A/N: It's back everybody! This is the official sequel to the story "You Have My Soul." And yes, I highly recommend that you read that before reading this, but I guess you don't need to if you don't want to.

Rated T for violence/gore, horror elements, language.

This story features Rimahiko, Kutau, Kaiya, Amuto, and a fifth couple you'll probably know if you read the first story. (No spoilers here).

If you have read YHMS some parts of this may seem a bit repetitive, but bare with me, they won't last long.


It wasn't fair, was it?

After everything that had happened, everything they had gone through, their end was now? How was this fair at all?! And through a thing as simple as a car crash….

No, it was too much too bare; he was going to go insane.

He tore his eyes away from the scene in front of him, unable to take it anymore. It was all just so very wrong.

He turned to face the sky, tears dripping from his eyes as he tried to drown out the sirens in the distance, the screams of people who probably didn't even care. And he pleaded, he begged to nobody in particular, for a second chance. "I'll do anything to fix this, anything at all!"

It was too much. They were all gone now; nobody was left. And he was useless, helplessly watching it all happen. And maybe he had caused some of this himself, maybe he was partially to blame.

No, he wouldn't settle for this. He would do whatever it took to get them back, no matter what the cost was.

No matter what.

"Anything, you say?" A sudden voice caused him to spin around, trying to find who was speaking to him.

It only took him a moment to figure out who was talking to him. And somehow he knew, maybe because of how out of place the woman looked, that she could help him fix everything. "Yes, anything!"

The woman smiled, a smile that honestly did seem to be filled with genuine kindness, or at least he thought so. "Wonderful."


It was all a blur. He could see everything passing by him, everything they had gone through. It was overwhelming, and a bit nauseating. He could feel the world spinning around him, he could see the colors of the world flashing by, and it made him feel like throwing up. Instead of vomiting, which he really thought would be unwise given the current situation, he just closed his eyes and let it take him.

And even though his eyes were closed he could feel everything moving around him, everything changing. Who knows what would happen when it all stopped; would things end up better, or worse?

No, no, it could never end up worse. There was no way possible for it to end up worse.

With this in mind he allowed himself to relax; everything would end up fine.

He would not allow it to end in tragedy this time.


"I hate this."

A small murmur left the lips of Rima as she sat on the couch, staring at the front door nervously, her hands wringing as the squirmed with anxiety.

Frankly put, Rima did not like being left home alone; the thought that she was by herself, nobody to look out for her, was just incredibly unsettling. She didn't really expect anything to happen when she was home alone (because really, why would something happen with such convenient timing?) but the thought that something could happen and nobody would be there to help her was what terrified her the most.

"Calm down Rima, there's nothing to be so nervous about!" Kusukusu laughed cheerfully, obviously not sharing in her bearer's worries. Rima shot her an annoyed sort of look (the one with the small glare and wrinkled nose that was typically saved for Nagihiko).

"Yeah, I know, but that girl was kidnapped from her home last week and…" Rima broke off, biting her lip hesitantly as she glanced back at the front door.

Kusukusu let out a small "oh," to signal her revelation. "It's bringing up bad memories, isn't it?"

As much as Rima would hate to admit it, Kusukusu was right; being alone after having heard all the news stories about the girl made her remember the darkest time of her past. And even though it was illogical (after all, there were millions of people in Tokyo) she couldn't help but imagine that the girl's kidnapper would come for her next.

"Maybe just a little," Rima muttered, sinking into the couch as she drew her knees up to her chest. Kusukusu gave her a sad look, before a smile lit up her face.

"Hey, why don't you call Nagi? He's going to be here with the rest of your friends in a little bit anyway, so I'm sure he'd come over now!"

Rima scoffed. "I don't need him. I can take care of myself just fine. And I could only imagine what he'd say, 'oh, is Rima-chan afraid of ghosts? Does she think a monster's going to pop out of her closet?' Like I'd want to deal with that."

"I don't know Rima, I don't think Nagi would tease you if he knew how scared you were," Kusukusu muttered, unconvinced of Rima's claims.

"Scared? Who in the world is scared? I'm not scared!" Rima said loudly, a determined look on her face.

