turned to McGonagall. "You have the say if a club can be held or not right?" McGonagall nodded. "Cool, think you can allow me to host a club to allow some of the kids to watch some shows and movies if I use an unused class room?"

"I guess. I can make fliers to advertise the club, but I may have to watch some to make sure they are appropriate."

"Thank, you. And the class room just across from the astronomy tower should be good. It has a lot of room and has been empty since before I started my time here." Sinistra said as she and Margaret rushed to get things ready for the anime marathon they planned. If other anime loves came, cool, if not, then oh well, more fun for them.

Sinistra went to make sure the room was clean, while Margaret went to get her collection, which was in a trunk that in itself was hidden in a truck. She wanted her material loves to be safe after all.

She saw Susan, Tracy, Padma and Daphne. She told them about the anime marathon and told them to come on to see some good shows. They agreed and went to get the others. Besides they agreed to still be her friend even if she was the princess of hell. She didn't do anything yet that could be evil.

Margaret got her anime and ran to the class room and saw Sinistra getting some house elves to make popcorn and get some snacks and drinks as well. Margaret set up the projector and screen and made the lights dim enough to be dark but still see.

After a few minutes the food, popcorn and drinks were o ready to be enjoyed and a lot of people showed up. All of Margaret's friends, an older Ravenclaw, named Cho Chang, three Gryffindors named Katie Bell, Angelina Jones, and Alicia Spincer, a Hufflepuff that heard about it from Susan that wanted to see it named Hannah Abott, a boy named Dean Thomas(mundane who likes anime), Neville Longbottom (who wanted to see it), and a few other kids who were mundane born or a halfblood that knew about anime and liked it or purebloods(not from Slytherin) that wanted to see what it was about. Of course McGonagall was there too to make sure it was appropriate for the students.

Sinistra and Margaret stood in the front of the class room and the screen. Sinistra spoke first. "Hello everyone. I am glad we got this many people especially since we just started this club not even two hours ago. I'm happy word got around this fast, but then again, I am sure most of us are otaku right?" she asked and got a response of a lot of laughs from those who knew the word. Sinistra held a hand up that quieted the laughs. "Now for those who don't know the word otaku, you will learn the terminology after a while as that word is kind of a title for people like me and Miss Potter. Now you know me as Professor Sinistra, but during this club meeting and hopefully any more that will happen, just call me Aurora. I won't hold you to formal titles while we are doing this for fun."

"I would also like to say the same." Margaret said with a nod. "Now before we start the first showing, There are hundreds of anime, which are cartoons that are famous in the mundane world. Anime is short for animation cartoons, which are like plays but the actors are drawn and not real. Anime can start off as comics or books. But anime has many different genres. Some could be humorous, some bloody, some romantic, and some just play strange. The first anime we will show is actually a pretty famous one called Lucky Star. This one is mostly random and cute but it is supposed to be funny. If you don't get the jokes don't worry as it is normal." Margaret said as she and Aurora went to find a seat and start the show while turning off the lights.

{three hours later}

After the marathon, Aurora, McGonagall and Margaret sent the kids back to their dorm as it was late and past curfew. Luckily they were given passes to excuse them from getting in trouble. McGonagall was actually impressed with the show and though it was a little to strange for her tastes she did enjoy the humor as did most of the students. She bid Aurora and Margaret a good night and left. But before she did she said that the club could continue meeting every Friday.

Aurora and Margaret started to put things up. Aurora turned to Margaret. "You know that was awesome that you had the anime and games. You just made my life much more bearable now."

Margaret just waved off the thanks. "No problem. I'm an otaku. Watching anime, playing games and reading manga are my life along with music. Music is one of the big points in my life as well, but anime and manga are close. Music is just my calling more than anything."

Aurora snickered. "Well I would never have pegged you as a singer Margaret. You seem to be quite most of the time and only seem to talk when you are mocking someone that deserves it or giving a lesson on how the world does work."

Margaret scoffed with a small smile. "Of course it would seem that way. After all I destroyed every single thing Dumbledore tried to make me. I don't even look at him as a good teacher much less a leader. Besides I was raised to speak my mind and make sure I am hear when I have something important to say that isn't whining or complaining."

Aurora giggled a bit. "True. I can see it really. You have an aura that makes you strong and independent. But then again that is probably due to Lilith raising you like she would have if she didn't lose her mortal shell."

Margaret stiffened then jumped back and summoned her scythe and pointed the gun barrel at her. "How do you know that?!"

Aurora held her hands up in surrender. "Easy, I can read people's auras. While I am not a seer, having studied the stars for as long as I have and as much as I have, you develop a knack for reading people as well. As for me knowing about Lilith, I am a follower of her. I may be completely human, but Lilith's calling does reach us humans too, most just ignore it or get the wrong message. Granted it helps that I was raised by a demon that adopted me after my real parents were killed in a robbery gone wrong when I was three. I was raised to tell how the world works thanks to Izanagi and Izanami. I learned about the eclipse twins Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu and many other gods that shape our world."

