Child of the Phoenix

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Plot: Response to my A Sirius Secret Challenge: Just when Harry thinks he's all ready to go back to Hogwarts, Sirius drops a bombshell that changes EVERYTHING! Now, in the knowledge that he's more than your average wizard, can Harry adjust to a new life, a new destiny and, above all else, a new FAMILY?

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It was time: Harry had a right to know; heaving a deep breath, Sirius answered, "Harry, don't be upset but…Lily and James Potter…aren't your real parents…"

"Who…are…they?" asked Harry, the glow around his hands getting brighter as he faced Sirius.

"Their names," Sirius answered, his voice calm despite the fear of the unexpected that he could feel, "Are Scott and Jean Summers: they're your real parents and, sometime soon, they'll contact you…to help you harness your powers and control what new abilities you have…"

Turning to Sirius and Remus, Harry wiped his eyes before he asked them, "Moony…Padfoot…"

"Harry?" asked Sirius, Charles smiling as he'd sensed the question when Harry had heard the names;

"When were you going to tell me that my parents were part of the X-Men?"

Chapter 2: A Cub's Warning

After sharing a moment of awkward amusement at the fact that their son knew of their alter-egos and their battles within the world of normal people, Jean and Scott couldn't help but laugh at the stunned look on Sirius' face as he asked, "Did you say the X-Men, pup? I honestly didn't know."

"It's true," Jean explained, her arm tucked around her son's shoulders as she held him, loving the feel of her son's body against hers as she knew that she had missed him. When he learned the truth, Jean could only hope that Harry would understand just how much and what he meant to her, "When we…last saw Lily and James, no-one knew us by our monikers as X-Men and so, to Sirius and Remus, we were nothing more than the last true secret about your life, Harry. But…how do you know about us?"

"A few of the Muggle kids where I used to live spoke about you," Harry explained, easing into Jean's soft touch as she stroked his black hair, "About the costumed people that some called freaks while others called heroes. We learned that you were called the X-Men from the newspapers and the television programmes shown about your battles. I never really suspected that I was actually a son of the X-Men; I mean, I'm fifteen and you two," here, he glanced to his parents as he added, "You barely look thirty."

"I like him already," Scott chuckled, before he patted Harry's shoulder as he explained, "But if you want the full story, kiddo, then we'd best move on inside: there's a bit of a dinner ready for us and, while we eat, we can talk: is that okay?"

"Sure," Harry nodded, almost skipping merrily between his parents while Sirius, Remus and Charles moved behind them, Jean and Scott leading their son into the mansion where Harry was in awe of the size of the place – which was saying something since he'd spent four years at Hogwarts, which was like a grand palace at times – and, with a nudge from Scott, Harry was led through to a dining room where it looked like it could sit at least twenty people.

As Charles entered the room behind them, he then smiled as he saw a familiar face already waiting for them: white hair and dark skin with eyes that were like the earth, her body covered in a short-sleeved shirt and dark trousers. When she saw Harry, the woman's eyes widened before Xavier explained, "Harry, Sirius, Remus; allow me to introduce Ororo Munroe, better known as…"

"Storm," Harry answered, remembering the image of the woman when she'd been dressed in a white uniform, the elements obeying her commands in the battles that they'd faced. "When I watched you on the television…well…Storm was…she was…"

"She was his favourite," chuckled Xavier, which earned Harry a rather disapproving look from his parents while Storm laughed with amusement as Charles added, "It makes sense though; Harry, you should also be aware that Ororo is your godmother and someone that is trusted by every mutant here. If your parents or I are unavailable, then you'll be able to speak to her about anything."

"It is nice to see my godson once again," Storm explained, her voice holding an edge of African lineage as she spoke, "Ever since…the incident, it has been a while and I have waited for this day for a long time."

"That's exactly how I felt when I saw him again," Sirius remarked, holding his hand out to the woman as he added, "Sirius Black: Harry's godfather."

"As approved by Lily and James," Jean explained, directing everyone's attention to her as she told them, "But, officially, Harry's godfather is our good friend Henry McCoy, better known as Beast. You'll meet him in a little while," she added, her eyes on Harry as he seemed to look to Sirius, who looked like he'd just been told he was dying.