A scraping sound heard from outside the nearby window made Rima's expression drop as her eyes widened and her mouth opened. She let out a small squeak, her face considerably paler than usual, and Kusukusu raised her eyebrows. "What were you saying?"

"It's nothing!" Rima exclaimed, her face quickly turning red as her voice jumped an octave. As Kusukusu gave her a cynical look she cleared her throat."It's just a tree's branch scraping against the window. Nothing else. I'll even go look at it."

It was like after watching a horror movie, Rima figured. You would be terrified to be alone in the dark, afraid that all of a sudden something would grab you and murder you ruthlessly, but just like in that situation you would turn on the light (or in this case, look out the window) and see that nothing was there.

Rima unlatched the window and stuck her head out of it. Just like she expected, nothing was there; a few trees swaying back and forth in the breeze as dead leaves flew past them, carried by the cold wind. Rima brushed her hair out from her eyes, relieved; she was just being paranoid again.

She glanced down as she went to bring her head back inside and the sight in front of her made her freeze.

There was something there, something that seemed somewhat human but could obviously not be. The skin was much too pale, the eyes just dark holes in the head, and the blood... so much blood flowing down it's face. Starting from it's forehead and painting across the cheeks of the face, oozing from the dark holes called eyes and from the cruel smirk string up at her.

Rima's heart pounded as she looked into the face of the monster, and despite herself she couldn't move. She was useless to do anything but stare at the monster underneath her.

After a moment she came to her senses. Screaming as she pulled her head back in through the window, she slammed it shut, the glass rattling as it was pushed back into place. Her fingers shaking desperately, she fumbled for a moment as she tried to latch the window before scurrying backwards in a desperate attempt to get away, horrified that the monster's face would suddenly press itself against the glass.

"Oh god, oh god," Rima whispered, her voice coming out weak and scratchy. She glanced uncertainly at Kusukusu, who was giving her an equally horrified look, before she turned and stumbled to the couch.

She dropped to her knees as she grabbed her phone. Her hands shaking wildly as she flipped the phone open, she pressed the three button and held the phone up to her ear as she stared at the window. Horrified that at any moment the glass would shatter and the monster would come flying into the room, each ring of the phone sent her heart racing. What if he didn't pick up, what if he'd left his phone somewhere, what if he wouldn't come….

During a break between two of the long and painful rings Rima heard a slight thumping sound from the ceiling and craned her neck to look above. She could barely breathe, as she and Kusukusu stared at the ceiling.

It was in the house.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the ringing stopped and a boy's voice was heard. "Hello?"

"Nagihiko," Rima whispered, her voice wavering uncontrollably as the creak of a door was heard in the distance, "I need help; I need you."

She held her breath, afraid to breathe for fear that it would provoke the monster stalking across her ceiling. After a slight moment, not even one long enough for anyone to think about anything, Nagihiko replied, "I'll be there in five minutes."

"Please hurry, Nagihiko," Rima whispered, pressing her body up against the couch as she stared at the stairs leading above.

The next five minutes were perhaps the most long and horrifying five minutes of Rima's entire life; even being kidnapped held nothing on the feeling. There was a monster in her house, just walking around and making itself comfortable. Maybe it was friendly, but if the blood on it's face was any indication it had a much more violent purpose.

"Oh god, oh god," Rima couldn't bring herself to say anything except for desperate pleads to a deity she didn't even believe in.

"It's alright, Rima. Nagi's coming," Kusukusu said, trying to keep her voice happy and excited, but failing miserably. "Nagi won't let anything happen to you."

"Oh god, oh god," Rima whispered again, tears springing up in the corners of her eyes. She desperately brushed them away, trying to keep her breathing under control while her chest just kept rising and falling at a rapid pace.

Finally, a knocking sound was heard from across the room. Rima leapt to her feet and raced across the room frantically. Her body hit the door as she reached it, her fingers fumbling with the doorknob for a long moment before she stepped back and pulled the door open.

"Thank God!" she exclaimed upon seeing Nagihiko standing there, looking incredibly winded as he struggled to catch his breath. He had obviously rushed right over upon hearing that she was in trouble, and for one wild moment Rima felt a fluttering in her heart.

