Child of the Phoenix: A Harry Potter/X-Men Crossover

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Plot: Response to my A Sirius Secret Challenge: Just when Harry thinks he's all ready to go back to Hogwarts, Sirius drops a bombshell that changes EVERYTHING! Now, in the knowledge that he's more than your average wizard, can Harry adjust to a new life, a new destiny and, above all else, a new FAMILY?

Author's Note: This is the ACTUAL response to my challenge whereas the other I posted was an example; when I came up with the challenge as a thought in my head, I came up with this story and, after some twists and turns, it managed to come out all right. Now, for the sake of canon, I should explain that this is an X-Men Movie-themed crossover with some changes to TLS that will be fairly obvious to see. It takes place after TLS anyway but will also feature some Animated X-Men (Wolverine and the X-Men/X-Men Animated Series) references. As for the HP Universe, it takes place in an AU of OOTP onwards and pretty much ignores HBP and DH. Oh, and while it is an X-Men Crossover, there's going to be other Marvel references including one whom has to be my favourite Marvel Character and will play an important role for Harry.

Dedication: I wish to dedicate this story to everyone that continues to provide positive reviews for my stories and the feedback that I enjoy; the recommended reads for this story are: Ruby Tinted Glasses by StormyFireDragon and Tinkerbell and Claws by mrsKnitewolf.

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Chapter 1: Sirius' Secret

"Harry, can you come in here a second?"

It was four days before Harry James Potter was meant to return to Hogwarts for his fifth year when the call came from his godfather, the young wizard adopting a look of confusion as he entered a study that he'd never seen Sirius in to find said man sitting behind a desk, his head resting in his hands. When he saw his godson enter, Sirius told him, "Close the door."

Harry obliged, but something inside his mind seemed to be on high alert: Sirius was speaking in a tone that was devoid of his usual big-kid attitude and less-than-adult behaviour. In fact, no pun intended, Sirius sounded serious about whatever it was that he was about to discuss with Harry. For added insurance, though he didn't know why he did it, Harry then turned the lock on the door, sealing the two of them inside the study before he approached Sirius' desk, "What's the matter, Sirius?"

"Sit down, pup," Sirius answered and, once again, Harry obliged him, though he didn't like the creepy sensation of unnerve that ran up his spine; the hairs on the back of Harry's neck prickled as Sirius then met his eyes. "There's something you need to know and, when you do, I hope you can forgive me for any distress or pain that you'll feel…because you will."

"Why?" asked Harry, noticing how Sirius seemed to be hesitating with whatever his point was; in fact, he looked like he was actually scared of what he was about to say, "Sirius," Harry added, his voice holding strong as he spoke, "It's…it's okay: nothing you say or do will ever hurt me: I trust you, so what is it?"

Sirius took a deep breath before he began to speak, "Harry, do you remember anything about your parents before…before they died?"

"Just flashes," Harry answered, the same unnerving feeling now working its way into his heart as he listened and replied: something was wrong here; why was Sirius asking about them? "I mean, when Dementors get near me, I hear Mum and Dad trying to hold off Voldemort, but aside from that, I only really remember…flashes."

"I see," Sirius replied, his eyes lowered as he then asked, "Harry, you know that I love you, don't you? Like my own son?"

"I know," Harry confessed, his words hinted with an actual defensive tone, his eyes showing his confusion as he asked, "Why? What is it that you wanted to talk about?"

"Something that will happen…today," Sirius answered, letting his head hang as he added, "I'd hoped to talk about this with you beforehand, but with the Order's presence and the Weasleys always being around you, I couldn't…I couldn't do anything. But what I have to tell you is very important and I hope you can trust me."

"You know that I do, Padfoot," Harry remarked, leaning forwards and taking Sirius' hands in his own as he asked, "What's going to happen? What are you trying to say that you couldn't because of how…how busy this place has been?"

Sirius met Harry's eyes, seeing the same innocence and light that he'd always seen in his godson's eyes, the same emerald-green light that always seemed to inspire hope and truth in others now showing once again. It was time: Harry had a right to know; heaving a deep breath, Sirius answered, "Harry, don't be upset but…Lily and James Potter…aren't your real parents."

It was suddenly so quiet that you could hear a pin drop: Harry leaned back in his chair, his eyes wide with shock as he looked to Sirius, his lips trying to form the words, but, in their place, along with a thousand questions that seemed to go to war wanting to come out, Harry only asked one, "What…what did you…say?"