"That doesn't mean I'll stop needing you and seeing you as my family," Harry remarked, clearing the air rather quickly as he looked to Sirius, "You told me the truth and helped me come back to my family: that's more than anyone else has done in a long time. So, even if you're not my godfather any more, Sirius, you're still like…like an Uncle to me."

He had wanted to say that Sirius was like a Father, a thought that Charles must have picked up on as he smiled sadly, because Harry knew that he didn't want to disrespect his true parents, not when he'd just gotten them back. As everyone took their seats at the table, Storm glanced to Charles as she explained, "I informed Logan that we would be having visitors; he will be here momentarily as he was down in the Danger Room with the X-Teens."

"Understood," Charles nodded, glancing to Harry as he explained, "The X-Teens are junior mutants like you, Harry: they gave themselves the name after one of our battles at a place known as Worthington Laboratories on what used to be called Alcatraz Island. When you've settled in, I hope you'll be joining them in training so that we can learn more about your powers and abilities and, as Cyclops' son, you automatically gain the right to lead that team. I don't need to read your mind to know that you are a leader, Harry: that will serve you well in the days ahead."

He gave Harry a reassuring smile as he said this, Scott extending his hand to hold his son's hand as he saw that Harry was surprised by the responsibility he was being given by Charles.

At that moment, the door to the dining room opened and Harry actually gasped when he saw eight plates of roast beef dinner float in through the door of their own accord, the plates being settled in front of each of the occupants of the room. When Harry went to ask about the eighth plate, his words were cut off as the door to the main hall opened and a man with dark hair that looked more like horns entered, wiping his hands on a dry towel, his body covered by a leather jacket and denim jeans.

The man had sharp brown eyes that made him look like a wild-hearted spirit, his eyes currently locked on Harry as he closed the door, the young mutant/wizard then noticing that the man also had a cigar in one hand. Giving Harry a rather warm-hearted grin, the newcomer spoke up, "Sorry I kept you waiting, Chuck: little incident involving Iceman and Rogue clashing on the field again; hey kid, nice to meet you."

"Logan," Xavier remarked, Harry then aware of his Father's grip tightening around his hand as the Professor continued, "This is Harry: Jean and Scott's son. Harry, allow me to introduce one of the main members of the X-Men, Logan, known to his comrades as Wolverine."

"Hi," Harry answered, giving Logan a friendly smile as he looked to his Father, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," answered Scott, removing his hand from Harry's as he began to pick at his meal, "Just so you know, Logan and I have a bit of a rivalry going on amongst the team: he's not someone I like, but we put up with him."

"Is that what you call it?" asked Logan, his voice slightly gruff and, for a short second, Harry couldn't help but compare the man to Remus: he had a kind heart and was also a warrior and protector from what Harry recalled reading and hearing about Wolverine, but as his name suggested, he was also an animal at times and someone that was both calm and content while being under the influence of demons and personal fears and anxieties about those he trusted.

Also, Harry didn't know why, but there was something about Logan that seemed…like he was looking at kin; like the man had hidden secrets or a past that was unknown to everyone, including Logan himself. At any rate, Harry wasn't about to risk another James/Snape rivalry within the place that he would call home; he made a silent note to have a talk with Logan when he was settled in.

As everyone began to eat their dinner, Wolverine taking his own seat near where Storm was seated, Harry then lifted his head before he asked, "So, since I don't really want to wait for you to decide I'm ready, what did happen and how was I raised by Lily and James when you're my parents?"

He glanced to Jean and Scott as he said this last part, which earned him a snort from Logan that could have been hiding a laugh; laying down her fork, Jean took a deep breath before she explained, "First, and most importantly, you should know that it was against our own judgment and wishes that we did what we did, Harry. The day that you were born was the happiest day of my life and I could only hope that you would grow up to be a powerful and noble mutant like your Father."