His body slouched over with his hands on his knees, he managed to ask, "What's wrong?"

"There was something out there, it looked like a bloody face!" Rima exclaimed, pointing to the window across the room before turning back to Nagihiko, "And then I heard something upstairs so I'm pretty sure it's in the house!"

"A bloody face? Are you sure you didn't just see a cat or something?" Nagihiko asked sarcastically, guessing that Rima's imagination had just been running wild. After all, bloody faces weren't an everyday sight, and someone like that coming to your house only happened in horror movies.

"How in the hell do you think I could mistake a cat for a bloody face? And how could a cat get into my house?" Rima spat at him angrily, causing Nagihiko to shrug.

"It makes more sense than you seeing a bloody face. Besides, are you sure you heard something upstairs?"

"Yes! I heard it too!" Kusukusu cut in, her eyes wide and fearful, "There's definitely something here!"

"Are you sure you-" Nagihiko started, but was cut off by his guardian character.

"Listen," Temari suddenly cut in, her voice low. Everyone froze for a moment, straining their ears. After a brief moment the creak of wood was heard. Nagihiko looked up at the ceiling, following the sound as whatever was up there crossed the room.

"Nagihiko," Rima whimpered, unable to say anything else as her heart pounded in her ears.

"It's probably just a mouse," Nagihiko said, trying to brush it off but finding that his voice was just a little bit higher than it should have been.

"I don't think so, Nagihiko. I sense a very sinister presence in the house," Temari whispered, her eyes dark as she stared above her. Rhythm and Kusukusu nodded at this, worried expressions on their faces.

"We need to get out of here, dude," Rhythm urged, his playful tone completely lost in face of the monster lurking above them.

"I don't know, I think we should go see what it is; maybe whatever it is is friendly," Nagihiko muttered, not really knowing why his common sense telling him to get the hell out of this house was being smothered by a curious feeling telling him to go upstairs.

"Nagihiko, I don't-" Rima started, but was cut off as Nagihiko turned to look at her.

"I sort of feel like… like its calling out to me, somehow," he said softly, uncertain of what exactly he was saying but finding that his words were true.

Rima suddenly wished she had called Kukai instead, because he surely would have taken her away from the house straightaway.

Nagihiko reached out and took Rima's hands, wrapping his long fingers around the palm before pulling the short girl after him. Rima hesitated for a moment, obviously not wanting to go upstairs where that horrible monster most likely was, but not wanting to be left alone either. She began walking slowly after Nagihiko, grasping his hand anxiously as she cursed him internally. Why in the hell did he want to go see this horrible thing?

The two made their way up the stairs slowly, Rima flinching at every creak and groan the house made.

The two stopped on the top of the stairs, pausing briefly as they didn't quite know where to go. This problem was quickly resolved as a groan could be heard, and the two spun around to face the bathroom.

"Is it… in the bathroom?" Kusukusu asked quietly, and Temari nodded slowly.

"Nagihiko," Rima whispered, her voice barely coming out she was so nervous, and although she wanted to beg him to take her back downstairs the words got caught in her throat. Instead, Nagihiko just tightened his grip on her hand and pulled her towards the door.

Nagihiko raised a hand and grasped the doorknob, slowly twisting the cold metal as he pushed it open-

A loud ringing filled the air, causing Rima and Nagihiko to jump about a foot in the air.

"My phone," Rima whispered, her heart pounding in her ears, almost laughing slightly at the break of the tension filling the air, "I left it on the table. Let me just go down and answer it."

Rima turned around, intent on heading to the staircase. But something stopped her. Something being a tall figure with white skin, hollow black eyes, and a huge smirk standing at the top of the stairs.

The phone's ringing resounded loudly in Rima's ears for a moment before her throat opened up and she let out a piercing scream. Nagihiko hurriedly spun around to see what was standing there, and in that moment such a horrible feeling filled his stomach that he felt like he would throw up.

He stared at the monster for a long moment, wondering what in the world he was looking at. It seemed sort of human, the basic build at least, but that face...

But it didn't matter what it looked like at all, because looks didn't dictate whether or not something was a killer.

