(okay so this might be the final chapter I know I haven't written a lot for this or whatever. My Mood hasn't been great but finally is here! Will I write Half Blood Prince one or will this story end here? I don't really know but getting this story done really helps and I can breathe again. So Here's to the End.. of maybe this series unless a lot of people want me to write more or not. Its up to you. Just realize I meant Order of Phoenix. Or maybe if not a lot of people I will add a very very long what happen thing at the end. Anyways cause I'm really bored..here i go.(

The Final task was really close. And realizing that couple days ago I talked to Dumbledore warning him that something bad would happen. And sure Hogwarts was safe you know besides giant snake being lose and Fluffy and You know VOLDEMORT?!

How in the world was Hogwarts safe? Did I feel safe... not really.. I was jumpy and everyone kind of saw it.

I wanted a calming draught but knew i shouldn't. I didn't want to depend on something to calm me down. But just waiting was... not knowing if.. Okay the task were insane and Harry could die but something seem much bigger than this. I didn't know what to think about it.

But here I was... I was by the other gryffindors cheering my brother on. But felt terrible, Hermione suggested we should go back to Hogwarts but I shook my head.

A maze full of creatures and riddles. My brother was going into this huge maze. Why didn't I have good feeling about this. I already gave my brother a huge hug and told him to becareful not sure even if that would help. He smiled at me and said he would be fine.

Soon the champions were off to maze. I sighed and nibbled my lip waiting when Professor Moody walked up to me.

"Potter.. i have to talk to you about something" Moody said..acting little weird. His eye shifting around and felt little sick but decided to walk with him. The others didn't notice beside Neville. I gave him smile to show I was okay. He nodded and cheered with others as I followed Moody behind the bleachers.

'This is porkey back to Hogwarts... you looking a little green.." Moody handed me a cup. Confused of course I took it anyways. I closed my eyes cause reasons thinking i would be back to Hogwarts soon. When I realize that that couldn't happen.. Not at...

I open my eyes to being stuck with green wall around me and only one escape. Why did Moody send me to the maze? I heard noses and pulled my wand out having sinking feeling. I needed to find Harry. I whispered Lumos as it was quite dark

There was whispering and loud nosies making me confused and worried as I started to walk slowly through out the maze. I saw red sparks being shot in the air and got even worse feeling. I had to get to better place. Turning down on of the green whatever its called i found a goblet. The same one that others were suppose to touch.

Well if I just stood here maybe they would find me. Okay maybe Cedric sense Hufflepuffs were actually good finders. I mean one hufflepuff found my quill the other day.

I heard yelling when I saw them. Both My brother and Cedric running like hell towards me and the goblet. We all grabbed the goblet knowing that soon be would safe.

"This isn't Hogwarts" I mumbled before Harry could ask me why I was in the maze. I was just confused myself looking around confused in dark kind of freaky grave hard.

I looked around with others and saw grave stone that said Tom Riddle Sr. Confused and wondering what was going on we heard a raspy voice saying.

Suddenly me and Harry scream in pain cause of the scars. Voldemort was near I thought as we swallowed hard eyes wide but dropped our wands.

"KILL THE SPARE' and green light flash past me and harry to Cedric who was now on the ground not moving.

A swishing noise and the ratman, which screeched the words to the night: "Avada Kedavra!"

"NO " me and Harry yelled in shock as something grabbed us. With flick of wand from wormtail who was holding what look like a oddly shape snake baby. A statue of grim ripper hold us in place. Wands out of our hands so we couldn't do anything. We both shared a look as Wormtail walked forward

A cauldron big appeared out of no where. Me and Harry couldn't speak for moment and tried to move but can't as Wormtail began to speak.

"Bone of the father, unknowingly given, you will renew your son!"

A bone came out of the ground into the cauldron softly. Crap what was he doing i thought as he went on.

And now Wormtail was whimpering. He pulled a long, thin, shining silver dagger from inside his cloak. His voice broke into petrified sobs.

"Flesh - of the servant - w-willingly given - you will - revive - your master."

He stretched his right hand out in front of him - the hand with the missing finger. He gripped the dagger very tightly in his left hand and swung it upward.

Me and Harry Closed our eyes so we wouldn't see anything but heard ratface scream as loud as possible and wimpered waited a moment before opening our eyes to see Wormtail having blood cloth over his arm.

I felt sick.. this wasn't right as blackness took over and swooshing nosies. People were all around us in black robes and mask. Death eaters... why were they here?

"B-blood of the enemy...forcibly taken...you will...resurrect your foe."

Ratface went on and went to both of us..with help. They cut our arm and took blood before putting it to the cauldron. Me and Harry felt sick . and I almost threw up. Wormtail dumped Baby old Voldemort into the cauldron. I closed my eyes before hearing weird nosies

But then, through the mist in front of him, he saw, with an icy surge of terror, the dark outline of a man, tall and skeletally thin, rising slowly from inside the cauldron.

"Robe me," said the high, cold voice from behind the steam, and Wormtail, sobbing and moaning, still cradling his mutilated arm, scrambled to pick up the black robes from the ground, got to his feet, reached up, and pulled them one-handed over his master's head.

I wimpered in pain a little swallowed as I knew it was Voledmort.. I had dream this happen. I was screaming in my head as he talked. His red eyes pirecing the night. It wasn't a good thing.

Next thing I knew we were relase. I don't know how it happen but Voledmort told us to pick up our wands. I didn't want too. I wanted to run.. How the heck was I in Gryffindor again. Okay courage I thought picking my wand but Harry didn't making Voldemort yell.

"Curico follow your sister Potter...now both of you must bow...didn't Dumbledore teach you manners" Voldemort threw another curse at us before we bowed. I wanted to die at that moment. Two against one?

"Wormtail why don't you make sure she doesn't go anywhere" He hissed. before Wormtail little afraid pointed wand at me before taking mine. I swallowed hard feeling helpless little girl again as Harry stood up to voldemort.

"LEAVE HER ALONE" he yelled before Voldemort smirked.

"Stick up for your little sister are you... " he hissed before saying something. Its a Blur... Soon there was flash of red and green. Red from Harry... Green from Voldemort.

Flash of pure white and miss came out of where they conntected...soon I was face with our mother and father who smiled at us. They talked to Harry and I could blearly make out as Cedric appeared..something about his body. I couldn't speak or saw anything or do anything.. I felt sick..

Things went fast as Harry took my arm pulled me with him and cedric to goblet and we were back. Harry was crying while I.. I couldn't speak. Dumbledore came up and talked but I wasn't listening.. I couldn't listen. I just started at Cedric body as his father weep over him.

I don't know what happen to Harry as Neville and Alice pulled me to hostipal wing. I didn't talk the whole time as they asked me questions. I just followed quitely and head down. Alice looked at me worried as Madam Promfey threw whatever potion and told me to speak before I fell asleep..

The next couple days.. I didn't speak.. I just.. I didn't know. Harry told them what happen...but I had nightmares.. I didn't sleep much either. I did eat because I had too. The funeral...the Funeral was... it was all the blur the rest of the year.

I did homework spoke in hush tone only for class but that was it.

The others didn't bug me that much but they did talk. Alice said maybe she shouldn't leave. But I said nothing as I just didn't know what to say.

Luna pulled me aside and told me I could stay with her if I ever wanted too. I didn't know.. Weasleys told me the same but I just went on... I took train ride.. I hugged my brother as Alice and her father took me back to America...