"At the same time," Scott continued, knowing that it was Harry's right to know the full story, "We knew that, while you were an infant and untrained in the mutant arts, your powers were susceptible to temptations from the other side. It didn't help that you were your Mother's son, which meant that, like her, your powers registered in as Class Five, the highest and most dangerous level of mutant in the world."

"Class Five," Charles explained, clearly anticipating Harry's next question, "Is one of the five classes, or ranks that a mutant's power can be measured on: most mutants with fly-by-night abilities can be put in as Class One or Two; a few others, like Storm, Cyclops and the majority of the mutants here at the school, are Class Three while more powerful mutants, such as Logan or myself, are Class Four. As far as I am aware, Jean is the only Class Five that exists in the known world…or she was until the day that you were born. We have no real idea what your powers will be, Harry, but there is no denying it: you are the second Class Five student to grace the doors of this school."

"That's one of the reasons that the dangers were there," Jean explained, keeping an eye on her son as she could feel his shock and his awe as if it was her own. "Another was because, aside from the source of this power, known as the Phoenix, which is what gave me my namesake, there were those who would do anything to acquire this power for their own deeds."

"Like Magneto," Logan remarked, Harry glancing to the dark-eyed mutant, though his eyes soon moved around the table at other responses.

"Or Sinister," growled Scott, his hands curling into fists once again as he spoke the name, "He's been trying to manipulate the DNA and legacy within Jean and I for years."

"Then there's the MRD's," added Logan, Harry then aware of a growl escaping the wild-hearted man as he said it, "Any mutant research that winds up with the end of our kind is all right in their books: not to mention the anti-mutant factions that think such menaces deserve only one fate."

"Death," Storm whispered, Harry shivering for a moment as the atmosphere in the room was heightened by the tension that spread around the table.

"However," Jean then added, "We knew, your Father and I, we knew that we would do anything we could to defend and protect you: thankfully, I had a few options available to me to keep you safe from these outside forces. However, the only one that we saw as the safest was the one that we did ourselves: we sent you away from the evils throughout the world…by sending you back in time."

"How?" asked Sirius, a part of him stunned at how calm Jean and Scott were being about all this; more than them, Harry was being rather calm and quiet himself, his eyes on a single spot on the table in front of him as he listened to the explanation.

"A gifted individual outside mutant/human relations," Charles explained, picking up the story, "And someone that I had dealt with before: tell me, any of you from the wizarding world, have you heard of a man by the name of Stephen Strange?"

"The Sorcerer Supreme?" asked Remus, Harry now glancing to his honorary uncle as the werewolf nodded his head, "The majority of witches and wizards in the world have done: apparently, he's an exile of Magical Britain for challenging the Ministry and the Wizengamot on several ideas and beliefs, most notably because, despite his magical prowess, he is himself a Muggle."

"Correct," Charles continued, Harry still in shock at the explanations being shared, "And Stephen is also a friend of mine from some time ago: I called him and, after explaining the situation, I asked him to come to the mansion and offer any assistance that he could advise. He may not be a mutant, but when it comes to bending matter and energy to the will of the individual, there is none better than him."

"So what did Mr Strange do?" asked Harry, glancing to his parents as he listened to the story.

"He prefers to be called Dr Strange," explained Scott, though he answered his son's question, "He asked us to think of a time or place that we could send you to, Harry and, though we wouldn't remember any of this until the right moment, history would still play out in our favour. It was your Mother that thought of the place, but we didn't really think of the time as, to us, it didn't matter: as long as you were safe, we were happy."

"And the place that we chose was the company of a person that I actually thought of as a sister," Jean explained, "Lily Potter, though when I knew her, she was Lily Evans: we met shortly before she started Hogwarts and she was someone that I didn't have to hide my mutant abilities around. To her, I could be a friend and someone that she could talk not only about magic with, but mutant abilities as well: in time, we even made what's known as a blood pact before I came to America with my parents and came to the mansion with Charles and Scott and the X-Men. Her blood to me and mine to hers is the reason that I look so unnaturally similar to Lily: it changed me and gave me these green eyes and the red hair that made her infamous."

