Minato and his wife Kushina both laid dying on both sides of their new born son. Minato laid on the right as he repeatedly apologized for what he had just done to his beloved new son.

Mere minutes ago the Kyuubi had broken out of his wife's seal and reeked havoc on the village Hidden in the Leaves. A masked man had broken the seal and he used the Kyuubi to attack the village, killing hundreds in the process, As the Hokage of the village it had been up to him to stop the masked man and stop the king of the Biju.

Minato had managed to foil the masked mans plans but the Kyuubi had been too strong for him too kill.

So he had been forced to split the Kyuubi in half and sealed one half into himself, and the other into his new son.

"Its only been a few hours and I suck at being a dad." Minato commented weakly as he stroked his sons hair, so much like his own, and wept openly.

Kushina was weeping as well, her baby boy had just become the third Jinchuuriki to the Kyuubi No Yoko, she wept for the pain and suffering her new son was going to have to endure because of the accursed demon that was sealed in his stomach just like it had been in hers. She cried because she knew what it was like to be glared at and hated by everyone because of something she didn't want. But she had Minato! She found love to fill the hole that had been in her heart, her son would have nothing.

He would be all alone in the world, he would have no one to fill that hole in his heart.

In a way she was angry with her husband, angry that he couldn't have found a better way, a way where her little Naru-chan wouldn't be so alone, but she knew that Minato didn't want this any more than she did.

"I'm so sorry Naru-chan that we won't get to see you grow up!" she sobbed heavily, spitting up blood as she did so.

She looked at Minato, "Min-kun what have we done? He's going to so alone! There won't be anyone to protect our little Naruto!" She cried and sobbed, not once in her entire life had she been this upset. Not even when she found out she was going to have the Kyuubi sealed inside her and she couldn't believe she was this upset on the day that was supposed to be the best day of her life!

Minato looked crestfallen as he stroked his sons hair, then a spark of what could only be hope ignited in his eye, "We may not be able to protect him...but maybe we can help him protect himself." He said as he shakily began to draw on Naruto's new seal with his life's blood.

"W-what do you mean?" Kushina asked hopefully, she'd give anything to make sure her new son was even slightly safer. Minato shakily drew on Naruto's stomach as he began to explain, "We may not be here to protect Naruto but maybe we can give him the skills to protect himself...the seal I'm drawing will infuse our experiences and talents into Naruto so he can protect himself." Minato explained as he altered the seal on Naruto's stomach. Kushina's brow furrowed in confusion, "So our son will have our memories?" she asked confusedly, thinking that couldn't be healthy.

Minato chuckled weakly, "No, he won't have our memories but he'll have our experience in battles. He'll have the instincts of two veterans shinobi. He'll fight like we do because of what he will think as instincts but it will be our experiences that that make him have those instincts. He'll be incredibly talented in most ninja art because he'll unknowingly will have years of experience in the fields." Minato explained further as he began to finish up the seal.

Kushina smiled weakly at her husband, leave it to Minato to do the seemingly impossible to protect the people he cares about. She was also slightly happy that they could give their son even a small amount of protection from the cruel, hard, mean world.

Kushina nodded as she grabbed Minato's hand and placed a hand on her sons head, "Naruto...don't be picky and grow strong. Make sure you bathe everyday and stay warm. Also don't stay up late. You need lots of sleep...and make friends. You don't need a lot of friends. Just a few...ones that you can really trust. I wasn't very good at it but keep up with your studies and practice your Ninjutsu hard. Remember everyone has strengths and weaknesses...so don't get too depressed if you can't do something well. Respect your teachers at the academy.

Oh, and this is important. Its about the three prohibitions for a shinobi. Be extra careful about lending and borrowing money. Put your mission wages into a savings account

No alcohol until your twenty. Too much can ruin your health so drink in moderation.

Another prohibition is women. I'm a woman, so I don't know to much about this but...all you need to remember is that this world is made up of men and women. It's only natural to take an interest in girls but don't get hooked on bad women. Find someone like me.

Speaking of the tree prohibitions, be wary of Jiraiya-sensei, you know.

Naruto, from now on, your going to face lots of pain and hardship. Be true to yourself. Have a dream and have confidence to make that dream come true!

There's so much...oh, theres so much more I want to pass on to you. I wish I could stay with you longer.

I love you." She finished, coughing blood as she did so. She smiled apologetically at her husband, "Minato, I'm sorry I used up your time."

