The walk to the docks was only about 15 minutes, but with the awkward silence between the three traveling companions, it might as well have been 500.

"So, what's your sister like?" asked Jayne to try and break the tension.

"Smart, funny, but in a dorky little sister way." Annabelle replied.

"Do you two get along? I know I always enjoyed having siblings. A 'course my pa always was yelling and scolding one kid or another, but he did have a big heart." Jayne rambled on a little nervous that he was goanna mess up being a father in less than 20 minutes. A father. As he walked next to the two teens he tried to let that sink in a little.

"Did? has he passed on?" Annabelle interrupted his thoughts with a questioning look.

"Yeah, about three years back. My ma's still around though. Keeping her self busy with my nieces and nephews." He answered

Her reply was cut off by Aaron as he opened the shuttle door. "Here we are, we better get going. I wanna put as much time between us and those Houdon as we can."

Jayne looked around the shuttle and saw the there had been some updates since the last time he had seen it. Annabelle saw him looking around and almost as if she could read his mind said. "Aunt Kaylee made some modifications. Made the shuttle longer range so that I could come find you. She never agreed with the way things happened. In fact, the only time I really heard her, and Uncle Simon argue is when me or jenny would ask about you. It got so we stopped asking because we didn't wanna make um argue anymore."

As Annabelle finished talking and turned to help Aaron with the prefight check, Jayne couldn't help but to feel angry. Angry at the fact that not only had he been robbed of the chance to know his daughters but that they had been robbed of the chance to know him.

Sitting back, in his chair he thought back to the day everything went to go see, and wondered if there was anything he could have done differently.