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Broken Promises

She had finally finished her preparations for their journey and heading back to her home. They have just been hired by a nearby castle lord to exterminate a large spider youkai. And while she and the others have prepared themselves and ready to fight, she has become worried for her younger brother Kohaku who as just turning ten years old was by tradition to go slay his first demon.

She made her way up the path from the armory to find her brother sitting on the porch. For his entire life Sango was always looking over him whenever his father could not she was more of a mother to him than a sister. She was there for his first words, his first words, his first steps, his first lessons in the ancient arts of demon exterminating, and now she was proud to see his final test before entering adulthood, his first demon extermination.

He was practicing with his cycle, shattering several bowls from afar. Knowing that he was most likely nervus, she went over to calm him.



"Do Demons spray fire and toxins as they say."


"Than its true"

Noticing the slight fear in his voice, she comes up to his side to comfort him.

"Kohaku...what's wrong, are you scared?" in a very unintimidating voice

"No I never said I was scared!" taking it as an insult

"We slay such things as snakes, spiders, and other types of large father says 'the most frightening demon is one that masks its apperence as a human being'.He says thatif thatif that type of demon comes to posses the jewel thans its trouble."

Nodding in acknowledgement he stands up followed by his sister.

"Now do you think you are ready?" she asked

"I think so" he replied

"Good, we better hurry father is expecting us to help prepare for the trip."

Morning came and the whole village was stirring with activity with the everyone coming out to wish the slayers farewell, Sango however saw that her brother was still nervous over his first journey away from the village.

"Don't worry Kohaku, I'll be at your side the whole wa. I promise." At that her brother turned to her and smiled. But just then a man came running thru the gate into the village.

"Please help us, our village has been under constant attack by a demon!" he yelled before falling from exhaustion.

The man was taken to the chieftains house were he told the whole story of how a large demon has recently moved near their village, and how it has constantly attacked them every night killing whole families at a time. After hearing the man's pleas for help her father made his decision.

"Sango...I need you to go help their village."

"But father I promised that I would stay by Kohaku's side on his first slaying." she protested

"I know, but you are our best warrior, and I cannot spare anyone else should their be an attack."

"But" she begged

"I'm sorry. I'll keep Kohaku safe, I promise."

Knowing that she was defeated, she turned to her brother at her side, "I'm sorry Kohaku."

"I know it's not your fault, some things are out of our control and its for a good reason."

Knowing that she had no choice Sango headed out with Kohaku and the others, but finally reached the cross roads to the different villages.

"Okay Sango here we go, good luck." her father sayed as they prepared to part ways.

"Thank you father, and I'm sorry for earlier." she replied referring to her protests to not being able to go with her brother.

"That's okay, I know how much you care for him, I'll make shure he's safe."

Sango then turned to her brother who was still very worried about his first hunt, she then placed her hand on his shoulder to comfort him.

"Kohaku...be careful, just remember your training, and stay by father's side and you'll be okay."

"Sango...it's not that I'm afraid of the demon...it's just that I don't want loose my nerve and let everybody down." He replied lowering his head in shame.

"It's okay Kohaku, everybody looses their nerve sometimes, even me."


"Yes, buts its okay, because we always have our friends their for us when it happens. We always hunt in groups, and always cover each others backs."

"But what about you, you'll be going all by yourself." He stated with a worried voice.

"I'll be okay, remember I was trained by Grandfather Shako himself. Ill can handle myself."

"Okay...but still, be careful."

Thank you, Kohaku, here take Kilala."handing him her demon cat.

"But she's yours...she was paired with you to protect you when your alone." Worry coming back in his voice.

"Again. Don't worry, just consider it a short time borrow, she'll help calm you down."

"I'll return her when we meet back at the village."

"Yes, take care."

After making the preparations for departing from the rest of the group, they finally took their leave as she followed her guide to the village in need. Unoblivious of what treachery awaited the others.

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