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Disclamer: I don't own him, or anything else that has to do with Escaflowne.

Beautiful Beast

Created to kill

With absolute precision and skill.

Created to hate

With a thirst and need nothing can sate.

Created with care

From his hard, garnet eyes to his silky, colorless hair.

Created from purity

Created from light.

Created from innocence

And everything right.

Came a flawless monster

With alabaster skin.

Incapable of anything but cruelty,

And sin.

No sense of wrong or conscious in the least.

His beauty, his perfection IS the Beast

Of his existence, for who could destroy

A beautiful, ruby eyed, pale-skinned boy?

Beneath his beauty, boils over his hate

For Gaea, for the Dragon, for YOU, for fate.

The fate of others, the fate of his own.

For he has no mother, and no true home.

He lives to fight, it never can end.

He'll never love, care, help, befriend

Another human being as long as he does exist.

Never be held, comforted, kissed.

It is not his design, any of these things.

And always, ALWAYS, in his blood rings

The need to kill, the need to win,

The need to slaughter, the need to sin.

Alone he'll exist in this world of turmoil

Until his body is returned to the soil.

He'll fight, he'll hate, he'll battle for years.

He'll win, he'll breathe, and conceal his tears.