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Now that I know the reason behind Regina's strange behavior, I've had to figure out how to handle Henry. It makes me sick to think the kid can't see how much his mother's truly changed. Or, maybe what makes me so sick is that the one person that Regina wants to please is the one person holding her back from happiness. Not just with me, because I'm not one-hundred percent sure that I'm her happiness, but I know that, no matter who Regina tries to date, Henry will claim her unworthy. That she's the Evil Queen and doesn't deserve anybody. She doesn't deserve happiness. Yeah, that's definitely what makes me sick.

It's been a few days, but I think I know what I'm going to do, and I know Henry won't like it. Mostly because it involves magic, but I don't have any shits to give about what he thinks right about now. He's screwing with my happiness because, while I'm not sure about me being Regina's happiness, I know she's mine. And, although I've never actually been on a date with her, I'm well aware of the shit she's been through. I mean, Jesus, her mother. That's all you gotta say to get a glimpse into the pain that Regina went through as a child. I mean that bitch is quite the character. You know… stealing hearts at a young age… literally. And crushing them… also literally.

I feel a shiver rip down my spine at the thought of her mother grasping my heart again, grabbing it unnaturally and squeezing it painfully. That also manages to make me sick.

Anyway, I've figured out how to get Henry to believe that I'm not under a spell. And if that doesn't work, I have a backup that I pray to anyone out there that I won't have to use. That could end… terribly to say the least. And another shiver trickles down my back. I shake my thoughts away hoping that things won't get that out of hand.

Looking up at Mr. Gold's pawnshop, I hate how bad of an idea this really is. But I march forward anyway, the bell ringing at the top of the doorway while my stomach drops to my feet.

"Ah dearie, I thought you'd be here sometime soon." It's creepy that he doesn't even turn around while talking to me, but he knows exactly who I am. "Miss Swan –or do you go by the Savior now?– what can I do for you?" I sigh. Of course this isn't going to go over all that well, but maybe he already knows that.

"Gold, I need two potions, and I'll pay whatever price."

I managed to get Henry to confess to telling Regina that she put me under a curse. I merely suggested that I didn't feel normal, and his eyes widened in delight. He quickly confessed that he thought he knew what was wrong, that Regina had obviously done something to me. That she had put me under a curse that made me like her. Maybe even love her. I had looked him right in the eye when he told me all of this. He was jumping from the excitement of him being right. I don't know if he chose to ignore the sadness and pain in my eyes or if he was just completely oblivious. But he didn't seem to see it, and it made me sick all over again.

"Henry, I don't think your mother poisoned me." I explained quietly, trying not to loose my cool. "Your mother, Regina, she's been extremely nice to me since… well, since the final battle. She's changed for the better; you're just not looking for her changes. She's a good person now Henry; she'd do anything for the people she loves. Which is you. Now, I need you to be honest with me. Did you tell Regina that she wasn't good enough to be loved again? Did you tell her you think she's put me under a love spell? Did you tell her she had to cancel our date?" I spit out each question as calmly as I can. The confusion and betrayal that covers his face is painful, but the fact that I know I'm right about him telling her all of that makes the pain in my heart worse for Regina.

"Well, yeah, but only cause it's true. She's evil, mom! She might be changing, but that doesn't mean that she's actually on the good side now. She's just a little less evil. Plus, you're the Savior, and she's the Evil Queen. You're not supposed to be together! It's not in my book, so it's not supposed to happen! Can't you see; she's controlling you all ready! She's making you think you love her, but you don't! You're just under her spell! You need to snap out of it!" He proceeded to snap in front of my face, trying to "wake me from the spell." I was sick of his games, so I dragged him over to Regina's, where we're all currently sitting in a small triangle.

Regina sits on my left, and Henry sits on the opposite side of us. Henry's feet nervously kick away from his chair as Regina looks at me curiously. I'm pretty sure she doesn't remember our conversation from the amount of alcohol that was in her system that night. Not to mention the way she greeted me when I showed up at her doorstep, Henry in tow. The disdainful look that was shot my way was normal, but the sadness that sat directly behind the disdain was new. And it shook my heart violently.

I snap myself out of my thoughts, focusing on what's currently happening. Sitting down quickly, like everyone else already is, I start fishing in my pocket for the potion. I pull out a gum wrapper on accident and toss it aside, earning a hissed "Miss Swan!" and a disapproving look from the brunette. I shrug and smirk at her before turning my attention back to Henry.

"Okay, Henry, if this doesn't convince you, I don't know what will. This," I pull out the potion and shove it at him, "is a potion that forces the truth out of people. I think it's call the Truth Spell… not really sure. That'd be pretty accurate, though." When I realize I'm rambling, I snap my mouth shut, earning an eye roll from Regina.

