=Chapter 4= =Memories=

Toby's POV Alright so I know now that Leo is commited to letting me help him. But first I must get to know Aeris. This should be fun, I just met her like, seven minutes ago? Aeris was sitting down on the couch flipping through the television channels out of boredom.
"Oh, hey...uh...Tom?" Aeris said once she realized Toby was in the room.
"It's Toby,but no offense taken. So, do you mind if I get to know you a bit better?" I wanted to get straight to the point. Hopefully I can do it stealthily.
"Sure, what would you like to know about me." Aeris turned her attention to toby instead of the TV.
"Take a seat" Aeris offered gesturing towards an empty recliner.
"Well...I've been wondering about you and Leo." "Yeah..what about?" Aeris was not gonna like where this is going I'm sure. Her facial expression went blank as she starred into nothingness,apparently deep in thought.
"Umm...Earth to Aeris?" She was just sitting there thinking,I wonder what about.
"We're just close friends, nothing more than that though." She finaly replied.
Aeris' POV "Well...I've been wondering about you and Leo." Toby said "Yeah...what about?" I replied with interest and some confusion thrown in.
Wait what? What does he mean by that? We're just friends though. Or at least that's what I'm thinking. Who knows what is going on in either of the Leonardo's heads? Does he suspect anything?
Gah,who am I kidding? I don't have any feelings for Leo. Or do I? My mind started drifting back to all the good times we've had. When he dealt with snake...
~blurry flashback water effect~ I was the only one to do the homework for Mr.47's class. That guy really hates people.
Or anything living for that matter. I was walking to my locker when suddenly..
All my books clattered to the floor. I turned around with a mad expression on my face to see none other than Solid Snake. The class meathead. Other than SuperMeatBoy...that kid's weird...
"What the hell Snake!?"
"On the battlefield you must allways-"
"ALARM!" somebody cut him off from behind him. I knew that voice from anywhere. It was Leo.
Snake had a panicky expression on his quickly jumped in to somebody's open locker. The person gave him a 'wtf?!' look.
"Ef off I need this!" Snake said in a scared voice. He then jumped in the locker and closed it. Leo then shut the locker,locking Snake inside.
It was that kid with the dark fur's locker. He was an eight grader nobody knew much about.( I was in sixth grade at the time.) Rumor has it he has no friends and keeps to himself. The dark cat simply hid behind his bangs of hair and walked away without saying anything.
"Thanks Leo" I said.
"No problem, here, you dropped these. He said picking up my books and handed them to me.
"See ya later!" Leo said while walking to the door of his next class.
That was the day when he did something that really impacted her life. She had a crush on him that year but it soon went away. Do I still like Leo? He was the only kid in school that wasn't a total pervert or jerk...
~end flashback.~ "Umm...Earth to Aeris?" Toby interupted my train of thought.
Oh yeah I'm still talking to Toby! "We're just close friends,nothing more though." I finally decided that was my answer and moved back to the TV.
=Toby's POV= Aeris turned her attention back to the TV. Looks like I'm not getting anything more out of her.
Oh well, I guess I should report back to Leo. Or should I let them figure this out on their own? I mean sure I'm getting personal information out of the both of them. Perhaps telling them would ruin the effect.
I know what I need to do! I need to put them in scenarios where they need to be attached. That just might work! "Hey I think I'm gonna head back to my place for the day. Maybe I could come over tommorow and intoduce Gemmi to you guys."
Leo walked into the living room." Alright, I'm kinda curious what she's like." Leo said while jumping into a sitting position onto the couch. He landed next to Aeris.
"Gah! Leo what the f***?!" She said in suprise. She punched him in the shoulder.
Leo had a look of defeat on his face. But he was still sitting kinda close to her. He was already taking my advice! I gave a small grin at my teachings,even if they were failing.
He gave me a look over his shoulder that said 'what now?'
I made a motion with my hands to tell him to tone it down a bit. He nodded and said.
"Later Toby, see you tommorow."
I walked out the door. and for a split second I thought I saw Leo try and put his arm behind Aeris.
But then I heard a body hit the floor. "He better get this romance thing in his head or else he's gonna end up in the hospital." I said to my self.
I should call Gemmi since she is gonna come with me tommorow. I touched her name on my contacts list and my phone started ringing.
"Hello?" a sweet voice said on the other side of the line.
"Hey Gemmi! It's Toby!"
"Hey Toby what's up?"
"well I called you to know if you wanted to come with me somewhere."
"Yeah my schedules free,where are we going to go?"
"We are going to go to my brother's house. I'm playing a little bit of matchmaker with his friend and I would like your help. Plus I just wanted you to meet them." He explained the whole situation on the phone to Gemmi. The whole thing,relationship,backstory,how Leo's kind of an idiot.
"Ooh I'd love to play a little matchmaker! Consider me on board. Later Toby."
"Later babe."
I hung up the phone. I wonder how Leo's doing right now?
=Leo's POV= Well that didn't work. I try to make a move and I get knocked on the floor! I got back on the couch and started to watch the movie Aeris was watching.
"Mind if I watch with you?" I asked,hopefully I can wait for the right moment.
"Yeah whatever just don't get all Romeo on me like you were a minute ago."
'No promises' I said to myself in my mind.
Once the movie was over I looked over at Aeris. She was collapsed on one of the throw pillows, fast asleep.
She looks so peacefull when she sleeps. I threw a blanket over her and headed back to my room for the night. It was only about 8:00 but he went to bed anyway.

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