"So," Scott continued, seeing Harry reach up to almost toy with a strand of his Mother's red hair, as though he was reminiscing about a lost time, "With the place in mind, Stephen opened the portal and we managed to go back to the time we needed; now, don't get me wrong, Harry, I'm sorry about Lily and James dying, but at that same time, we had no idea that our son was even our son."

"How come?" asked Harry, watching as Jean held him in her arms, a warm motherly hug that wasn't anything like what Molly Weasley gave now being offered to Harry.

"Well," Jean explained, "Technically, Harry, though you're now fifteen years and one month old, when we…asked Stephen to do what he did, you were just turning one year old."

"But that can't be," Sirius argued, "I remember seeing Harry when he was a baby and when he was six months old: how does that account for the time difference?"

"Lily asked us to affect the memories of her friends so that people would believe that Harry was hers," Scott explained, now moving to sit closer to his family, Jean still holding Harry in her arms. "Thanks to Jean's power over the Phoenix entity, we were able to do it before she, Lily, was forced to wipe our memories of the events until they happened again. Now that they did, we know that our son is safe and he's here with us."

"So," Harry asked, "If I was just turning one when you said goodbye, how much time has passed since then for you?"

"Five months," Charles answered, smiling to Jean and Scott as he explained, "When Scott and Jean returned from the time stream, I knew what they had done and planted my own failsafe in their minds so that, in the event that you did come back to them, Harry, they'd remember you from the trace of your mutant abilities, which was how I found you in England."

"One thing that I still don't understand," Harry then asked, his voice filled with curiosity as he looked to his parents, "You said that the source of my power was this…Phoenix entity that Mum can now control. What does that have to do with my being born and having so much apparent power as a mutant?"

"That's the funny thing, really," Scott explained, his hand moving to comfort his son as he seemed to be able to pick up on Harry's distress with the unanswered question, "You see, Harry, before you were born, your Mother made a powerful, life-changing sacrifice for our sakes and, for a few months, we didn't see her again. However, in the late winter nearly three years ago now, I started hearing her voice in my head and it led me to a place called Alkali Lake where I found your Mother looking like she does now. I didn't know what was wrong with her, but I didn't care: she told me to take off my glasses and somehow, through the Phoenix, she used the power of her mind to hold…well, maybe I should show you."

With that, he turned away from the others and took off his glasses, his voice calm as he added, "Sirius, Remus, you may want to move."

Marauder and prankster Sirius may have been, but he wasn't an idiot: he and Remus moved aside just as Scott opened his eyes and, in a manner similar to Harry's, he released a beam of energy from the spot where his eyes should have been, the leader of the X-Men then closing his eyes quickly before he sat back down. Replacing his glasses, Scott continued, "As you may know, son: without my glasses or the visor that I wear in battle, my beam would be dangerous and I can never really look at another person properly. However, through the power of the Phoenix, your Mother controlled it for me and seemed to hold it within my head."

"After that," Jean explained, recalling the event with pure clarity, "I kissed him…but…when I did, something in me reacted to the Phoenix's power and it was like I was speaking with it; the Phoenix was a raw spirit of magic and emotion that wanted to let my power go for all the times that it was sealed inside me. But I love Scott and I love him with all my heart; so, to contradict its own desires, the Phoenix reached out to Scott and bound him to me, almost in the same sort of way a wizard is bonded through the heart."

"A soul bond?" asked Sirius, earning a shake of the head from Charles.

"A psychic bond between two hearts and minds," Charles explained, remembering the days that had followed Jean's return from the beyond, "But the Phoenix was adamant that it wouldn't be beaten: so, rather than completely exorcise itself from Jean's body, it used her power, her potential and her bond with Scott and, on their first night, Jean and Scott…"

"We don't need a description, thanks, Chuck," Logan grimaced, earning a few laughs from the others as Harry actually didn't feel embarrassed about hearing this.

"The point is," Jean explained, "The excess energy from the Phoenix giving Scott and I this bond as well as our mutant-ranked abilities and love for one another helped…conceive you, Harry. In the months that followed, I was all over the place with my powers and found only solace with Scott; even Charles couldn't reach me. Then, at long last, you were born and it made me very happy; I could sense the Phoenix's influence in you, but I didn't care: I finally had my family…and now I do again."