Minato just shook his head and sent her a loving smile, "Oh it's okay." He looked at Naruto, "Naruto my message to you is...I guess the same as your nagging mothers." He said with a smile and received a chuckle from his wife.

Kushina started to tear up again, "Oh, I want to see him grow up so bad!" She cried. Minato sent her a knowing smile, "We will. I'm going to seal the last of our chakra in the seal as well so we can see Naruto again someday."

Kushina smiled at her husband and nodded that she was ready.

Both parents turned to the child between them and said, "We love you, Naruto." Before the seal activated and took both their lives.

Time skip-Naruto age six

Naruto stood in the clearing at the academy like everyone else in his class. Today was their first day of Taijutsu sparing with once another and Naruto knew he wasn't going to do well.

The academy teachers had been sabotaging he education from the beginning, they told him how to throw a kunai wrong, told him the wrong stances in Taijutsu, told him how to form handsighs wrong, placed Genjutsu's on his test. They were doing everything that they could to make sure he never became a ninja.

If it wasn't for his strange instincts, he had no idea how screwed he would be.

When they taught him how to throw a kunai wrong, he couldn't explain it but he just knew it wasn't right. It was like his body was telling him that he wasn't doing it right, so Naruto altered his stance and grip until it felt natural and when he threw the kunai, he got it dead-center.

After that he just ignored everything the teachers tried to teach him. He wasn't even close to being an idiot, he knew that they were going to do everything in their power to screw him over so Naruto simply just ignored their teachings.

Like the kunai incident, he made handsighs until they felt right, and with the test he dispelled the Genjutsu's on them and answered the questions easily. He had gone under a henge and went into the library and tried to find scrolls on Taijutsu styles but his Taijutsu, however, he had not been able to fix. All the scrolls that deal with fighting stances other than the academy style were under lock and key in the Genin and higher sections in the library. The only way to get into those sections was to be the rank of ninja of the section you were trying to enter. So Naruto had no style other than the bit and pieces of the academy style that he watched from the kids who were taught the correct forms.

Naruto sighed as he scratched his sun-kissed hair, 'I'm so screwed! Maybe I'll get lucky and end up with a girl. Maybe then I can just over power her.' Naruto thought strategically. Admittedly it wasn't an advanced but for a six year old...

Naruto was broken out of his musings by Iruka starting the first match between Shikamaru Naru and Chouji Akimichi.

"But sensei, I don't want to fight my friend!" Chouji complained, he was a rather gentle soul and he hated the thought of harming anyone, much less a friend.

Iruka sighed as he explained the purpose of the spar, "But your not really fighting your friend Chouji. Your helping him get stronger! Remember that even the Hokages spar with their friends to get-" Iruka's speech was interrupted by Shikamaru walking out the white circle that was the ring.

"Don't worry Chouji, I know this isn't your kinda thing." The Nara said lazily. Iruka sighed loudly as Chouji grinned at his friend, "Thanks Shikamaru!"

"Guh, their both so spineless!" Ino commented and a young looking Sakura glanced at her friend, "You know them?" she asked and Ino nodded sadly, "Yeah...our parents know each other..."

"Man, Shikamaru will never make it to Chunin. He's to lazy!" Kiba commented, feeling slightly annoyed that he was robbed of seeing a good fight. "I don't know Inuzuka-san. Life is very long." Shino commented and Kiba sweatdropped at Shino's logical tone.

Iruka looked at his two unwilling fighters, "Fine. But do the harmony symbol."

Shikamaru looked surprised, "Oh! I almost forgot!" He said as he walked back and linked fingers with his friend.

"Good, Now Sasuke Uchiha..." Iruka said calling out the next contestants. As Sasuke walked into the ring, his fangirls screamed their support. Sasuke was the most popular due to his Uchiha status and the fact he was doing the best in class.

"...and Naruto Uzumaki."

The cheering stopped as everyone glared at the blonde and began to whisper insults about him, but they were loud enough that Naruto's sensitive ears caught what they were saying.

"Why is he even trying? He's not going to win."

"Thats the boy my mommy told me to safety away from..."

"What a freak..."

"He should just give up..."

"He's a monster..."

Naruto clenched his fists as he entered the ring, how desperately he wanted to prove them all wrong but he knew he was no match for the Uchiha.

