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I wait in my emptiness. The feeling that my life is shortly going to cease to exist.

I stand in the cell waiting for my life to dissolve around me and welcome the darkness that will surely come. I had lost everyone that I could ever love. I guess this is what I would expect from a monster; A nobody. But to think that my family; my loving sister Lily with her charming grace and fierce attitude gone. To my brother James that always stood up for me and others when everyone had bets made he wouldn't come. And then to Sirius. The person that had showed me the most in the short time we were all together alive. I started to choke up. Or was that the effects of the full moon? I couldn't tell anymore. Everything that I once treasured in my life is gone. I started to prepare for the full moon. The mental and emotion preparation that I always took to ensure my survival. But the pain afterwards may it matter how much I'm prepared will always come. The pain will never go away. As long as the wolf as no packs; no family to go home to, the pain will manifest inside. Always wanting to get out, but never getting it. My heart and soul is shattered.

The first ray of moonlight shines into the cell. The twisting of my bones and the transformation from man to beast is complete. I could have taken my life. I could have done that years ago. But who would have noticed? What good would it serve me? I'm a monster a nobody and we never get an easy life.

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