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"Woo-hoo!" Kagome screamed out in excitement as the roller coaster spiraled and zipped on the tracks. This was the greatest day yet! With flushed cheeks and a cheesy grin, Kagome turned her attention to her partner; while the roller coaster came to a slow stop signaling the end of the ride, and giggled at his grumpy expression. "Oh come on Inuyasha you know that it wasn't that bad."

Inuyasha scoffed. "It was horrible and noisy."

Kagome stuck her tongue out childishly and exited the cart. "Come on let's try the game booths and see if we can win a prize."

With a roll of his eyes, InuYasha followed alongside the excited girl, happy to see her smiling and having a good time although his face didn't show it.

"There!" Kagome smiled excitedly as she pointed to the ball toss booth. The two walked over and scanning the prizes with her eyes Kagome's gaze landed on a white puppy teddy bear with violet eyes. "I'm gonna try to win that one."

Amber eyes followed the direction his companion was pointing in and nodded when he spotted the plush toy. "Good luck then." When Kagome smiled in answer his heartbeat sped up and tingling started in his fingers. He wanted- no needed to touch her. He watched her as she pulled out her tickets and paid the fare to play the game. Her beauty was so warm and abundant, it warmed his cold heart and drove out the loneliness, he didn't know what she saw in him but he was grateful for whatever it was that attracted this lovely girl and made her want to be with him.

He noticed her lush lips turn into a frown and he tucked a stray hair behind her ear as she looked at him. "What's with the frown?"

"I stink at ball toss and I really want the puppy prize." She said with a shrug.

Inuyasha pulled out a few tickets from his pocket and paid the fare. He took the balls he was handed and one-two-three he knocked down all the pins. He collected the puppy plush prize and handed it to his girl. "Here ya go, now quit frowning."

Kagome took the plushie and grinned up at him. "You're awesome, you know that?"

Inuyasha felt powerful at that moment. He felt like he was the king of the world. He felt invincible. All because of her. Maybe that's why he did the unexpected even as his mind screamed at him to rethink it. His heart sped up as his head swooped down and pecked her on the lips. He heard her gasp as his lips connected to hers. His heartbeat loudly in his ears as he straightened up and looked down at her once again. She was smiling widely and her heart rate was elevated slightly. She wasn't afraid or disgusted that he had kissed her. She was happy and he felt happy. He smiled back at her and in a burst of playful energy, he grabbed her plushie and jogged away mindful of keeping a distance from the people around him. He heard Kagome shriek and give chase and he grinned wider. Maybe this wasn't so bad of an idea at all. Maybe he was closer to getting over his phobia than he thought.

That evening Kagome lay in her bed replaying her day at the amusement park with Inuyasha. It had been wonderful spending time with him and seeing him smile. She turned her head to the right and looked at the white puppy plush that sat upon her desk. He had won it for her so effortlessly and quickly. And he had kissed her...

Yes, they have kissed before but this time he had initiated it, and it made her happy to know that he wanted to kiss her.

A tap on her glass disturbed her thoughts and she looked to her window. Inuyasha waved at her behind the glass and she smiled.

Unlocking and opening her window she stepped back and sat on the bed. "Hey."

Inuyasha came into the room and joined her on the bed a few inches between them. "Hey, Gome."

"What's up?" She asked softly. Inuyasha reached out and interlocked their fingers, "I just wanted to touch you."

Kagome smiled and squeezed his fingers in hers. "I know how that feels, I want to touch you too...everywhere."

Inuyasha's nostrils flared as he breathed in, her words exciting him. "I want you to touch me too."

Kagome looked him in the eyes and loosened their fingers. "Do you mind if I try touching you? Just let me know if you need me to stop. Are you ok with that?"

Inuyasha was nervous about it but he wanted to try. "Okay, but pick one area for now."

Kagome nodded. "No problem, How about if I touched your chest?"

His arms stiffened for a moment before he breathed out, he could do it. It's only Kagome, she's our woman, we want her to touch us. "Okay, we can start there."

Slowly she reached out and drew closer to his chest. Inuyasha watched her hand as it got closer. He could feel sweat break out on his skin, his palms were moist and his mouth felt dry. As he felt the first touch of her fingertip he sucked in a breath and backed away from her hands. The place she touched was burning and in his mind, it was Naraku that had touched him even though he knew that bastard was dead.

With a shake of his head, InuYasha pushed the thoughts away and walked over to her bedroom window to catch some air.

"I'm sorry Inu I hope you're okay. We'll stop and just chill.."