"You ready to lose dobe?" Sasuke said arrogantly as he got in the interceptor fist stance, his families Taijutsu style. Naruto just sighed as he angled his body away from Sasuke, he didn't have any Taijutsu style so he didn't have a stance.

Iruka looked at both contestants, "Begin!" He yelled.

Sasuke and Naruto sprung at each other. Sasuke threw the first punch, aiming for a one hit K.O so he could brag, but the strangest thing happened.

Naruto, by instinct, grabbed Sasuke's wrist and used his momentum to throw him over Naruto's shoulder.

Sasuke landed on his feet but he looked as surprised as Naruto felt. He had no idea how he just did that, it was like his body knew how to dodge so his mind wasn't needed. 'is it like with the kunai and handsighs?' He thought hopefully, maybe there was a chance he could win after all!

Naruto crouched low and sprung at Sasuke, he was snapped out of his surprise when Naruto's fist hit him in the gut. Ignoring the pain in his stomach, he threw a left hook to hit Naruto in the jaw but the blow was stopped when Naruto threw up his forearm and caught Sasuke's arm by the elbow. Acting on Instinct alone; he punched Sasuke in the mouth like he was going to do to him and as Sasuke stumbled back, he then delivered a frontal kick to Sasuke's stomach and knocked him out of the ring.

Everyone watched in shock as Naruto managed to beat Sasuke, he looked like he was doing it with ease!

Iruka smiled lightly, it seems Naruto had been practicing on his own, "Winner, Uzumaki Naruto!" He called out, pride evident in his voice.

Naruto smiled, indescribably happy that he had just won. He couldn't believe it! Maybe now everyone would-

"Cheater!" Sasuke's fangirls roared, they hurled other insults at him and each one was worse than the last. They looked absolutely murderous, they refused to believe that Naruto had beaten their Sasuke-kun. Naruto looked at them in a sad way, 'I should have known that they wouldn't cheer for me.' He thought sadly as he took off running towards the fence and hopping over it, crying a little as he did so.

Sasuke's eyes followed the blonde that had just bested him, he couldn't believe he had lost to the dobe and he was going to make sure he payed for embarrassing him like this.


Naruto sat upon the Yondaimes stone head for hours after the matches at the academy. This was his favorite place to come when he was upset by something the village had done to him. Naruto didn't know why they hated him so. They called him a demon and a monster, they said he killed their families and that he deserved the beatings, getting thrown out of stores and the cruel glares. He didn't know why they did those things, he certainly didn't think he was a monster but that didn't matter. The entire village hated him except for his Jiji and Iruka-sensei.

Jiji was the Hokage of the village that looked after Naruto as much as he could. He was like the grandfather that he never had.

Iruka-sensei was the ony teacher that didn't try to sabotage Naruto's future but because how the academy was laid out, he only had his class once a week until his final year in the academy

They were the only ones who could stand to be around him.

He asked them why they hated him, why they called him a demon but they always dodged the questions.

Naruto gazed down at the village below him in sad anger. Why couldn't they see that he wasn't a monster? That he never did those things that they accused him of? Why couldn't they see that he was just a normal six year old boy?

Naruto sighed as he thought about his match with Sasuke earlier. He thought since he had won, people would start to respect him a little. Maybe even want to be friends with him or include him in the occasional game. In hindsight he realized he was a fool.

He should have known that he would never gain the respect of his peers. And now everyone was going to hate him more because he had hurt the stupid teme.

It had been quiet the shock when he had won and he still didn't understand how he did it. His body just knew how to react before his gifted mind had a chance to process what was happening. Naruto was incredibly smart, not quiet on par with a Nara but he was close, and for the life of him he couldn't figure out how his body knew what to do.

He thought about telling Jiji about his odd instincts but he had decided against it. What if that was the final straw with the Hokage and he would start to look at Naruto with those cruel, harsh, hateful eyes? Naruto didn't think he could stand it if Jiji looked at him that way.

Naruto brushed away a tear that was beginning to form in his eye, 'I won't cry! I'm not some crybaby!' Naruto vowed as he continuously wiped away the tears that were escaping from his eyes despite his vow.

He didn't show it but Naruto was really lonely. He joked around and pranked to hide it but deep down, Naruto all alone. He had Jiji and Iruka-sensei but he was terrified that he would mess up and they would end up hating him too so he couldn't really rely on them. He just wanted one person that he could trust fully and didn't have to fear the cold sting of rejection from them.

