Big thanks to Shimmeringdaisyface for rewriting this story! Here it is:

Part One

The Raid

Erik sat down at the table of an inn, famished and weary from slaying the fire-breathing dragon. Koenigsegg was perched on the outside windowsill, staring at his owner. The frigid landscape of Iceland was laid out behind the strong captain. If you were looking, you would notice the looming volcanoes and massive glaciers, which were visible, though it was dark. In the 21st century, this time of year would be called "January" but in 10th century Viking calendars, it was called the Kalt T'imabil.

The inn's other occupants gasped and cowered away at the sight of Erik, the world renowned Viking King. He, oblivious to their behavior, inquired for a drink. The terrified waitress quickly nodded, reciting the order back to the Viking and hurried away, anxious to get as far from Erik as she could. As he waited for the beverage, Erik's sharp hearing picked up two men whispering about Count Vladimir Dracula- king of the undead army- who was said to be invincible. The Count also supposedly had an immense treasure, wealthier than anyone else in the world. At once, Erik knew what his next challenge would be.

And so, after he had rented a room in the inn and turned in for the night, Erik tried to sleep. But haunting dreams of his ancestors telling him that all the gold in the world was not worth challenging Dracula tormented the Viking's sleep. Finally, he couldn't take being an insomniac anymore. Erik jumped out of bed and, settling his debt with the innkeeper, the powerful Viking strode to his beloved ship, the Warrior. First he went to get his army, and then sailed south towards Transylvania to raid the undead army just as the first rays of the sun peeked above the horizon. Little did Erik know that they were indeed invincible to human weapons.

Meanwhile, Vladimir was hunting in the dense forest that surrounded his fortress with his wolf Zenvo crouched at his side. Together they had a quite frightening appearance. Vlad had grayish skin that reminded most people of burned ash. He wore a fur cloak on his shoulders. Zenvo had fur black as night. They had identical blood red eyes.

Annoyingly, as the pair stealthily hunted, the lesser vampires rudely interrupted the king and his companion by screaming about an army of vast numbers attacking their small village as they rampaged over towards the dark fortress destroying anything and anyone in their way.

"I'll take care of this," announced Dracula, and with that he fitted an arrow in his longbow and removed from his cloak a slender staff with an menacing looking ruby at the top.

"These people aren't even a challenge," thought Erik "how are they invincible?" Suddenly, they saw five red lights: four menacing eyes, and one glowing diamond. A tall vampire and a wolf stepped in to the torchlight.

"Who dares frighten my people and raid my village?" shouted the vampire, his voice rough as gravel.

"Erik Agnarson, leader of the Vikings, son of Agnar Ingulfrson, who was also a mighty king!"

"Then surrender or die!" and with a swing of his staff Vladimir encased Erik and his people in fire. So, Erik for the time in history was forced to surrender.

"Good choice," said Dracula, "would you like some food?"

"What?" Erik said, bewildered at the count's sudden change from enemy to ally.

"I said, would you like some food. Are you hard of hearing?" The vampire's tone implied that Erik could not turn down the offer.

"Sure, and perhaps a bed as well," Erik responded.

Vlad led Erik into his house, a large cottage filled with trophies from past hunts.

"Who are you?" Vlad asked for the second time, seemingly miffed.

Erik looked annoyed, "I already told you," the Viking said, "Erik Agnarson leader of the Viking; grandson of Ingulfur Agnarson."

"Why did you raid my Village?" Vlad asked Erik, angry yet again.

"I heard some people talking about you and how you were invincible, I took the challenge. Now, when is the bed and food part? I'm famished and exhausted." Erik said irritatedly, brushing off Vlad's fury.

"You get bed and food when I'm sure you are not a threat to my people." Vlad snapped, eyes flaring.

"I swear on Asgard I will not harm your people." Erik said.

Vlad seemed to except the Viking's oath. "Good. One more thing; you nearly beat my army. Almost no one can do that. Would you consider having an alliance and raiding with me?"

Erik grinned. "We'd make a hard pair to beat." He said.

"We'll need code names." Vlad added.

Erik looked at the vampire. "Vladimir the gray." He told him hiding a smile.

"Erik the Red." Vlad countered, indicating his bright red hair. They both laughed.

Vlad then gave Erik food and showed him to a bed.

"Thank you, Vladimir." Erik said.

"Call me Vlad." Vlad responded, turning leaving the room.