Margaret lowered her scythe but didn't dismiss it. "How do I know you aren't just saying that to make me fall for some trap, the old fucker set up?"

"Because Dumbledore is to fucking stupid to actually make the connection between Lily Potter and Lilith." Aurora said with a deadpan look.

"How do you know I was talking about Dumbledore?" Margaret asked with narrow eyes.

Aurora just looked at her. "Who else deserves to be called an old fucker around here? Dumbledore is a full of himself and thinks he is god. Anyone with a fucking brain knows this, yet he poisons most children with loyalty potions, subtle manipulations, and other bullshit of that order. And don't even get me started on the families that are imbedded into his pocket." Aurora said with a sneer. "Better yet, let me swear it to you."

Aurora pulled out her wand. "I Aurora Terra Sinistra solemnly swear that I am against Albus Dumbledore and many of his plans for Margaret Artemis Potter and am a loyal follower of Lady Lilith and do swear that I have no plans to turn against one Margaret Artemis Potter, so mote it be." Aurora said as she finished the oath. She then used a simple light spell to show she still had her magic.

After Aurora did the oath, Margaret dismissed her scythe. She studied the woman in front of her. She did show her young age well considering most of the Hogwarts staff were well above thirty and that she was definitely the youngest. She had brown hair that was smooth and silky that fell to her waist in a loose pony-tail that strangely enough reminded Margaret of Jiraiya from the Naruto series. Her blue eyes were clear and had specs of gold in them. She was dressed in a plain cloak robe that was open to show she had a knee length red skirt and a black blouse. But was Margaret also noticed(thanks to the part of her mind her mother brought out constantly) was that Aurora's bust was a decent C-cup and that she had decent hips and a firm ass.

"Fine I won't do anything right now, but I still don't trust you fully. You will have to earn it. Luckily that oath did help." Margaret said with a smirk.

Aurora returned it and shrugged. "Anyway, we have a meeting next week at the same time, any good anime to show next week?"

"I was thinking either Persona 4 the animation, a gundam series or maybe Hellsing. Hellsing is kinda iffy because it is really violent and I'm afraid that McGonagall will come in and rip us a new one for showing something that is basically gore." Margaret said with a shrug.

"I think Gundam is better choice. No offence but Persona is a series that will confuse even a loyal fan. Gundam while able to confuse everyone, it makes sense unless it is Zeta and double Zeta. They are directly linked and will confuse many. Which Gundam series do you recommend?" Aurora asked.

"I am thinking Double 0, Gundam Wing, or G-Gundam. They are their own off shoots and are still interesting. Personally I would pick Double 0 but Wing is still good."

Aurora thought for a second then snapped her fingers. "Gundam Wing. It is my favorite and it actually is entertaining and the Wing Zero is my favorite model."

Margaret shrugged and nodded. They finished putting up the gear and went to their respected rooms fall asleep.

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Now onto the possible info dump that will hopefully stop any and all rants about tech working with magic.

Fist and for most. Look at Final Fantasy. ANY Final Fantasy. Magic is a fucking everyday thing there to the point you can by magic in any back water village. Yet, in numerous games, there are mechas (6,7,8,13). They allow the mechas to work fun in magic rich areas and they work perfectly. Hell look at Lightnings' weapon. It is a gunblade. Gunblades are technological advances that in itself, could exist on levels of mechas.

Two, the Ministry of Magic is in London. This point has been brought up in many stories on this site alone. London is an urban area and one of the top cities in the world, thus has thousands of electrical devices going on constantly and sometimes permanently. If magic stops electricity than London would be a fucking deadzone and nobody would live there.

Three, there is electrical spells. Case and point, Thunder, Thundara, Thundaga, Zio, Ziona, Zioga, and many lightning spells. If magic stops electricity to the point that people who live around magic don't even know the word, than these spells wouldn't exist.

OH and lets not forget the whole fighting area to Persona 4. It is in a fucking TV, and the protagonists spam magic to the point that Shadows die by the fucking hundreds. By the logic of the Potterverse The Shadow world/midnight hour/Tartarus (which I am sure uses magic to maintain itself, as shadows can use magic) shouldn't exist.

the whole magic stops electronics thing is so fucking flawed that it creates it's own paradox with, again, the whole MINISTRY OF MAGIC being in 'muggle' LONDON! IT should not even be there by that logic yet it is.

My point is that Magic stopping technology to the point is doesn't exist in most cases, is fucking bullshit. There are so many examples of magic and technology working in perfect harmony that one group prevents it is just retarded. Final Fantasy, Persona, Fate/Stay.

Especially Fate/Stay. The whole premise of that series is mages summoning dead hero and villains to fight in a fucking CITY and none of the electronics stop working unless the mage actually makes the magic stop the device. Hell Shiro used magic to FIX machines.

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