So, despite all of his attempts and vows, Naruto cried on top of his idols head.

"Hey brat..."

Flashback-6 hours ago

Hinata watched Naruto jump over the academy fencing with a worried expression, Naruto had looked really upset that everyone accused him of cheating.

"Are you all right Sasuke-kun? Did that cheater hurt you?" Sakura asked her crush worriedly as she went to go pick him off the ground.

Sasuke slapped her hand away, "I'm fine." He said gruffly. Sasuke's mind was reeling, how did he lose to the dobe? The loser of their class? He just knew he was going to get an earful from his father when he got home.

Sakura looked hurt but complied with his wishes as Sasuke picked himself up.

Iruka sighed as he watched Naruto's retreating form, he was worried about Naruto. He looked incredibly hurt that everyone had accused him of cheating when it was blatantly obvious Naruto had won with his own skill.

Naruto's moves had really surprised Iruka, they certainly weren't academy style. He was going to ask Naruto where he learned them but he had run off before he had a chance too.

Iruka looked disappointedly at the rest of his students, who were still trash talking Naruto, and made the handsighs for his signature jutsu.

"SHUT-UP! NEXT CONTESTANT!" He yelled, using his Big head jutsu.


After school, Hinata went looking for Naruto. She wanted to comfort the blonde and tell him that she didn't think he cheated...but she knew she would just stutter and faint. But she wanted to try and help Naruto!

Naruto didn't know it but he played a major role in the young Hyuga's life. Hinata idolized Naruto, he was everything she wished she could be. Confident, happy, endurance, the list went on. She'd give anything for her idol to notice her but sadly he never did.

She was the opposite of Naruto. shy, sad, wrecked with self doubt and she would always cry if she did something wrong.

Hinata walked up the stairs to the top of the Hokage monument, Naruto's usual hideout when he was sad or upset.

Also unknown to our favorite blonde, Hinata would occasionally follow Naruto. Some part of the reason why was she wanted to know how he managed to endure everyones hateful glares and the other part was she enjoyed being near Naruto. He had a soothing presence that instantly calmed her down when she was upset.

Like she thought she would, Hinata saw Naruto sitting upon the Yondaime's head. She watched him, trying to gather up the nerve to walk up and talk to him. Then minutes turned to hours as she tried to make her body move, then she saw a sight she'd never thought she see.

Naruto was crying.

It broke hinata's heart to see her hero so hurt to the point of tears. 'I have to move! Naruto-kun needs me!' She thought to herself and the moment she took a few steps in his direction, two men suddenly appeared.

Back to Naruto

Naruto turned around slowly and saw that it was two Chunin ninja that had been talking to him. "Yeah?" He asked as he wiped away any leftover tears.

The Chunin on the left asked, "Well, today we heard that you had managed to beat up Sasuke Uchiha in a spar today. Is that true?" He asked.

Naruto hesitated, then nodded. For some reason this guy was giving him the creeps. The two Chunin sent each other a sly smile, "In that case we need you to come with us." The one on the right said with a disarming smile but it had the exact opposite effect on Naruto.

He had seen that kind of smile before and it always ended in him getting hurt.

Naruto got up slowly, giving them the impression that he was complying before he sprung into action. He leapt forward and punched the one on the right in the balls and grabbed a kunai from his holster before throwing it at the second Chunin before turning to run away.

"Oh no you don't you demon!" The uninjured Chunin said as he grabbed Naruto by the hair and yanked him back, Naruto yelled out in pain as he hit the ground. The Jounin looked over at his friend, who was holding his private region and glaring at Naruto with a pained expression, "You alright?" he asked as he heavily rested his foot on Naruto's chest.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. I'll be even better when I make him pay for it later ten times over." The injured Chunin responded as he delivered a swift kick to Naruto's ribs.

"Alright, lets get out-"

"Leave Naruto-kun alone!" Hinata yelled out as she got into her gentle fist stance. She was scared of the two Chunin but she had to be brave to save Naruto. Naruto looked over and saw it was the weird girl in his class that fainted a lot, he gritted his teeth in pain as the Chunin dug his heel deeper into his ribs, "What are you doing? Get 'otta here! I'll be fine!" He called out to the pale eyed heiress.

The two Chunin shared a sly grin, "Aww, is the little Hyuga gonna save the little monster?" The injured one mocked.

