CHAPTER 1 ~The Phonecall

GENERAL POV It was just another day in the rented home of Leo Leonardo III and Aeris Cole.
Leo was "owning n00bs" on Battlefield 3. Aeris was writing one of her infamous yaoi fanfics in her room.
*insert mario theme here*
"Oh my phone!" Leo said, chuckling to his ringtone.

"Hello? Leo speaking."

"Hey Leo! It's me!"

"Me who?" Leo asked with a suspicous tone

"Alright let me give you some hints. I'm family, uhhh I ran away to America..."

Leo already knew who it was the second he gave the first hint. It was his older brother,Toby.
He ran away after his senior year of highschool because he was convinced he would have a better life in the States. Leo was in a minor state of depression when he left,Toby was his role model after was almost the polar opposite of only thing they had in comon was their love for gaming,although for Toby it was more of a hobby, not a passion.

"Holy crap man I can't belive it's you! How did you get my number? Where are you? Man i have so many questions!"

"Leo who the hell are you talking to?" Aeris said as she poked her head out of her bedroom door.

"It's personal,just let me talk in private."

Aeris scoffed,but she was still as curious as ever when she went back to her Word document.

"Who was that?" Toby asked.

"You remember Aeris right?"

"Yeah you've briefly mentioned her a few wait a sec...she's your girlfriend isn't she?"

"Nonono its not like that..well...sorta..I don't know" Leo said with a hint of embarasment.

"Well tell ya what,the reason I called is because I have great news! I've got a house in Toronto that I recently finished moving in to I'll come over to your place when everything is settled tommorow.I think my new place is near you guys too."

"Really? That's great!"Leo said,more happy than he was sad when Toby left his family.

"Tell ya what else,Im gonna help you with Aeris,'kay?" Toby offered.

"Oh my God man you would do that for me!?"

"Hell yeah man,I'll see ya tommorow."

Leo hung up,he couldn't belive it.

Tobias Leonardo was finally coming home.


Well that went well.
I'm honestly suprised that Leo didn't have Aeris by now.
But of course he was the excact opposite of me.
"Man i gotta clean this place up" I said to noone in particular.
I like to think of myself as Leo's mentor. I give him the do's and dont's on pretty much everything.
Was it stupid of me to offer advice for Aeris?
I mean I hardly knew her,the only thing I know is she's Leo's longtime best friend.
Common sense outghta get me through this,yeah.
"Everything is going to be just fine." He reassured himself while tossing away enpty boxes from the move.

author's note: Well what did you guys think! Honestly I am a beginner at writing so just bear with me.
My writing program is really cheap so if anything seems botched up...oh well!
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