Hello everyone! Sorry this isn't a chapter but this is about something fairly important to me.

Recently, my best friend started up a story call 'I can teach you if you want' and while the story is great, he was a little disappointed by the lack of feedback and support for the story.

I, being the amazing friend that I am, will not let that stand! This guy had been my best friend since I knew how to walk! He's the one who gave me the square kick in the ass when I was depressed about my wrecked arm.

He's the reason that you guys are getting updates for this story because I thought my days as a author were over with!

So please show my friend some support and support his story!

It's has a few elements from my story but that's okay because he helped me come up with the idea of this story so he's one of the reason's this story exists!

So seriously look up the story 'I can teach you if you want' by got a jar of dirt and support the heck out of it!

Title; I can teach you if you want

Pen name: Got a jar of dirt

Address: s/10077294/1/I-can-teach-you-if-you-want

Story id: 10077294

The story is about Kakashi running into Naruto when he's five and training him to become a genin. However, due to the Hokage needing Kakashi to stay active in ANBU, Kakashi has to make Naruto a genin in a single year while juggling missions.

From what he's told me, it's going to stay away from cannon except for a few key events.