Hinata stood her ground, ignoring their taunts and Naruto's pleas for her to run, she had to save Naruto! No matter the cost!

The Chunin looked back at Hinata and grinned again as he delivered a devastating backhand to Hinata, causing her to go flying. Hinata landed on her head, causing her to heavily bleed, then crumpled into a beat-up ball. Her face hurt where she was slapped and her head really hurt where it was split open, but Naruto-kun was in danger!

Hinata struggled to force herself back on two legs.

The Chunin that had hit her sneered as he kicked her legs out from underneath her, "Just stay down you Hyuga brat. You won't win." He said as he delivered a kick to her ribs.

Hinata cried out in pain as Naruto struggled to get from underneath the boot that pinned him, "Don't hurt her you son of a bitch!" He screamed.

The Chunin's rolled their eyes as the Chunin that had been hurting Hinata picked her up and looked her in the eyes.

Hinata looked fearfully as into the mans cold onyx eyes before they turned red with three small tomoes. If Hinata wasn't barely conscious, she would have been surprised that members of the Uchiha clan were hurting her and Naruto.

"What are you doing? Now she'll know who we are." The Chunin standing on Naruto said in an annoyed tone, his partner didn't think that through.

"Shut up! I know what I'm doing?" he snapped.

He looked deeply into Hinata's eyes, "You won't tell anyone about what happened here. You'll tell your family that you fell down the stairs to explain how you got hurt. If you tell anyone...I'll kill you!" He threatened.

Hinata looked terrified but the Chunin ignored that as the tomoes in his eye began to spin.

"Now...sleep." He commanded and Hinata drifted into unconsciousness.

He tossed Hinata aside like yesterdays trash and turned to his friend, "Now...lets have some fun with the demon for shaming our family." He said as they both Shunshined outside the village.

Hours later with Hinata

Hinata woke hours later, she was all alone in the nights darkness.

Dried blood from her head wound covered a third of her face and her ribs really hurt but she forced herself on two legs.

She had to help Naruto-kun.

Sure the Uchihas threat terrified her to the point where words failed her, but the Hokage always said that you have to be willing to sacrifice for the ones you care about. That was the Will of Fire, the ideal that made Kohona great.

Even though she was incredibly young, thought she understood the ideal. When her family would call her trash and make fun of her, she would just cry about it, but now that Naruto was in danger she had the strength to do what she thought was right...and she knew saving Naruto was the right thing to do even though it could cost her, her life before she had a chance to live it.

Hinata knew she stood no chance against the two Uchihas, so she went for help to the only person that would care if Naruto was hurt.

She ran as fast as she could to the Hokages tower.

With Naruto

Naruto screamed soundlessly. He had lost the ability to scream in pain hours ago, his throat raw from constantly screaming as the two unnamed Uchihas tortured him to the edge of human endurance.

He should have died hours ago but his ability to heal had prevented him from embracing death. He cursed his ability, he just wanted the pain to end!

He didn't care if it was because someone saved him or he died.

"You had enough yet?" one of the Uchiha asked in a sadistic tone. Naruto nodded his head yes, desperate for the pain to end.

The same Chunin grinned at Naruto in sadistic glee, as he pulled a knife from a sheath. Naruto peaked open an eye and saw it was a skinning knife.

Clod dread filled Naruto, 'Please...someone...anyone...HELP ME!'

With Hinata

Hinata barged through the Hokage's door, completely ignoring the receptionist, "H-Hokage-sama!" She yelled as she barged into the room.

"Hinata?" Hiashi, Hinata's father, asked in confusion.

Hinata stopped and looked at her father in surprise, then she noticed that the Hokage's office was filled with clan-heads and the civilian council.

Feeling slightly embarrassed, she tried to sink into herself before she remembered that Naruto-kun needed help.

"Hokage-sama! Someone kidnapped Naruto-kun!" She shouted out desperately, hoping that the Hokage would do something.

Hiruzen Sarutobi froze for a moment, "What happened child?" The god of shinobi asked in a reassuring tone, the girls looked like she was on the verge of passing out.

Hinata began to tell him, and the councils, what happened. Hiashi was impressed with his daughter, not only did she try to take on two Chunin, but she didn't stutter once during the urgent story.

As she finished, Hiruzen stood, "Dog, weasel!" on command, the two ANBU captians reveled themselves in the center of the room.

"Gather your teams and any other ANBU or ninja you can find and find Naruto at any costs!"