Nagihiko's mouth opened but his throat was so dry he couldn't even speak, and even if he could speak he doubted if he would have anything to say. What words could he say to express his situation? There was a bloody monster standing several feet away, a monster that had broken into Rima's house with the intent to kill her.

This monster was going to kill them.

The monster suddenly leapt forward, it hands stretched out as it dove at the two, and Nagihiko hurriedly pulled Rima backwards at he stumbled away. Their bodies passed through the doorway to the bathroom and Rima fell to the floor, having not been expected to be jerked around. The door hit the wall with a loud sound before Nagihiko dove at it. He fumbled with the door, his fingers shaking so hard that he could barely grasp at it. As he desperately tried to get it closed as the creature charged at them once more. Nagihiko swung the door shut quickly, but the monster was right there.

He didn't make it in time.

The creature hit the closing door at full force, it's strength stopping Nagihiko from getting the door shut. The monster pushed on the door with an insane amount of force, and Nagihiko had to struggle to keep the door from flying completely open.

"Help me," Nagihiko muttered, pushing his body up against the door as he struggled to close it, his feet sliding backwards against the tile uselessly, unable to grip at the slick surface. He gasped as he pushed himself forward, trying hardest to prevent the door from reopening completely.

"What...?" Rima asked, for a moment confused, before her eyes grew wide. She struggled to her feet (her legs shaking so much that it was incredibly hard for her to do so) and rushed forwards as well, joining Nagihiko at the door. She slammed her body against it, pushing with all of the little strength she possessed, but she somehow felt as though it would do no good; the monster was too strong.

She was going to die in the bathroom with Nagihiko. She looked up at him for a brief moment, trying desperately to get some sort of reassurance, but all she could see in his eyes was terror. He was just as scared as she was. Her heart dropped at this; Nagihiko had never looked so afraid before; he had always kept a level head for the sake of everyone else.

She was going to die.

Maybe a miracle struck with this thought, or maybe Nagihiko's body suddenly filled with adrenaline, but at that moment, just as the monster was slipping a hand through the crack between the door and the door frame, Nagihiko pushed even harder and the door collided with it's hand.

The monster let out a shriek (in an almost feminine voice) and withdrew from the door, giving Nagihiko time to slam the door shut and turn the lock. Both he and Rima sank down the door together, their backs pressed desperately against it as the breathed heavily, not able to speak for a few minutes.

As they took deeps breaths, panting heavily, they could hear the monster scratching at the door, desperate to get in, and the sound of Rima's cell phone ringing faintly in the distance.

"Are you okay?" Nagihiko was finally able to ask after several long moments. Rima nodded fiercely.


"Yeah, I'm fine," He muttered, looking down at his hands and seeing that they were red. His skin was peeling slightly and he picked at it, wincing. He wanted to get up and wash his hands in the sink, but he was not stepping foot away from this door for fear the creature would come charging through it and kill Rima while his back was turned.

"What... I presume that's what you saw earlier?" Nagihiko asked, struggling to keep his voice level for Rima's sake at least, as he breathed in deeply, trying to calm himself down.

"Yes! The exact same thing!" Kusukusu replied loudly, her eyes wide as she nodded her head quickly.

Rima fidgeted slightly, bringing her eyes up to Nagihiko's face. He could tell she was trying to keep a straight face as well, but just like him she was finding it hard. "We're going to die."

It wasn't a question, it was a statement.

Nagihiko shook his head, his heart pounding in his ears. "No, don't say that. We're not going to die."

Rima shook her head once more. And although she looked so very scared, part of her looked certain about what she was saying; she really did believe they were going to die. "No, we are."

In the distance, Rima's phone could be heard ringing.

They were so preoccupied they didn't even stop to think why anyone would be trying to reach her so desperately.



The boy slammed his phone shut, obviously getting nowhere with his attempts at reaching Rima. He couldn't believe his luck; already things were starting so badly. If only he had called a few minutes earlier... Well, he couldn't have called too early, right...?

He shook his head. No, no time to worry about that now. He just had to get over there as quickly as possible. There was no way he could let this happen.

He had to end it before it begun.