WARNING IF YOU HAVEN'T READ "Phoenix Evans" than don't read this. This is the 2nd book in the series!

Phoenix Evans woke up with a start. She was trying to catch her breath. She looked at the clock and groan. This had to be the 11th time she had this dream and it was always the same one.

In the dream Old man goes to a house, mutters something about "Those Kids". The Caretaker, or who I just call the caretaker went up the stairs to tell the kids to get out of there. When he did he saw the door half open. He could see someone talking in a raspy voice from a oversize chair. He couldn't see the person. Then another person with short brown hair kneeled down. The Raspy voice said something and Ratface appeared. The strange man asked Ratface to open the door and suddenly there was a flash green light.

Every time she would wake up to my scar hurting. Could this be the Voldemort her brother was talking about? She wondered if Harry was having the same dream.

"Nix wake up" yelled Alice, my best friend who jumped on my bed. I groan and rubbed my eyes. I pushed my black hair out of my eyes. Alice handed me my black glasses. At last I could see again, instead of blurry shapes.

"Really Ali" I muttered, and then yawn. I was at Alice's house for the summer. Why you may ask? We are going to the Qudditch World Cup. We are meeting the Weasley's and my friends there but its surprise. Only Mr. Weasley knows, and we had another surprise in store but I was going to tell them later.

Ali grinned at me her blonde hair was in a ponytail. She laughed at my expression and got off my bed.

Ali handed me a letter and smiled at me.

I grinned as I saw who wrote it! I tore the letter open and started to read it.

Dear Sis,

Guess what? Me, the Weasley's and Hermione are going to Qudditch Cup! I wish you could come. Which reminds me are you going to come back this year? Hermione wants me to ask how your summer was? My summer has been well boring till I got here.

Also I know this question is really weird but have you had weird dreams lately? I have been having this weird dream almost every night and I always wake up to my scar hurting. Other than that, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley keep talking about something big that's going to happen this year. But they won't tell what.

Ron, and Hermione say Hi! I got to go, don't forget to owl me back.


I had a scar, but apparently had the glamour charm on my scar so nobody knew. They don't know who put it on me. It looks like somebody didn't want me to be now my scar was visible just like Harrys.

"He doesn't expect anything" asked Alice reading over my shoulder.

"Nope" I said grinning and putting the letter in my trunk.

"Girls come on you don't want to miss the porkey" yelled out Ali's dad.

"Coming" we yelled as we hurried up and got dress. I tap my want to my trunk and shrunk to about a lego sized. I love magic sometimes. I grinned at Alice who also shrunk her trunk thanks to Alice's dad and we were off.

I hated the feeling of a porkey, It was well kind of freaky. I closed my eyes not willing to open then. The next thing I knew was on the ground right next to Alice. Mr. Raven (Alice's dad) was grinning at us with amused expression. Alice's mom Juliet Raven was working at Muggle school, so that explained why she wasn't with

He picked up the damaged football and walked down the hill to meet a wizard wearing a Kilt. I didn't catch his name because I was looking around for sign of Harry or the Weasleys.

"Don't worry you will see your brother soon" said Ali as I stood on my toes to look around.

"Girls" called out Mr. Raven and we were off again, still looking around. I couldn't wait to see them!

It was a mile or half before we met another wizard. Mr. Raven use muggle money on him, I'm guessing he was a muggle but got oblivated or something. I felt kind of sad for him. We found our tent right next to the Weasleys but sadly they weren't there yet.

We may have cheated; none of us knew how to put the tent up the muggle way so Mr. Raven just set it up with magic. We never have been officially camping. The Tent was huge, bigger on the inside.

"Just like the TARDIS" muttered Mr. Raven, we all smiled at each other. Yes, we are Doctor Who fans, we can't help it. I hope they made new episodes soon. Mr. Raven has collection of all on videos from 1st Doctor and on.

"I can't believe we are here" said Alice taking the top bunk. I had to calm myself 1. I hated heights and we got the sits right next to the Weasley's. 2. I know I'm supposed to brave being in Gryffindor and all 3. Alice is coming with me to Hogwarts. I don't know why I listed those things but I'm excited. Even more excited to surprise my brother!

"Your just excited for Qudditch" I said with a laugh as Alice threw a pillow at me. I ducked just in time, see I would be a good keeper or maybe chaser but I hated heights.

"Of course I am Ireland is going to win" she said with a grin as she put on her Qudditch Ireland jersey. I rolled my eyes, only Alice.

"Not to meet any international boys than" I asked grinning at her as she throws a pillow at me again.

"I'm kidding I'm kidding" I said running from her. I ran outside only to bump into somebody.

"Ouch sorry" I said wide eyed.

"Phoenix" said the voice in disbelief, I grin as I saw it was my brother. His hair had gotten longer, he was in a serious need for haircut, then again my hair needed one too. I gave him a big hug.

"Hey Bro, surprise" I grinned as Alice came out. Hermione and Ron gave me a hug also.

"Nix, are you going to introduce me or not" Alice said with her hands on her hips.

I rolled my eyes again and introduce them.

"Why didn't you tell us you would be here" asked Harry as we all were in the tent. Alice was taking to Ginny about Qudditch and then telling jokes to the twins. Dad was taking to Mr. Weasley. Me, Hermione, Ron and my brother were sitting in the Living room of the tent.

"Wanted to surprise you of course, and yeah I been having those dreams also" I whispered the last part. He nodded at least he wasn't alone. We spent the rest of the time drinking butterbeer and laughing. Soon it was timeto head to the Qudditch Stadium.