"I'm sorry," Sirius replied, now looking to his godson and doing the best that he could to keep his eyes on Harry; when you met someone's eyes, it was usually a guarantee that you were telling the truth…or you were a very good liar. "I really am, pup: Lily…she came to me before…before we switched Secret Keepers and…and she told me that she couldn't hide it anymore. She told me that you aren't her son and that, for your own good, it was best for her and James to raise you…but, with the threat of Voldemort, they were afraid and she wanted someone she could trust to know the truth. Guess I was the lucky one to know about it."

"And," asked Harry, "What makes it so difficult to talk about this? You said something's going to happen today…what is it, Sirius?"

"You'll change," Sirius explained, before he pointed to Harry's chest as he added, "Inside, you will anyway: you'll gain…abilities that haven't really been there before and, at the same time, you'll become something…more than a normal wizard. Just like your real parents, you'll become…a mutant."

That surprised Harry: he'd heard of mutants and how they were either feared or, in some very rare cases, respected by people across the world; in some places, they were hunted and captured simply for being freaks of nature and threats to humanity while in others they were…well, they weren't so lucky to be captured.

Harry looked down, his eyes trying their hardest not to shed tears: he didn't know what he felt more at the moment: scared…or angry?

His parents, who had given their lives to protect him and whose sacrifice had been the main force behind Harry's life and his battle with Voldemort, weren't his parents?

He was to change?

To become something that was either a good hero or something that could potentially be used for evil?

A freak?

A monster?

A mutant?

Clenching his fists, Harry looked up at Sirius, his voice strained by deep, heavy breaths as he asked, "And…if Mum, sorry…Lily and James aren't my parents then…who are my parents, Sirius?"

"Mutants," Sirius answered, his eyes catching sight of a white aura appearing around the edges of Harry's clenched fists; thinking quickly, and for safety reasons, Sirius cast a quick Shielding Charm around him and a second around Harry. If the time was closer than Sirius thought, then the last thing that Harry needed was to hurt someone that he didn't mean to. Meeting his pup's eyes, Sirius added, "They're still alive, Harry: but they're not from England. They're in America."

"Who…are…they?" asked Harry, the glow around his hands getting brighter as he faced Sirius.

"Their names," Sirius answered, his voice calm despite the fear of the unexpected that he could feel, "Are Scott and Jean Summers: they're your real parents and, sometime soon, they'll contact you…to help you harness your powers and control what new abilities you have."

'Summers,' Harry thought, his eyes practically struggling to hold back tears, 'That's who they are? Is that who I am? Harry Summers? A mutant? A freak? Just like Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon always said? Are they even my relatives? Has everything been a lie?'

The questions, the rage, the intensity and the unanswered questions: all these things were too much for Harry: he just let go and, as he gave a cry of rage, finally letting his tears fall from his eyes, his hands began to glow with such intense brightness that it was like looking into the heart of the sun. Unable to hold in his emotions, Harry seemed to rely on instinct as he thrust his hands out, his fingers splayed and, at the same time, two white beams of raw energy were launched from his hands, the energy striking the edges of the shield that Sirius had crafted around both him and Harry.

'Bloody hell,' Sirius thought, unable to think of the situation in any other way, 'Harry's power…it's…it's so strong!'

"Harry!" he cried, looking into the white inferno that had struck Harry's shield, the boy inside lost to his cry of rage, "I'm sorry, pup, really! There were times that I wanted to tell you, but Lily…she gave me instructions: told me to wait until you were old enough to understand! You know that I'd never treat you like anything less than I already do! Please, pup: calm down; let me explain."

Harry was deaf to Sirius' cries, but the Marauder couldn't leave Harry there: there was only one other person that knew the truth, but, with Harry's power in such an uncontrollable rage, it was too dangerous to leave him on his own. Sirius was at a loss as to what he could do: he hadn't meant to keep this a secret from his pup, but, like Harry was like a son, Lily had always been like a sister.

He loved him as much as he'd cared for her: maybe that would work.

