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(Short prologue)

Haruhu POV:

It's a new school year at Ouran. So many things have happened. Mori and Hunny have graduated, and have begun college. Tamaki still lives at the second Souh estate, but with his mother and father. Kyoya is in the running to become the Ootori heir one day. The Hitachiin twins are, of course, as mischievous as ever. The school now knows that I am a girl. I'm also sure you are wondering if any of the host club members have a relationship with me. None of them do…yet. I did spend a week with each of them over the summer because I did miss them.

Chapter 1:

"Good morning!", is what I heard I was greeted in my first class by a pair of familiar red heads. "Good morning!", I replied as the twins embraced each of side of me. Of course, this is the moment that a troublesome host club king arrives. "GET AWAY FROM MY PRINCESS, YOU DEVIL TWINS!", Tamaki wails as he pulls me away from the twins to crush me a an embrace that Mori was no longer here to save me from. I was starting to struggle to catch my breath, but then something unexpected happened. I was feeling myself being extracted from Tamaki. The real surprise however, is the person who helped save me. It was none other than a raven haired shadow king. "Kyoya, thanks" I said to him with a surprised look on my face. "Not a problem. You debt may have been cleared by that French witch, but I don't want to have to start a debt of my own against you. I'm much too busy for this bodyguard work that you seem to require." Kyoya said smirking. Merits, that is all Kyoya cares about. At least that is what he shows the world. I know better though.

It was time for all of us to head to our first classes of the day. The twins and I are together in class as always. I like having them around though. We got through our first classes without incident. Lunch time, however, was a different story. I was trying to sit quietly between the twins like I always do, and of course Tamaki comes up and tries to get me to sit with him. I didn't care of course, but Hikaru put his arm around me. He then said" No, boss, you can sit here across from Haruhi." I sighed. "I am already settled here, I am an not moving. Tamaki sit here across me." I said assertively. Was resolving this situation that easy? No, of course it was not. Tamaki and Hikaru end up in a food fight very similar to the one the twins had the previous year. The first causality of this event ended up being, of course, Kyoya Ootori. Almost on entire serving of creamy noodles ended up on his face and clothes. Tamaki and Hikaru did not even notice that Kyoya was involved until he grabbed Hikaru by the ear and dragged him to the chairman's office. I followed behind them, because I was doing this same thing to Tamaki. Kauru was too busy laughing to help.

The chairman's face showed complete surprised upon seeing his son, and three of his friends showing up at his office. He then noticed the food that was all over Hikaru, Tamaki, and Kyoya. "What on earth happened here?" asked Tamaki's father. "Well it seems that Tamaki and Hikaru were involved in food fight, and I unintentionally became a participant." Kyoya said while trying to stay calm. "I see. Tamaki, what on earth caused all of this?" the chairman looking directly at his son. The blonde gulped, and he explained the situation. "I see, well, it seems that the two of you can't be around Haruhi at lunch time without some sort of incident. I have come up with a solution.", The chairman smiled because he thought of an unusual, but effective punishment for Tamaki and Hikaru. "Haruhi, you will now be eating lunch in the courtyard with Kyoya this week." The chairman stated. Haruhi and Kyoya looked at each other with some confusion. "Another thing, Hikaru and Tamaki will be required to go clean the lunch room." The chairman stated before dismissing us.

This is an odd turn of events. It's not like Kyoya and I never speak to the each other, but there is nothing to gain from my company. He is more interested in making connections with future heirs. I'm just a future lawyer, with nothing to inherit. The rest of the two classes were uneventful. Hikaru apologized to me for causing such trouble for me, and Kauru apologized from leaving me to deal with Tamaki. That was nice of them. Maybe we can still be friends if they refrain from events like today. Now it was time for my first host club as a girl. I wasn't an official host anymore. I was more like an unofficial guest. I was never charged of course. I decided that I would help with Kyoya's management, and the clean up after the club hours.

I sat with the twins and their guests today. The twins act slightly more refined around their customers, so I decided to sit with them. Tamaki wanted me to sit with him, but he knew not to push it after today's events. I guess I'll sit with him next time. "How was your summer break, Ladies?" The twins asked in flawless unison. "Oh mine was great. We went to Disneyland in California!" one guest said squealing in delight. "My family traveled as well! We went to Paris!" another guest said. Hikaru smiled and said, "Oh, how I'd love to take you to Paris. I'd love to see the Eiffel Tower with you." Kauru fake frowned and looked to the floor. Hikaru then embraces Kauru and says, "Of course, I'd never leave you at home. My dear brother is never to leave my side." The twin act became too much for me. Excuse me; I'll be going to make more tea." I said with my host smile. Before I knew club time was over.

I finished washing the dishes, and then I went to see if Kyoya was still here. He was the only one left. "Haruhi, you are still here. Would you like a ride home?" Kyoya asked as he closed his laptop. "No thanks. I don't want to start a new debt." I said as I picked up my bag, and made sure I had enough money for the subway. "Nonsense, Haruhi, I would not do that to you. Just accept the ride and come with me." Kyoya said in a tone that was way too nice to say no too. I nodded and followed him. The ride to my house was pleasant with Kyoya. I told him that I would pack a bento for him, since he is to spend lunch with me this week. Oh course he feels the need to give one thousand yen for my troubles. I accepted it, because I knew better than to say no the Shadow King. He walked me to my door, and smiled stating that he would see me tomorrow. "Well tomorrow should prove to be interesting. I should have gotten over myself and asked her to lunch with me on my own though." Kyoya thought as he headed to his car.

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