The two ANBU nodded before disappearing, Hiruzen then turned to Fugaku Uchiha, the clan-head, "I will asking you this once Fugaku. If you lie to me about this I will ruin you and your clan, did you order the kidnapping of Uzumaki Naruto?" he asked in a bone-chilling tone.

Fugaku met the Hokages glare with one of his own, how dare this man threaten him? He was the head of the Uchiha clan! The most prominent clan there is and he deserved respect.

"No. I knew of my sons loss to Naruto but I have punished my son accordingly. I gave no order to harm Naruto.

It is unlikely that it was even members of my clan. The girl must be mistaken or lying." He responded in a cold tone. Struggled saying that monsters name. It was because of that demon that his clan wasn't getting the respect it deserved since the attack.

Before Hinata could protest she was doing neither, her father responded to Fugaku's claims, "Fugaku-san. I would not recommened accusing my daughter in such a manner. Doing so could have consequences." Hiashi said in a hard tone.

"Enough!" Hiruzen said sternly, he looked at Hiashi, "We are in a crisis! Naruto-kun has been taken by someone, Uchiha or not. This is not the time to argue." He commanded, he looked at Fugaku.

Hiruzen searched Fugaku's eyes for deceit, he found plenty of anger and malice, but found no sign that he was lying. He nodded, "I am ending this meeting. Everyone leave save for Hiashi and his daughter." He barked.

When the room was empty, both men turned to the small Hyuga, "Hinata, what you did was incredibly brave!" The Hokage said as he eased Hinata to a chair to sit down. The poor girl looked like she was about to kneel over any second!

Hiashi nodded with the statement, "You did very well Hinata." he praised. They may have been simple words but to the young heiress, they meant a lot to her.

Hinata smiled lightly, "T-thank you." She said happily.

Both men nodded, "Now lets get that head wound checked out shall we? It looks rather nasty." The Hokage said.


Kakashi and a young Itachi raced through the forest at high speeds. It had taken them a couple of minutes to summon their teams and organize the search parties.

Kakashi mind was wrecked with worry for his sensei's son.

Even though he had never actually talked to the blonde, except for the times he had reassured him after a nightmare on one occasion, Kakashi was fiercely protective of Naruto.

When he was born he was going to treat him as a brother because in a way, he would be. Minato had been like a father to him after his had taken his own life so, indirectly, Naruto would have been a little brother to him.

After the Kyuubi attack and the death of his sensei, Kakashi had raised complete and utter hell to get custody of Naruto. He deserved to have a family that loved him but the councils, both shinobi and civilian, had stopped him at every turn.

They stopped him because it wasn't "fair" that the Hatake clan got custody of the villages Jinchuuriki when no other clan did.

He had nearly gone on a rampage when the councils had made it official that he would never get custody of his little brother, it had taken the combined efforts of Guy and the newly returned Asuma to keep him from raining hell on the village.

When it was clear that he couldn't protect Naruto in the daylight like family should, he had gone to the Hokage and asked (closer to demanded) that he be placed on Naruto's protection detail so he could protect him from the shadows. The Hokage agreed but on the conditions that he couldn't kill everyone who glared at Naruto and he could never speak to him.

The god of shinobi knew that Kakashi wouldn't be to reframe himself from leaving the village with Naruto in tow if he had gotten to really know his "little brother."

Kakashi had been upset that he couldn't talk to his little brother but he had managed to bargain with the Hokage that he could get to be Naruto's Jounin sensei when he became Genin.

"How much further?" Kakashi asked Itachi in an impatient tone. "Not much further but it may take some time to brake through the Genjutsus around the shack. Only those who specialize in torture in the Uchiha clan know the exact location of the shack. So keep an eye out." Itachi answered.

The said shack was a specialized torture room that the Uchiha's used when they had found an enemy trying to steal clan secrets. It had everything in your worst nightmares in it for those who weren't Uchiha and Itachi had a suspicion that thats where his clansmen had taken Naruto.

They arrived at the approximate location of the torture shack and immediately began to dispel Genjutsu after Genjutsu to reveal its hiding place.

Minutes went by before they had broken through the last Genjutsu and saw the run down shed.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" They heard the high pitched scream that could only belong to a child in immense pain.

Abandoning a life time of training, Kakashi leapt forward and kicked the door in. His only thoughts were of saving his younger brother.

