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"What the Hell happened!" Yelled a very pissed off Inuyasha

"Calm down Inuyasha." Keade told the red headed Hanyou

"What happened to the jewel!?" Inuyasha asked again, not calmed down in the slightest.

"When Sango used her weapon, the jewel was broken and shattered along with the demons body and was scattered all over. How many pieces I cannot say, but if a single piece was to fall into the hands of a strong demon, the result could disastrous."

Sanho was listening to what Keade was saying intently, but as nothing but bad news came from what has happened to the jewel she had a feeling of dread of what she had unleashed upon the world.

'What have I done?'

"Now listen you two." Keade called, gaining both Sango's and Inuyasha's attention.

"In order to restore the jewel back into one piece, you two must work together, and combine your powers to collect every shard."

"You sure about that, I'm one of the bad guys remember?" Said Inuyasha.

"For now we have no choice." Keade replied.

Sango was simply listening in from the sidelines, she knew that she would have to bear this through with Inuyashas help, she didn't like the idea one bit, but after losing everyone else, she didn't have a choice.

Morning came, and the two warriors were preparing for their perilous journey as they packed the provisions they needed.

"Are you ready yet Sango?" Inuyasha asked, quite annoyed at Sango.

"Yes I'm ready." Said Sangoa few moments later with the few belongings she had.

"It's about time." He huffed out.

"It took me less than five minutes to pack." Sango snapped.

"Yeah, five minutes we lost before finding the jewel shards." Inuyasha responded.

Sango let out a sigh of frustration as she was already foreseeing that this journey was not going to be pleasant at the least.

"Are ye ready you two?" Keade asked.

"We would have been ready a lot earlier, if it wasn't for Sango." Inuyasha answered.

Sango didn't answer, for several seconds she crossed her arms in front of her chest before taking her weapon, slamming it right over his head.

"Ow! What the hell was that for?!" Inuyasha asked.

"You were starting to really annoy me about that." She answered.

"You do remember you only need to use that one word?" Keade added.

"I know." Sango said while giving a threatening look at Inuyashas direction as he was cursing over the large bump that formed on his head.

"Are you just going to mope over that little bump on the head all day, or are we going to find those jewel shards?" Sango asked as she slowly started off without him.

Shortly after Inuyasha caught up with the slayer, giving her a hateful scowl that she ignored as she fixed her gaze upon the road ahead as they left the village. Many of the people coming to the edge of the village to see them off.

And so begin their odyssey in search of a countless number of small fragments of the shikon no tama, up against numerous powerful enemies bound to also seek the jewel shards as the knowledge of their existence spread throughout all of Japan.

They moved for some time threw the day finding no jewel shards or demons, the tension between them growing steadily.

"I can't believe I have to go through all of this to get the dam jewel." Inuyasha grumbled out of the thought of what occurred over the last few days.

"Trust me, I'm no more pleased with this than you." She reassured him.

"I had it right there, I was finally going to get what I wanted, and become a full fledged demon. But now to get it back, I have to lug all over the whole of Japan taking care of you." He continued.

"If I had any other choice on who to do this with, and I mean ANY other, I would have taken it."

They continued walking for some more before Inuyasha began to notice something he didn't about Sango before.

"I don't get it, I thought you guys always traveled in groups or something."

"We use to." Was her only answer, trying to hide the hurt feeling that developed.

"Ah, no wonder you need my help. You slayers always thought you were all that. I'm guess you guys got way over your heads, and you're the only one lucky enough to escape with your life. Weren't you?"

Sango clenched her fist, after all she went through with him she went with him she thought he couldn't anger her more. But with that one remark, he passed the line.

In one quick move, with everything she had, Inuyasha was completely caught off guard as Sango struck him right in the gut with an elbow, before flipping him over her shoulder. He tried to get up, but was immediately knocked back down with a single a single venom filled word.

She then took out her sword, and rested its point at his throat. "If you ever say anything like that again about my people again, I swear on their blood I'll kill you the spot, and continue by myself. Do you understand me" She first said under clenched teeth.

"What the hell Sango!?" Inuyasha called out as he was caught completely by surprise by his companions actions.

"DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!" She demanded once more as she clung to his collar and added pressure to the blade.

"Yes I understand, now get off me!" He finally replied.

Sango didn't move for several seconds as the forest around them continued on as usual, with the rustle of the wind, and the occasional bird call which she didn't pay any attention to as she beamed down on the half demon with cold eyes. After a while though, she finally came off of him, taking a few steps away from him to blow off some steam as he got himself up.

"What the hell is you problem?" He demanded.

Sango was just about to really get pissed off at him. But then with a shrug, she simply continued down the path. There was absolutely no point in trying to communicate with him, he was just too hard headed to get even the simplest information in there, let alone even a basic idea of what she had to go through over the last few months.

"You know, I don't think I'll ever figure you out Sango." Inuyasha said with his hands tucked in his sleeves."

"You know what? I don't think I'll ever even want to try to figure you out." Sango returned as they started their way back down the forest trail

Unknown to both of them as they continued on, a lone demon watched them as she layed on the branches of a nearby tree with a skull in her hand.

"So these are the only ones in the area to compete with." She said to herself.

"This almost seems to easy."

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