When Henry shoots a look of betrayal at Regina, I immediately shoot him down. "No, your mother didn't give this to me, and she didn't make it either. I watched as Mr. Gold put the thing together, and I already paid the price for it. No big deal. Now, you're going to watch as Regina drinks half, and I drink the other half. And then, you can ask all the questions you want and get an honest answer. Got it?" He looks at me curiously, but I meet his gaze with my challenging glare. I'm honestly sick of this bullshit he's constantly trying to pull. I have nothing to hide. Well, nothing that a kid will ask.

"Okay. Fine. But you promise you can't lie?" He looks so innocent that it almost hurts. But I keep up my strength and raise an unimpressed eyebrow at him. He just nods at me once before opening it and passing it to me. I look over at Regina and take a tiny sip. I feel the magic course through me, pulling at my own magic, the dark magic mixing with my light magic.

I pass the vile stuff to Regina, and she downs the rest delicately. I watch her eyes flash purple, but immediately they turn back to the deep brown. I turn back to look at our son, stony face in place.

"Uh, alright. Mom," he turns to Regina, "do you regret casting the curse?" The question takes the both of us off guard, but Regina's mouth is moving before either of us can question him.

"No, of course not." Henry's eyes narrow at the response, but he just keeps the questions coming.

"Why not?"

"Because it gave me you and Emma." I see the blush that covers her face as she refuses to look everywhere but in my direction. I look down, trying to hide my blush and smile. "Also the satisfaction of seeing Snow White not remember her Prince Charming was nice, but it only lasted for maybe a week." She tries to act nonchalant about the whole thing, but she can't quite hide the small frown at the edge of her lips.

"Is there a love spell that you could use on Emma?" I feel my anger grow just a bit, but I can't help but feel curious too. No, of course I know she hasn't used a love spell on me, but I want to know if there even is a love spell out there. I watch Regina shift awkwardly in her chair, obviously becoming a little uncomfortable with all the questions directed at her.

"Yes, there is a love spell that I could use on Emma. But it requires the heart of that which you hate most, and obviously my mother is out of the question as well as Snow White. That would crush the both of you." I swallow at the honesty, but that doesn't make the dryness covering my throat any better. I lick my dry lips, trying to moisten them. It doesn't work.

"Emma, do you think you're under a love spell?" The question catches me off guard, but I know my answer immediately. My head shoots up from glaring at the floor, and my mouth opens immediately.

"Of course not. It never even crossed my mind." I look him in the eye when I answer the question.

"Why not?" I feel a blush creep up my neck at the question, but I don't break eye contact.

"Cause I was attracted to Regina before the curse broke and before magic even came into town." I look over to see a wide-eyed Regina looking straight at me, a faint blush on her cheeks as well.

"What about you, Mom? Why not put Emma under a love spell?" I watch as her eyes widen comically, but the fear there isn't so comical. I quietly wonder what her answer will be, and what's caused her so much fear. I know she can't help but answer the question, but I almost regret putting her under this without even letting her know. I'd do almost anything to take away that look on her face forever, but I'm not sure how much she'd actually like that.

"Well, uh, Henry, that's a valid question. I… I didn't want what Emma felt to be fake. I'll admit, I did think about it once, because something is better than nothing, but I couldn't do it. I didn't want her to… I didn't want her l… her lo… damnit, I didn't want her love to be fake, Henry! I couldn't decide if I even wanted her love at all! After all, I don't deserve it! She's the savior, and I'm the Evil Queen. Who could even stand to be in the same room as someone like me! Who would choose to be in the same room as me? No one. And that's what I deserve. Not a happy ending, but a terrible fate, one that nobody can escape from because that's what this is! Not being able to be with someone who makes you so happy and actually doesn't care about the mistakes you've made. Someone that likes who I am because I'm me, not the Evil Queen. Because I'm Regina Mills. You have no idea what kind of torture it is to be able to see that person every day at the diner with someone else all over them, making them happy. Someone that's not me. It… it hurts Henry. Don't you think that I've had enough punishment from just watching the only person alive that I've ever truly felt for be with someone else?" I watch her eyes water as she shoots up from the chair she's been sitting in and takes off to her study. I stand up and run after her, Henry hot on my heels.

I get to the study right when the door swings back to close, stopping it before it does. She's pacing the room, and I just stand watching her. She looks up at me before quickly looking away.

Henry's behind me; I can feel his arm against my side. I walk over to Regina, standing in her path so she can't pace. She sends me an irritated glare, but I ignore it and grab her by the shoulders, stilling her. She huffs quietly but doesn't openly complain. I give her a small smile, hoping to reassure her. Her lips upturn slightly, but not much. I look over at Henry and see his disapproving stare. It aggravates me to no end to know I still haven't managed to convince him.