"And that's pretty much everything," Charles explained to Harry, who was stunned to hear the full story and clearly, from what everyone had been saying, this was just the beginning for him. "Now, Harry: I think a tour of the mansion is in order and then, when you're ready, you can call it a night: I also think it's safe that, until we have a full grasp on your powers, we have you, Sirius and Remus remain here at the mansion. Sirius," here, he glanced to the ex-convict as he spoke, "I have some connections to the American Embassy of Mystics as well as a civil relationship with the American President of Magic, Sebastian McKinley: if you want to help train and protect Harry, then I can arrange for you to become an American Citizen, which will remove your record from the British Ministry and clear your name officially. Harry, as Scott and Jean's son, you'll need to announce yourself a Summers and, from what I know of your world, I know that such things like Blood Adoptions and Anointing Rituals could help; are you willing to do this?"

"Only if I keep the name Harry," answered the young mutant, his eyes on his parents as he explained, "Just because I'm here doesn't mean I'm changing everything."

"That shouldn't be a problem," Scott agreed, looking now to Remus as he added, "Perhaps you could talk us through one of these rituals, Remus?"

"If it helps my cub, then I'll do what I can," Remus explained, before he looked to Xavier as he asked, "What about Harry's magical education? I hope you don't think we're going to let that go so easily, do you, Professor Xavier?"

"No," answered Charles, "I happen to know of a few schools and tutors that would be beneficial here in America for Harry and, of course, I encourage him to keep contact with his friends in England, though I do know that the British Ministry isn't so lenient with mutant/human relations."

"I figured as much," Harry sighed, then noticing that his dinner had gone cold while they'd been talking; deciding it was better to be polite, he wolfed down what was left before he added, "When would you like me to start work on my powers, Professor?"

"First off," Charles explained, "You, Harry, may call me Charles, or Uncle Charles if you want to: Scott and Jean were two of my first students and have been like a family to me, so I would be proud to include you in that. And, as for your question, I think it would be a good idea for us to start once we're sure just what sort of powers we're dealing with. I would also like to contact one specific mentor for you to see just how your mutant powers affect your magic: I'm not sure, but there seems to be a hidden strength to you that I can't put my finger on, Harry."

"Okay, Uncle Charles," Harry smiled, liking how his family was getting bigger and bigger by the minute, "I guess I can wait, but, I think you should know that I have already discovered one power: it's like Dad's, but mine comes from my hands…and it's white."

"Really?" asked Logan, actually sounding impressed with Harry's little explanation; with an amused chuckle, he remarked, "Like Father, like Son, eh Cyke? Next thing you know, kid's going to tell us that he can read minds and move them like Jean."

"Maybe he will, Logan," Jean explained, a part of her sensing that her son had spoken the truth: like Professor Xavier, she didn't need to use telepathy to know what he was thinking; she just knew.

Call it a Mother's instinct…


"And this…is your room."

Scott opened the door for his son and actually felt his heart skip a beat as he saw Harry enter, his eyes wide with awe as he looked around the room. Admittedly, it wasn't as large as Harry had experienced at Hogwarts and in Grimmauld, but it was still okay for him. A second door led off to a private bathroom as well as a walk-in wardrobe along one wall that Jean, who was behind Scott, explained they'd go shopping later. A double-sized bed with a silver frame was lying against the far wall, the head of the bed closest to the window, allowing a cool, refreshing breeze to blow through the window and onto the sleeping, or relaxing, face of the occupant.

What really made Harry smile was when he looked to the window, only to find a familiar snowy owl perched on a balcony outside his window; throwing the window open, Harry exclaimed, "Hedwig! I can't believe I forgot about you, girl."

Hedwig hooted and gave Harry's ear an affectionate nip, Scott now comforting Jean as they saw how their son treated what was clearly a friend for life; as he returned to the room, he told them, "This place is amazing: I promise I'll do my best to keep it clean."