The two Chunin looked surprised at the sudden intrusion, they had been in the process of skinning the demon alive. It was their third time repeating the process because Naruto healed so fast.

"How did you-Gah!" The Chunin on the right began but he was cut off by Kakashi's Chidori piercing his heart. Kakashi threw the now dead Uchiha aside like yesterdays trash before he began to unhook Naruto from a blood soaked table as Itachi dealt with his kin.

"Hey, hey...don't cry Naruto! It'll all be okay now, the bad men can't hurt you." Kakashi tried to comfort the boy as he unstrapped him. As soon as he undid the last strap however, Naruto jumped up and dashed out the door as fast as he could.

He was in to much pain to think clearly or to understand the mans words, he simply knew he had a chance to escape the awful room and he took it,

Naruto ignored the pain in his raw legs as he sprinted as fast as he could, he had been in more pain than that by far so he could endure a little more if it meant escape.

"Naruto!" Kakashi yelled as he chased after the terrified boy.

Naruto was to far gone to listen but in his heavily injured state, he was no match for the Jounin's speed. Kakashi landed in front of Naruto, a few yards away, and he skidded to a halt in front of the masked man. "Naruto...I'm not going to hurt you...I promise..." Kakashi said, hoping to calm the boy but Naruto wasn't listening.

He was in to much pain, despite his skin rapidly regrowing, he was still in massive amounts of mind numbing pain. He could still feel where he was skinned alive, where they burned him and so much more.

When he saw Kakashi in his way, instead of seeing a savior, he saw someone who was trying to bring him back to that room.

Naruto sprung forward, raising a scalpel that he had swiped as he ran through the door, and charged Kakashi in a zig-zag formation. When he reached the masked man, he tried to swipe at his throat but Kakashi stooped it by catching Naruto by the wrist, "Stop-" Kakashi's pleas for the boy to calm down were interrupted by Naruto round-housing his ribs.

Kakashi grunted in annoyance as he pinned the boys leg to his body, 'he moves like sensei!' Kakashi thought in surprise.

Minato Namikaze had developed his own Taijutsu style, he was an orphan so he had no clan techniques, that relied on speed and being unpredictable.

Naruto didn't stop there, he threw a punch, only for Kakashi to dodge it. Naruto used his free leg and used it to kick away from Kakashi.

Naruto was panicking. He couldn't go back in that room! No matter the cost he was getting away.

Naruto took a a breath and in blind panic, he gave into instinct.

Naruto charged Kakashi again but this time he threw the scalpel as a distraction. Predictably, Kakashi dodged but it gave Naruto the opening he needed.

With a war cry, Naruto charged a beautiful spiraling ball in his right hand. He had no idea how he did it nor did he really care.

Kakashi's eyes widened underneath his mask, how in the hell was a six year old boy using the Rasengan?! Kakashi shoved the thought to the side for later, right now he had to deal with a six year old in possession with his sensei's jutsu.

Kakashi grabbed Naruto's wrist and yanked it towards the ground, causing the incomplete Rasengan to implode on itself before exploding.

Both Naruto and Kakashi were blown backwards by the explosion, Naruto landed on his head much like Hinata and got knocked out as Kakashi landed on his feet with practiced ease.

Kakashi walked towards Naruto with a sense akin to awe filling him, he had just used sensei's jutsu! It was incredible, it was indescribable how amazing what Naruto had just done! Kakashi wondered where Naruto could possibly learn the high ranking jutsu but he couldn't think of anyone. There were only three people that could use the technique and that was sensei, Jiraiya-sama. and himself. None of which had taught him the jutsu. Kakashi figured he'd have to ask him when he woke up.

He looked around for his partner and found no sense that he was anywhere nearby.

Flying through a few handsigns, Kakashi used a Doton jutsu to rearrange the earth until it looked as it did before Naruto's imperfect Rasengan. He wanted to keep Naruto's secret to protect him from Danzo and anyone else who wished Naruto harm.

Danzo was already pestering the Hokage to let him turn Naruto into a mindless weapon, if he got word of this his pestering would only worsen and if the civilian council heard about it, they'd likely call for Naruto's execution for besmirching the Yondaimes memory. Bunch of ignorant bastards.

After he finished destroying evidence, he picked Naruto up bridal style and noticed just how light Naruto was.

'I'm so sorry little brother...' He thought before he Shinshined to the hospital.

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