Just a little story I thought of when I was bored. Idk about you but I love the ones where Jinx has just become good. Enjoy!


Jinx looked around. They had just defeated The Brotherhood of Evil and everyone was back at the Titans Tower. She was currently standing in the doorway with Kid Flash unsure of who to talk to. After all most of the people she had fought against as enemies.

Kid Flash grabbed her hand. "Come on!" He said dragging her towards the nearest group.

He pulled her up to a group of seven people only two of whom she knew. Beast Boy, obviously, and Bumblebee, who she knew from her time at the Hive Academy. She stared at them frozen, unsure of what to do.

"I'm sure you all know Jinx." He said.

"Hi." She managed.

"Hey Jinx!" Bumblebee said cheerfully. "You already know Beast Boy and this is Kole," she pointed to the girl with pink hair and antenna, "Jericho," she gestured to the blond hair green eyed boy, "and that's Mas y Menos."

"Hola Jinx señorita! Tú eres la chica más hermosa que jamás hayamos visto. ¿Por qué estás con ese empuje lento?"

"They only speak Spanish." Bee said to a confused looking Jinx.

One jumped onto the other's shoulders and they zoomed off.

"They can also run really fast, but only if they are touching." She added.

They came running back with a bouquet of flowers and presented them to Jinx.

"Hey!" Kid Flash shouted. They took off laughing with Kid Flash right behind them.

"So… what are your powers?" Jinx asked Kole.

"I can crystalize myself." She replied demonstrating.

Jinx turned to Jericho.

"Jericho can't talk." Bee said. "But he can show you his power."

With that Jericho turned to Kole. He looked her directly in the eyes. The whites off his eyes went black and he sank into her body.

"Hello." He said.

Kid Flash came zooming back. "So-" He started to say but was cut off.

BEEP BEEP BEEP! Went the alarm.

"Titans trouble!" Robin cried leaping for the computer. "It's… the Hive Five? How did they get unfrozen?"

He turned towards Jinx. "Don't look at me." She said. "I've been here since we got back from France."

Robin shrugged. They all went down to main street where the Hive Five was causing mayhem.

"Well, well, well look who it is." Gizmo said when the Titans arrived. "I see you have the traitor with you." He said indicating Jinx.

"How did you get out?" Raven asked.

"I'm a super genius I obviously had a backup plan in case the Brotherhood's plan failed." He smirked.

"That's right!" Billy Numerous chipped in. "As soon as y'all left we became unfrozen."

"Enough talk." See More said. "Hive Five eat 'em alive!"

They all charged. Jinx looked around. Robin and Raven were taking on Kyd Wykydd, Cyborg and Gnarrk were teaming up on Mammoth, Starfire, Argent, and Bumblebee were searching for the real Gizmo amidst his flying holograms, and everyone else was taking on Billy and his indefinite amount of clones. She looked around and couldn't see See More anywhere. Then she spotted him sneaking away. Coward. She nailed him with a hex knocking him out. Jinx snapped on a pair of handcuffs and dragged him up to the rest of the subdued Hive Five.

"Good job, Jinx." Robin said. "I think you've earned this." He gave her a communicator.

She grinned. Maybe being a hero was better.