"It's your room, Harry," Scott reminded him, but he did nod in agreement with his son's point as he explained, "But as long as you don't do what Hank does with his quarters or, God forbid, Logan with his and we'll be happy with you. Now, speaking of Hank, Charles wants us to go down and see him tomorrow so that he can look you over and then, after that, I'm going to start toning you up a bit, okay son?"

"Okay Dad," Harry answered, before he noticed the proud look on the two mutants' faces; he actually seemed to understand what they wanted as he explained, "Don't worry: I went so long without you, without my parents that I don't find it too hard to adjust. In fact, what would make this place really perfect is…is…ooh…I don't…I don't feel so…"

Scott and Jean both ran towards their son and held him as Harry suddenly fell into their arms, his hand massaging his forehead as he asked, "What? What's happening? I…I can feel…can hear…something."

"A buzzing in your head that you can't quite get rid of?" asked Jean, earning a nod from her son; with a soft smile, she told him, "It's all right, Harry: let it pass, honey: it's just a power coming back to you…telepathy."

"Like…like Uncle Charles?" asked Harry, earning a nod from Scott while Jean stroked her son's hair with one hand, her free hand massaging his temples as Harry asked, "Will…will it be so loud?"

"It always is when it comes out for the first time," Jean explained, resting her son's head in her lap as she spoke to him. "But you learn to control it and, with help from the Professor, we'll have you equalling him in telepathy before you know it. Now, tell me: can you hear anyone nearby?"

"I can hear everyone," Harry groaned, closing his eyes as though glancing at the light of the evening made his head hurt worse, "You and Dad are thinking about how this power can be affected for my future and what others could come out. I even hear Uncle Charles' thoughts, though he's just told me that it's all right and he'll help me control this."

"Then trust him," Jean instructed, still massaging Harry's temples as she told him, "Focus on us for now, son: just imagine a big mental door around those other thoughts and close it…no, slam it shut!"

"I'll try," Harry replied, closing his eyes and reaching into his own mind, his thoughts like a horde of hornets inside his mind while the thoughts of others were like armies of invading insects. Keeping his mind focused on his parents, Harry did as his Mother instructed and closed his mind, imagining and creating a mental door around his thoughts, which he slammed shut, until all he could hear were the thoughts of one person: Harry himself.

Opening his eyes, he whispered, "I…I did it: it's gone quiet."

"That's my boy," laughed Scott, helping Harry to his feet before he moved him to his bed, the X-Men's leader lying his son down on the bed as he added, "You're not to move from here for the rest of the day: we'll speak to the Professor about lessons and let you get some sleep."

"Okay, Dad," Harry replied, actually feeling slightly weary from his day's events and the revelations that he'd been told; as he settled onto his bed, Harry smiled as he felt his Mother's lips brush against his forehead, before Jean and Scott both left their son to get some well-earned rest.

Harry was out like a light in seconds…


"No…don't go…Cedric…Mum…Dad…help me…he's going to kill me…please…NO!"

Harry's eyes snapped open, his mind caught in his dream state as he revisited the same nightmare that had plagued his mind over the summer; this time, however, when Harry's scream brought him out of his sleep, it was accompanied by a beam of white energy that burst through the wall of his room. Thankfully, or luckily, Jean and Scott were in the room next door to their son, the Class Five throwing up a telekinetic shield as she told Scott, "Get the Professor: bring him here."

Cyclops didn't need telling twice: as he left Jean to battle the blast that Harry had let off, she felt awe and a sense of curiosity at the power experienced by her son: he was definitely like his Father, but, like he'd said, his beam was coming from his hands and continuing to burn against Jean's shield. Approaching him, Jean reached out with her psychic gifts, seeking her son's thoughts as she told him, 'Harry, it's okay honey: you don't have to be afraid; no-one can hurt you, I promise.'

"No!" Harry cried, Jean buckling slightly as the intensity of the beam seemed to increase, "He…he'll kill you…don't go there…no!"

'He's caught in a nightmare state,' explained Charles' voice, Jean then noticing how her friend and mentor had come as soon as she had thrown up the shield; he must have sensed Harry's psychic distress, 'The only way to get him out of it is to remind him that you're here and not caught in the nightmare with him.'

