Invisible threads of hair

The two continued in an uneasy silence since what happened. Every once in a while Inuyasha would give Sango a cold look over his shoulder, that she immediately returned.

'Who does she think she is, attacking me out of nowhere like that?'

'Who does he think he is, insulting my people in front of me like that?'

It was several hours before Sango finally broke the silence.

"There's a village near by.' She stated blandly.

"So" He returned with an angry tone.

"So, there's a chance that we can find a lead there for the shards."

"Whatever." He answered in his usual tone without stopping. "The sooner we find them the better. And the sooner I can get rid of your sorry ass."

"Same here."

As the two entered the small village that Sango passed through just several days before, they found it abandoned, but otherwise in almost perfect condition.

"I have never seen anything like this, it's almost as if they simply walked off." Sango said while looking at several small fish, still cooking over the fire.

"Seems like just another village that got attacked by a demon to me." Said Inuyasha as he looked around.

"No. I've seen villages that were whipped out by demons multiple times, and none of them were ever like…" She was stopped short when out of nowhere a single silver strand caught her eye from the other side of the village center, wavering in the wind for several slow moments before dispersing from sight.

"Sango? Hey Wench, are you there!?" Asked Inuyasha in a mocking tone.

"I thought I just saw a…never mind." She responded.

"Whatever." He said before moving on.

They continued searching for some time without incident, until they finally came across to the far side of the village.

"Slayer, there's one of the villagers over there." Inuyasha said, while pointing towards a young woman approaching them from behind one of the huts.

"Hey you!" He called to the woman, without any response from her.

"Hey! I'm talking to you!" He yelled even louder while approaching her, but found himself caught by surprise by attacking him with a sickle out of nowhere.

"What the hell!?" He yelled as he jumped back, coming face to face with the emotionless woman in front of him, with many others swarming around them from all directions. Every one of them with a single near invisible thread from the back of their neck.

"Inuyasha there posseted, we can't hurt them." Sango warned as she discarded Hiraikotsu in favor of her Katana.

"Screw that, I don't have time to do that. Iron Reaper Soul Steal-" Inuyasha yelled as he prepared to attack the villagers, but was stopped by Sango with a 'sit', before she took several of them out with several slices into the air in quick succession. It took Inuyasha several seconds to lift his head as she continued to take out the villages without so much as laying a finger of them.

"What the hell?"

"I told you, all of the villagers are possessed. They're being controlled with this hair from a demon." She answered in between swipes of her sword.

"Hair. What are you talking about? I don't any!" He yelled as several more villagers charged the two.

'Dam it, there are too many.' She thought as she blocked another armed villager, and looking for any opportunity between moves.

With several moments clear of attackers, she scanned for anything that could give her the advantage. Her efforts were unsuccessful until she looked at the very far edge of the woods, seeing that off of the individual hairs flowed from one spot at the tree line.

"Inuyasha?" She called over

"Yeah!" Responded Inuyasha as he knocked out another attacking villagers.

"I need you to slash along that tree line there." Sango said as she pointed to the location where the majority of the hair was coming from.

"You're not going to sit me again, are you?" He asked, far from trusting the demon slayer he was traveling with.

"I promise I won't sit you." She replied with an annoyed tone in her voice.

"Okay, here it goes." He said before making a great leap towards the woods, and readied his claws. "Iron Reaper Soul Stealer!" With one sweep of his claws, three massive gashes appeared in the earth along the forest edge, and all of the villagers fell unconscious simultaneously.

"Come on. If we hurry, there might be a chance that we can get a jewel shard!"

"Not yet, we can't just leave all these people out here like this." Sango responded.

"What!? Didn't you forget that they were just trying to kill us a minuet ago?" He asked annoyed.

Sango just stood there looking at him. "They were posseted. And we can't just run in there without knowing what that demon can do, there's a good chance that they could give us some information."

"Fine, be that way! I'll just go in, and kill that demon myself!" He yelled before jumping into the forest without her.

After being left behind, Sango simply turned her back, and headed to help get the villagers to shelter; though it would be hard, seeing that she will have to do it by herself. Not caring in the slightest what happened to Inuyasha.

"Fine, idiot."

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