Taking a deep breath, Sirius called, "Harry, I don't know if you can hear me, but please, kiddo, please listen. I'd never turn my back on you or betray you or how I feel for you to anyone; not Dumbledore, not these anti-mutant people and not even other witches and wizards. Remember that you're not the only inhuman in my life: Remus is a werewolf and he's like my brother and I still stand with him. So please, pup: calm down and let me help you. I won't leave you to find out the truth for yourself: we can go together; the three of us: you, me and Remus and if you don't want to stay there, then we'll come back and Remy and I will help you. Please, Harry…"

Sirius lowered his head, ashamed at how long he'd waited, but also upset that his revelation had done this to his pup, his cub, his honorary son;

"…I don't want to lose you."


Inside the shield, Harry was feeling angry and couldn't hold it back, but he also felt shock mixed with a sense of awe at the level of power that he could feel: where had this power come from? At the edge of his consciousness, Harry heard Sirius' words, but he didn't know if he could trust them: Sirius had known about this for…how long? All of Harry's life; why had no-one ever said anything? Why hadn't his real parents tried to find him?

'Did they even want me?' Harry thought to himself, before he gasped as a strange tingly feeling crossed his mind and, in the midst of his white energy rage, he heard a voice speak to him.


It wasn't sibilant or hissing; it was calm, a man's voice from what Harry could hear…

'Harry, listen to me very carefully because, if you don't, you'll end up hurting yourself or Sirius…and I know you don't want that.'

"Who are you?" asked Harry, his eyes then aware of the glow around his hands receding; it was like he could only concentrate on one revelation at a time.

'My name is Charles Xavier,' answered the voice, each of his words sounding like how Harry felt around Sirius: safe, calm and comfortable. 'I'm a mutant like you; my power allows me to read and speak to others through their minds: Telepathy, if you like and I also know your parents. I know you're scared and I know that you want answers; well, come to my school and you will have those answers. But first, you must calm your mind and allow your godfather and your honorary uncle to help you: they won't abandon you, Harry and, if and when you come here, you will be safe and you will have friends and a family.'

"But…" Harry whispered, the glow around his hands almost completely extinguished as he muttered, "Why…why did they leave me alone? Do…do they love me?"

'More than you will ever know,' Charles answered, his words edged by a feeling that told Harry the man, wherever he was, must have been smiling.

"Where…where are you?" asked Harry, watching as his white energy attack seemed to finally recede, showing Harry the world through the shield that Sirius had crafted.

'Westchester, New York,' answered Charles, Harry then feeling a sense enter his mind and, when it passed, he seemed to know where the place was located. 'You want to be at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters; don't worry, Harry: you will be welcome here.'

Then, as quickly as the tingling feeling had crossed Harry's mind, it was gone again, which left Harry to watch as Sirius' face came back into view, the eyes of the Marauder watching him warily before Harry asked, "Can…can you lower the shield? And tell Remus we need his help."

Sirius nodded and, after lowering the shield around Harry, he moved around the table and hugged his godson, his voice calm as he whispered, "No matter what happens from here on in, I'll be right by your side, Harry. Wild dragons couldn't tear me away from you: now, you wait here and I'll go and fetch Remus…hopefully without anyone noticing we're gone."

Harry managed a weak laugh before he heard the door close as Sirius left, the eyes of the young Gryffindor never leaving the palms of his hands as he recalled what he'd just done. That energy was something different from magic: this much he knew, but, at the same time, he also knew that there was a big hole that needed to be filled as soon as possible.

If Harry's parents loved him as much as this Charles Xavier said they did…then why was he left with Lily and James Potter and never told, not once, about his mutant heritage?


Whether it was sheer luck or just good timing, Harry didn't know, but Sirius soon returned not fifteen minutes later accompanied by Remus, the wolf sharing his best friend's opinion as he told Harry the same thing that Sirius had done. However, as Sirius prepared for their departure, Remus leaned down and whispered in Harry's ear, "Moony always seemed to know that there was something different about you; Sirius told me the story and I want you to know that it doesn't matter to me who you are: you'll always be my cub."

"Thanks, Remy," Harry smiled, watching as Sirius came back from a nearby cupboard holding what looked like an enlarged sickle with a monogram in the centre of one of its sides shaped like a large letter X.

Extending his hand, Sirius explained, "Lily gave this to me before she died: said that I wasn't to activate it until I'd told you the truth; however, I think it's your right to do it. Don't worry, we'll be right behind you: just press a finger into the centre of the X and say Phoenix; it'll take you straight there."