And it scares me because I know I'll have to use the second potion. I have it ready, but I didn't think that I'd actually have to use it. I thought he'd understand.

He purses his lips in contemplation before giving us one last question. He looks between the both of us, before looking directly at me, disgust clear in his face, but also a bit of true confliction and confusion.

"How could you actually love the Evil Queen after everything she's done?" He quickly turns and leaves before I have the chance to answer. But I have to anyway, because of the goddamn spell.

"Because I get it." I feel Regina stiffen under the hands still on her shoulders. I look at her, locking my eyes with her chocolate brown. "I get it. I probably would have done the same thing if I were you. If I grew up and was faced with the same problems as you. I would have killed anyone that got on my bad side because I never got my happiness, so why should anyone else get theirs?

I would have been super pissed at Snow White because, honestly who could be mad at their mother any more than you were? You're always going to love your mother, no matter what.

And who wouldn't kill the King they were forced to marry. I mean, I can only imagine the pain that you went through being all alone. Never recognized for how absolutely stunning you truly are. How someone could overlook you in a room full of people is beyond me.

And yeah, I would have punished the Huntsman for not killing Snow. Of course I would have cast a curse over the whole realm to get my revenge because that's just what you do. If you want anything done right, you do it yourself. That's how the world works. So that, Regina Mills, is how I can actually love you. Because you did exactly what any other normal human would have done, though, I'm not sure everyone would do everything that you did, but it's what I would've done.

So… yeah, I love you. Which, if you ask me is a little early to be said considering we never went on that date, but I have to be honest now, so that's just how I feel. So… yeah." I end awkwardly, looking away from Regina. It's so incredibly awkward when the person doesn't say it back, but I know she's probably not ready, and I totally get that. "Don't say it back if your not ready. It's fine. I know we're not exactly to that point in our relationship, if you can even call it that, and that doesn't bother me. It's totally-" My sentence is cut off by a pair of full red lips pressing against my light pink ones. The squeak that makes it's way from my throat is quite embarrassing, but it doesn't seem to matter when my hands are on the back of her neck, pulling her closer softly. The kiss is mind-blowingly simple. It's just a kiss, but immediately I feel the dark magic leave my body. And that's enough of an answer for me.

She pulls back slowly, our eyes still closed, and sighs. A lazy smile makes its way across my lips.

"I was really hoping that would work, though I didn't think it would." I peek one eye open to see her looking at me quizzically. I cup her cheek softly. "True love's kiss break's any curse. I believe that also works on spells. Or however this magic shit works." She raises an unimpressed eyebrow, but I just shrug, the lazy smile slowly falling off my face at the memory of Henry's disdainful glare. I didn't want to have to use the plan two, but it looks like I have my safety net secure. So at least I know I'll be woken.

Regina sees the smile on my face fall and looks at me with her brows furrowed in confusion.

"What's wrong?" The fear that's laced in her voice is concerning, but all I can offer is the shake of my head.

"He still doesn't get it. Good thing I have a backup plan." The cautious look she gives me makes me sigh in regret.

"Why do I get the feeling that I'm not really going to like this plan?" She glares at me, but I don't take the bait. Instead, I offer her a sad half-smile.

"Probably because you won't." I peck her one last time before I quickly turn around and head up to Henry's room, skipping two steps at a time. I can hear Regina running after me, calling my name in agitation and a bit of fear, but I ignore her and head straight for my destination. "Henry!" I yell, opening the door to his room quickly. I set my eyes on him quickly, slamming the door right as Regina gets up the stairs, locking it immediately.

The bewildered and wild look on Henry's face isn't enough to stop me. I pull out the object hidden in my other pocket. Henry's expression quickly morphs into confusion before fear.

"Emma don't-"

"No. You're going to listen to me, okay? I got this from Mr. Gold, too. No, I didn't get it from your mom, and I need you to believe that. You may not think your mother is worthy of love, but I love her with everything I got, and that isn't changing, so you're going to have to get used to it, or your going to live without me. I'm sorry that you don't believe that I love her, or maybe you do and you just don't want to except it, but I don't even care anymore because she is the only person I would give my love to along with you. You're my kid, and I love you to death, but you don't get to tell me that the Evil Queen can't love because everything she's ever done is for love. She loves you and she loved Daniel. She still loves him probably, but I know she also loves me. And no, I'm not trying to take Daniel's place; I would never try something like that, but I do know that my feelings are returned, and the horribly ironic thing is that you, her own son, is keeping her from being with someone that can give her everything she deserves. She does deserve a happy ending, no matter what you may think. And so, with that, I hope you see your mistakes and fix them before it's too late. You're the only one that's stopping her from being happy." And with that, I bite into the apple and everything goes dark.

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