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Kyoya's POV:

It was Saturday afternoon, and I was getting a call from Tamaki. I wondered what he wants. I had better answer this, and get this over with. I do have a lot of work to do today.

"Hello, Tamaki. Please get to the point of this call," I said with the little patience that I possessed.

"Mon ami! Is that any way to answer a phone? A host should be more polite than that," He replied sounding a little somber.

"I am busy! Please get to the part where you explain the world crisis of today," I snapped into the phone. It was all I could do to keep myself from attempting to strangle the dramatic blond via phone line.

"I wanted to let you know that Éclair came here to visit me today," Tamaki muttered.

"Oh really, well that's an interesting development," I mused. I think I may be getting a clearer picture of what this girl is doing. I thought she was just trying to get one over on Haruhi. I am sure she did not like how Tamaki left the car with herself to save another girl last year.

"Kyoya, I do not understand what to do here. Please help me!" the blond pleaded with me.

"I don't understand what you want from me. You talk to girls all of the time in Host club. Why should Éclair be any different?" I replied.

"This is completely different. I think she has insidious plans that affect not only me, but you and Haruhi as well," Tamaki reasoned.

"Fine, there is something that I need to discuss with you. Stay home. I will be on my way shortly," I reluctantly said as I hung up the phone.

I called for my driver and I was at Tamaki's house in less than 20 minutes. He was a frantic mess. This was certainly a headache in the making.

"Calm down, Tamaki. This is not anything that you need to be so concerned about," I stated.

"Are you sure about that mon ami? I am just worried about this. You said that you had something to discuss with me. What is it?" Tamaki said so quickly that I almost did not catch it.

"I am sure. I can assure you that any amount of cunning that she has is inferior to my own. Now if you must know. Éclair has contacted me. It seems that she has interests in me. She insulted Haruhi, and suggested that she would be a better match for me. I am sorry about this, Tamaki. I understand that your concern for her meant that you liked her a lot," I answered while feeling unsure of how to deal this.

"Really? Why is she doing this? She seemed so sweet and genuine…. I am in shock, Kyoya," the blond looked at me with those piercing blue eyes. I certainly felt bad for him. He doesn't usually take to girls like he has with Éclair, and I can see it. She was raised in France like him, so she has the cultural understanding with him.

Next Monday at host club.

Haruhi's POV:

Hostclub was going rather well. I was still learning a lot from Kyoya, and we just work well as business partners.

Beep! Beep!

All of the sudden every one of the customers' cellphones went off, and they all were giving Éclair the evil eye.

"Really, Éclair! Is this what you moved here for!?" one of Tamaki's customers said as she showed Éclair her phone. Éclair had a look of horror on her face. It seemed that someone had evidence that Eclair was trying to have a relationship with Kyoya while also trying to charm myself.

His customers, as well as several others, were irate at this point. They shunned Éclair out the host club.

I am not too sure if she deserved it, but I am glad that she didn't manage to come between Kyoya and Tamaki's friendship. I know Tamaki had a rough time with me dating Kyoya.

Of course, now the focus was on Kyoya and me. The customers now know that I am in a relationship with him. I was also concerned about Tamaki though.

"Tamaki, are you okay?" I asked him.

"I'm fine. I am just happy to have great friends like you," he replied. I could not help myself. I had to smile and hug him. However, that caused Kyoya to smirk at me.

"Thank you for joining us today, our lovely guests. I am afraid that it's time to the club to close," Kyoya announced. They took their time leaving, but we had a good time with them, despite what happened with Éclair. The customers seem to "ship" Kyoya and me, so that was interesting.

Kyoya asked to talke to me in the storage room.

"Haruhi, how is Tamaki?" He asked me.

"He is fine. I just really think that Éclair blind-sided him. It's so great that you told him what happened," I replied.

"I would never stand to see a friend stuck in a situation where they are being lead on. I am sorry that I did not tell you right away," Kyoya said with sadness in his eyes.

"It is okay. I know that I can trust you," I replied. He smiled and leaned in to kiss me. I was happy to accept, but then there was a creak at the door.

Hikaru began to sing, "Haruhi and Shadow King sitting in a tree… K- I- S- S- I- N- G…."

Well, there went that moment. I love Kyoya and rest of the hosts though. I never would have changed that for the world.

Tamaki and twins would not stop singing until Kyoya locked his arm in mine and whisked me away. Thank goodness for that.

We get into the limo, and I got to see Kyoya in rare form. He just started laughing. My dad was working late tonight like usual, so we decided to go to my apartment.

I made some tea for us, and I went sit next to him in the living room.

"Hey, Kyoya. Where is your laptop?" I asked.

"I must have left it at school," he replied. I was rather shocked. He never forgets that blasted thing.

"Do you need to go get it?" I asked. I was pretty sure that he had some important management work to do for the club.

"Not really. I am here with you. That is the important thing to me right now," Kyoya said as he grabbed my hand and forced me to sit next to him. We were always thinking the other needs to relax more.

"Haruhi, do you think that Éclair deserved to be revealed like that?" Kyoya asked me.

"I normally am a very forgiving person, but she really was out of line. I do not even care about she was doing to take you from me. I hate her for taunting Tamaki like that," I replied. He started laughing. "What's funny?"

"Oh, I just thinking that maybe the twins are the only ones allowed to taunt Tamaki. We seem to do nothing stop that from happening," Kyoya said along with chuckles.

"There is really no stopping the twins," I said in reply.

"Hey, Haruhi. Let's go star-gazing again," Kyoya said looking at me with the excitement of a small child.

"Sure, let's go," I smiled in reply. I wrote a note for my father, and Kyoya called his driver. I really was looking forward to another great night of stargazing.

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