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Golden shadow

Chapter 1

The jester of the past

"My name is Naruto kirijo I was taken in by the kirijo group when they found me on the beach. I do not know much about my past all I do know was that I was fighting a monster made from the earth with 10 tails and a big eye; then drowning in the sea. While staying with the kirijo group I learnt a lot; I learned about persona and shadows, I was also good at making thing but then something happened.

Something let all the shadows out into the world. Me and my little sister Mitsuru then had to go out and find ppl who could use the power of persona, but when we were preparing to join a high school I was called back.

They wanted me to make weapons that could fight the shadows with us, so I started to make something called 'Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon' with some of the rescuers from the kirijo group.

I help and finish the 5th Generation Labrys and the 7th Generation Aegis but before I could help any more I was called to England to seek out an old friend of my father.

Years later I return to japan to find out that Aegis ran away from the lab, I was sent out to look for her when I ran into her; Minako Arisato a girl with auburn hair, which she always has in a high ponytail, along with silver barrettes which form the roman numeral XXII, she also had red eyes.

The girl kept trying to break down the walls I put around my heart, damn girl, I put the wall up so I will not feel pain if I lose someone dear to me, but in the end she did brake the walls and found her way into my heart; funny huh when she seal away nyx I found myself crying for the 1st time in years.

But when me and the guys in 'seed' went to fix the time loop we was stunk in we saw the seal and I did something I will never forget, I gave up my humanity to set her free and make a new seal one that need 4 keys to break it.

So now I am here in a sake shop watching a girl yell at her inner shadow inside the world of the shadow; why am I here you ask, well after giving up my humanity I became noting more than a shadow well I better save her" Naruto said to himself as he jump down to the two.

"Who the fuck are you, can't you see I am telling this bitch that I am her and she is me, I am sick of ppl trying to run my life" asked the shadow.

"Yeah I know, I been watching you for long time now, but I have to say I am sick of people coming into MY world now girl get out of here well I hold this thing back" Naruto reply as a TV showed up behind the blonde girl as he push her in it

"GRRR AM NOT LETING U GET AWAY" yelled the shadow but stop when she saw a blue card with a pic of a clown on it, dancing.

"Per-So-Na Magatsu-Jubi" Naruto said as a 10 tailed god like being showed up behind him (think magatsu izanagi but with 10 tails and no sword)

"I won't let you stop me," the shadow yelled, as darkness began to surround her. "I am a Shadow, a true self," she said one the darkness vanished to show the shadow.

The shadow was rather beautiful; it had pale white, grayish skin, with glowing red eyes. On its back were two wing, the left was a grayish white, feathery wing like an angles while the right was a leathery black wing, like a bat. It also had a long slender tail with a spaded tip.

"Well this might be fun," Naruto said drawing out a black sword from nowhere. "Let's go Mangatsu-Jubi," he yelled jumping and slashing at the shadow, which dodged the attack.

With glowing golden eyes, Jubi followed suit, slashing at the shadow with claw like hands, only for the shadow to jump out of the way.

As the shadow dodged the combined attack of Naruto and Jubi, the walls that made up the sake shop fell away to reveal what looked like a movie studio.

"Well damn, this is new," Naruto said looking around and dodging the attacks the shadow used on him.

"Why won't you stand still and die?" the shadow yelled throwing balls of fire at him.

"Because if I did that I wouldn't be able to figure out who keeps throwing people in here," he said dodging around her and slashing at her in time with Jubi, who managed to get in a few blows.

"It doesn't matter who's throwing them in here, just die," she yelled hitting Naruto sending him back a few feet.

"Well damn that hurt," He said as Jubi appeared in front of him, a ball of fire appearing in his hands before firing at the shadow, knocking it out of the sky. "Thanks Jubi," the persona nodded before they ran back into the fray.

"You bastered, Die," she yelled like a broken record, before Naruto appeared in front of her, his hands glowing with electricity.

"No thanks I'll leave that to you, Zio," he yelled firing a blast of lightning at her, causing her to scream in pain before falling to the ground.

"Bastered," she yelled before a clawed hand appeared through her chest. Turning her head, she saw the golden eyes of Jubi, his hand piercing her chest, a cold emotionless look in his eyes.

"Sorry, it's nothing personal, just can't have you killing human," Naruto said appearing in front of her, before removing her head.

With her head gone, the shadow returned to her original form, before bursting into light to reveal a succubus with white cloth instead of the traditional black. With a small nod of her head, the succubus turned into a card and floated down to Naruto who looked at it.

"Damn, now I've got find that girl and give her the persona, just my luck," he said as Jubi vanished in a flash of blue light, before he exited the sake shop, which had reformed once the shadow was gone. As he walked into what looked like a film set he saw three people walk away

"Hmm who are they oh well I have to find that girl" he said to himself as he summon 3 TVs and jump into them

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