Holding the coin in his hand, Harry gulped before he reached out and held Sirius, the Marauder clearly understanding what Harry wanted: he didn't want to face this alone and Sirius wouldn't leave him to do that. Taking his pup's hand, Sirius nodded in understanding before he told Remus, "Remember the address that I gave you?"

"I remember," Remus answered, ruffling Harry's black hair as he told him, "See you in a few minutes, cub."

With a nod, Harry pressed his finger into the centre of the X, hearing a click as he did so before he announced, "Phoenix."

A strong pull against Harry's navel made him feel mildly uncomfortable, though it reminded him all too much of the pain and anguish he'd felt at the hands of Voldemort in the graveyard.

He could only hope that this…new place would give him a fresh start…


When the momentary disorientation associated with taking a Portkey passed by, Harry looked up and, through his dizzy spell, he managed to take in the sight of what appeared to be a large mansion-like house with a long driveway that pulled up to the house before it did a U-turn and retracted back to the main gates. As Harry was admiring the view, he didn't notice Remus joining them until the werewolf put a calm hand on his cub's shoulder and, smiling down at Harry, told him, "Ready for this?"

"I…I don't know," Harry admitted, his words cut off by a loud grating from the gates and, as the three wizards watched, the gates opened, revealing not only the driveway on the other side, but a trio of people that walked – or rather, two of them walked while the third was in a wheelchair that seemed to move of its own accord – towards Harry, Sirius and Remus.

Watching the trio approach, Harry then felt another tingle against his mind and a familiar voice told him, 'It's all right, Harry: there's no need to be afraid.'

"Could you please not do that?" asked Harry softly, massaging his forehead, "It gives me a bit of a headache."

"My apologies," replied the man in the wheelchair; he was a bald-headed man with light blue eyes and whom was also dressed in a stylish business suit, his face showing a smile as he reached them, "I didn't want you to be afraid; that's all: I'm Charles Xavier, Harry: it's nice to see you again. And it's nice to meet you two as well, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin."

"Ugh," Sirius groaned, earning a laugh from Harry, "I hate telepaths: they always know the darkest of secrets."

"I'll have to test that theory later, Padfoot," Remus chuckled, earning a laugh from Charles while Harry inspected his two companions. One was a young woman with fiery red hair that, for a moment, made Harry think that he was looking at Lily Potter, especially when he also saw a pair of eyes that looked pretty close to emerald-green in colour. She was dressed in a dark pair of jeans with a blue shirt that was covered by a white coat similar to what a doctor or nurse would wear; Harry also then noticed that the woman's eyes had a red, almost puffy sheen: almost like she had been crying.

Her companion, on the other hand, made it hard for Harry to know whether or not he'd been showing any emotion as he was wearing a pair of glasses that had thick, opaque red lenses. He had a head of messy dark hair that actually reminded Harry of his own hair, though the man's was more brown than black and, like the woman, he was dressed in jeans with a short-sleeved shirt. However, as he saw Harry glance to him, the man did give Harry a smile before he spoke with a calm voice as he asked, "Charles, do you mind?"

"Of course not," answered Xavier, his eyes on Harry as he explained, "Harry: allow me to introduce Mr Scott Summers, better known to some in our professions as Cyclops, as well as Mrs Jean Summers nee Gray, better known as Phoenix. It's all right: you don't have to hold it in."

Harry knew at that moment that there was no mistaking it: Jean's reddened eyes and Scott's heart-warming smile; these two were who Xavier and Sirius said they were: they were his parents.

Letting go of Sirius, Harry ran to the two young people, Jean embracing him before Scott got there, her tears splashing against his dark hair as Scott put a warm arm around Harry's shoulders, the three of them sharing a moment that nothing on earth could compare to. As he was held by his parents, Harry heard Jean tell him, "We're sorry for what we had to do, Harry: we never stopped loving you and have missed you so much."

"I…I…I love you too," Harry whispered, Scott giving his son an almost reassuring ruffle of his black hair before Harry then looked up, his eyes widening as he realised that he did know something about these two.

Turning to Sirius and Remus, Harry wiped his eyes before he asked them, "Moony…Padfoot…"

"Harry?" asked Sirius, Charles smiling as he'd sensed the question when Harry had heard the names;

"When were you going to tell me that my parents were part of the X-Men?"

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