Into the Depths

Weary traveler on life's path,
Start moving ahead,
And quit looking back
I see you every night
Thriving in my dreams,
And I have come to show you
That things aren't always they seem.
We've all made mistakes
That we'd rather just forget,
But we must look beyond the surface,
And see into the depths.

Through all the tears you've cried,
Your father's always been there
To be your constant guide.
Though his body lay beneath us now,
His star shines from above.
He reaches out to help you,
And he's sending all his love.
Hear his voice within you,
And never do neglect
That you must look beyond the surface
And see into the depths.

Your time of wandering is no more,
So go and break the air
With one might roar.
Fight hard to reclaim your throne,
And remember through it all,
That you're never alone.
And even when things seem their best,
Know to look beyond the surface,
And to see into the depths.
-Laura McDaniel-

Yes, I really did write that while I was taking a shower. I was singing it to myself. I actually wrote this a few years ago, but I felt like sharing it again (I posted it to The Lion King Mailing list at the time I wrote it) for some reason after I rediscovered it. *shrugs*