"How do I do that?" asked Jean, pushing against the power of her son's empowered, Cyclops-like kinetic blasts, "He can't hear me."

'Hold him,' Xavier instructed, Jean then understanding what he was saying with just those two words; there was no feeling known to a son better than a Mother's embrace. Gathering all her strength, Jean pushed her shield forwards until she found herself behind Harry's petrified body, his eyes wide and his beam still being released on the room around him.

'When I said I didn't mind the mess, this wasn't what I had in mind,' Jean thought to herself, before she reached out and, with her psychic energy protecting her hands, she put them around Harry's arms, her arms now wrapping around his shoulders as she whispered, "It's okay baby, I'm right here: don't be afraid, I won't let them hurt you again."

Her words seemed to work; the beams began to recede and, as Harry seemed to come back to reality, he let his head rest on his Mother's chest as he told her, "Sorry; did…did I wake you?"

"No," Jean answered, knowing that it was pretty useless to lie given that her son was an untrained telepath, "But you did frighten me: what scared you like that?"

"Nothing," Harry answered and, no matter how much Jean wanted to find out the answers for herself, she couldn't bring herself to read her son's mind, "I'm sorry, Mum: I was just…just so scared…I felt so alone."

"You'll never be alone, Harry," Scott explained, entering the room with a tired Sirius and Remus as well as Logan, who was dressed in a gown and shorts that made him look more like a normal man than the wild man Harry had figured. "We'll be right here; all of us."

"Th…" Harry began, but stopped for a short second as a mind he couldn't quite understand touched his own: as it did, Harry saw things that he couldn't piece together and, when he looked to his Father, the images and feelings vanished. As he glanced around, trying to find the source of those images, Harry added, "Thanks…Dad: I…I don't know if I'll…I'll be able to stop having those nightmares, but…I'll try."

"Well," Charles smiled, though he noticed Harry's scanning gaze: he'd felt a telepathic sense in his head and was trying to find the source, "Once your mentor gets here, he may be of some assistance; for now, do you think you'll be able to get some sleep?"

"I…I think so," Harry answered, before his eyes narrowed as he found the source of the images; what made it even more mysterious was that Harry could feel his Uncle Charles' mind having touched this particular being and yet, Harry just knew that Charles hadn't gotten as deep as Harry. "Sorry I woke everyone: is it okay if I go back to sleep now?"

"Sleep well, cub," Remus smiled, though he saw Logan step forwards, the eyes of the werewolf watching the mutant warily, "What are you doing?"

"I'll stay up with him," Logan explained, sitting by Harry's side while Sirius and Remus then tended to the room's repair with a little magical assistance, "If he has another nightmare, I'm the best one to help him reduce the damage: don't worry, I didn't need the sleep anyway."

"Thank you, Logan," Scott remarked, though Harry figured that it must have hurt his Father to speak those words if the rivalry with Wolverine was as big as he said it was.

When everyone left Harry's room, Jean giving her son another soft kiss goodnight before she left, Harry then glanced to Logan before he explained, "I don't need telepathy to know that you had a thing for Mum once, but I want you to know that if you do anything to try and separate them from me or from each other, then I'll make you sorry that you were born. Either that…or I'll tell Mum and Dad a little story."

"And what story might that be, kid?" asked Logan, before he found himself regretting his question as those emerald green eyes of the young Summers met Logan's dark brown eyes, Harry's voice cutting through Logan and, from that day onwards, changing everything:

"I know who you really are, Logan…or perhaps you prefer…James?"

Chapter 2 and uh oh, Wolverine's in trouble: how does Harry know his real name and what can he tell the feral if not in threat, but in helping him?

Also, who is this mentor – though you may guess it – and how will this change Harry's future?

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Next Chapter: Friends reunite, but Harry's actually prepared for what will happen; also, the mentor reveals himself and Harry manages to control both of his powers, but discovers a shock surrounding his magical side; and, to top it all off, Harry and Logan have a little talk about what Harry knows and Remus is given an offer by Wolverine;

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