Inuyasha clenched his fists as he heard the sadness and concern in her voice. Kagome shouldn't have to apologize for wanting to touch her boyfriend, she shouldn't have to be mindful of touching him anywhere.

Inuyasha unclenched his fists and faced his girlfriend. " No, let's try it a different way."

Kagome smiled sadly and shook her head. "It's ok Hun we can try another time. Don't overdo it."

Inuyasha's skin singled as the endearment passed her lips. Determined to have her touch him, Inuyasha took her hands into his and pulled gently until she was standing in front of him. She started to talk but he quoted her by capturing her lips in a kiss. She responded to him a second later, her mouth opening to accept his tongue as it seemed out entrance. The kiss deepened and Kagome was swept into the moment, so much that she didn't notice that InuYasha had pressed their joined hands to his chest nor feel when he released their joined hands and held hers to him. It was wonderful having her hands on him finally. Inuyasha released her lips and looked down at their hands with a pleased smile on his face. "See Gome, it worked."

Kagome blinked back into focus and looked at their hands. She swallowed and looked back at her boyfriend. "Are you sure that you're fine?"

Inuyasha shrugged. "I'm getting used to it, the kiss distracted me from thinking about you know who. And it worked."

Kagome slid her hands down his chest and crept up underneath his shirt to touch his bare chest. Inuyasha closed his eyes in pleasure as tingles spread through his body. Kagome removed her hands. "I'm sorry i-"

Inuyasha captured her hands and placed them back underneath his shirt. "Don't stop Kagome, your hands feel so good, so soft."

Kagome's mouth turned up into a smile and she caressed his chest slowly as InuYasha placed kissed on her lips. Her areola tightened and their tips puckered tightly, warmth started flowing through her again and filtered its way to her womanhood.

"You're so responsive.." Inuyasha breathed huskily.

"Only for you.." She replied softly.

With one last peck, they released one another's lips and Kagome removed her hands.

Inuyasha walked back to the window and stared at her one last time. "Next time I want to touch your body."

Kagome licked her lips and nodded.

Inuyasha smirked and went through the open window and went back home.

"I'm off to school mom!" Kagome called out from the front door.

"Okay dear, but can you come home right after school please, we're helping your grandfather clean out the shed today."

"No problem mom." Kagome smiled.

Kagome turned and ran out the door and down the shrine steps to a waiting Inuyasha.

The classes dragged on for the dark-haired girl, and when the lunch bell rang she was tempted to break into song and dance her way out of math class. It's safe to say that math was not her favorite subject.

Upon entering the cafeteria she looked around and spotted her favorite half-demon sitting and scribbling away at his notebook. With both their lunches in hand she quickly walked over to the table where he sat and sat down next to him. "Hey. Watcha doing?"

Inuyasha looked at her and replied. "Hey. I'm just scribbling to pass the time until you got here with my food. My stomach is eating itself thanks to your slow walking."

"Oh shush. The food is here now so eat." Kagome responded.

"Keh. It's about time."

With an exaggerated roll of her eyes, Kagome set Inuyasha's lunch box in front of him and turned to eat her lunch.

About halfway into the lunch period Kouga passed by the table and spotted Kagome. Changing his direction to Kagome instead of the food line he walked over.

"Hey, Kagome." He smiled charmingly. Much to Inuyasha's displeasure Kagome smiled and waved a greeting to the demon. "Hello Kouga, what's up?"

Kouga glanced at Inuyasha for a moment before focusing on Kagome again. "Hey dog-turd, sup."

"Fuck you Kouga," Inuyasha replied

ha spat and turned his eyes from his plate to his girlfriend's face.

"Are our teams still on for volleyball next period?"

Kagome smiled and nodded." Of course, prepare to be defeated."

With a grin, Kouga ran off leaving a scowling hanyou behind.

"Stupid wolf and you getting friendly now?" Inuyasha said after Kouga left.

"No, it's not that. We just put together our volleyball teams and were gonna duke it out in P.E. next period." Kagome replied matter of factly.

The bell sounded the end of the lunch break and the students left to go back to class.

Inuyasha grabbed Kagome's hand before she could leave and he pulled her a little closer and pecked her cheek. "Tell the mangy wolf that if he touches you ill gut him.

Kagome smiled and shook her head playfully. " No need to get so jealous babe, it's just a volleyball game.

Inuyasha shook his head. "I'm not jealous."

"If you say so Inuyasha." She smiled and left for class.

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