The end…Or is it?

3 Months Later

" Come on Snilldar, it's time to see Vlad and Mordred again." Erik encouraged the flying beast. He made other encouragements he soared through the skies. After spying their meeting place, they gently touched earth and literally jumped inside the abandoned temple. It was seemingly empty and Erik paced around the perimeter of the room determined Vlad would not trick him again. Even so, as Erik glanced at Snilldar he simply materialized, one moment he wasn't there, the next he was.

Vlad laughed hysterically at his stunned face, and Erik adopted his usual scowl, wondering how the count did it. What he said out loud, trying to mask his disappointment was, "How have you been living the past few months?"

"Like the king I am," he replied vaguely. "How about you?"

"Great, I've been given dozens of feasts worth of food, also I've no need for pillaging any more because villagers give me their goods openly so I took up hunting, much to the delight of Snilldar, he rather enjoys the sport." The Viking affectionately patte the dragon.

"I wonder where Mordred is, " Vlad said a while later. As if on cue the sound of a proud steed's hooves could be heard in the distance.

Smiling Erik said, "That would be him!" But, as he came into clearer view they were surprised to see that his round face did not bear a happy expression, as it should, in fact he looked quite concerned. "I'm sorry to ruin the happy reunion but the king wants us immediately, we can socialize on the way." He said once he arrived at the other two warriors.

"What for! This is absurd!" Erik burst out and Vlad quietly agreed.

"I know not, only that it requires great skill and it requires us, the warrior trio."

Snilldar groggily sat up. "Make that a quadruplet, without me you could have never won the war," he said.

"He has a point," Vlad admitted. "Without the dragon we would have never been here."

"Fine, warrior quadruplet, any way we should be on our way," demanded Mordred.

"The quickest way from here would be by boat, mine, the Warrior Trio isn't far, plus at 85 hnutar per hour it should get us there in two hours. The king will expect it will take several days so we be able to get some provisions, do we not?" Said Erik, still annoyed.

"We do, but come on ], the quicker we get there, the better" He said reluctantly. After buying what they needed they set about sailing towards king Arthurs kingdom, hungry for adventure.