Moon stones

As all of u knows these characters don't belong to me. The only ones that you don't recognize are mine. Everybody else belong to their proper owner. Vince McMahon owns all WWE sadly I do not. I don't know nobody in WWE so don't sue I don't have much money I just wanted to write a story after all the stories I read. Some shouts out go to SCORPINA, TAKER'S SOUL GIRL , AND CHANEL 1O1 these people are wicked authors . Anyway no flames please this is my first story be nice and last but not least there will be grammar rules broken. I suck in grammar and spelling to let people know. Some of these ideas are not mine so I'll give credit where credit is due. Now on with the story. Rating pg to pg 13


"Cata" my mom shouted I turn around and yell 15 more minutes' mom. Here let me tell u about me I'm 5'1 brown hair and hazel eyes. Some people say there green other say brown. I don't really care. Cata's my nickname everybody calls me that and that's how it will stay. I'm outside in the country looking at the stars. She says "but you're going to miss Friday Night SmackDown" Oh shit I tell myself. I don't want to miss the open stars but I don't want to miss wrestling either. I stay outside for 10 minutes while outside I'm still star gazing. As I keep watching the stars I see a shooting star. It's coming right at me. I just stand there. Then finally it land between my feet. It's the size of a quarter. I pick it up and put it in my pocket. Then I go inside and watch SmackDown. If I knew all the trouble it got me I never would have picked it up.

By the time I come in its starting. I'm really excited about tonight the Undertaker will face Kane in a buried alive match for the title. As time goes by I'm getting impatient about the match. Then it starts. I know both of them deserve the title but only one of them will win. The match starts with Kane kicking his brother in the gut. Taker wheezes over. Kane is going for a close line but Taker does an upper cut. They both keep passing shots until Kane gets a chair and hits Taker with a force that cuts him wide open but the Deadman won't give up so easily. The referee can't disqualify Kane no disqualification. While Kane takes a break, Taker grabs his own chair and hits Kane twice in the back, knocking him out. Taker pulls Kane to the hole and puts him in it. Kane regains conscience and tries to fight Taker to get out of the hole. Taker rolls his eyes and hits Kane with the chair three more times making Kane lose the match. I see Taker do his signature pose by the grave then turn off the TV and I go to sleep.

Next thing I know I'm in the middle of the ring. I walk up to 1 of the four corners of the ring and do a Randy Orton pose. "I'd be careful if I were u" says a voice from behind me. I turn around and see Kane with his brother the Undertaker who has a bandage wrapped around his head. They both wearing sweats Taker is wearing a black tang top while Kane is wearing a T shirt." So what's your name kid" ask Taker. "Cata" I say looking down at the ground. Another person comes up to us asking "What's up" I recognize that person its John Cena he's wearing some shorts and a jersey. He greets Kane and Taker then meets me. "Hey kid what's up" he asks again. I still say nothing. "Hey Cena the kid

Just shy" says a forth voice. I look up and see a mask man. Well by the mask its Rey Mysterio with a shirt and jeans walking me way. I quickly look back down "Man she's really shy!" John tells Taker and Kane "tell us about it" they whisper "what's going on here?" says a female voice. She's blond and muscular so it's Beth Phoenix with a spaghetti strap and jeans. I quickly ditch Rey and find a lonely spot. "What are we doing here?" says another female voice. "Beat me" says a third. By the voices it's Eve Torres and AJ Lee. Three more people show up in the ring a Mexican guy followed by two divas. The guy you know is Chavo Guerrero and the two ladies are Alisha fox and Natalia. So in total that makes 10 wrestlers and me. All the superstars go to their own little clique and I stand by myself.

Finally the stars make one big group and talk. "Hey Cata" I look up to see the Undertaker calling me over. I swallow my fear and get over there. As I get closer there asking how they got here and why. "Who was here first" asked Rey. "I was I tell them" shyly. They all look at me. "So how did you get here and what you were doing before you came" he asked again. "I was watching SmackDown" I say quietly while looking at Taker's bruise, Taker looks at me and smiles I quickly continue "then I went to sleep" I mumble. "Hey after our match we left the ring" says Kane "and went to our hotel to get some rest" added the Undertaker. "I went to the airport to catch my plane" John tells us. "Did you sleep" asked Taker "yep" he replied happily. "How about you ladies?" asked Chavo "Beth, Eve, and AJ are riding with me and Aksana" says Natalia. "Who's driving" ask Cena "Aksana is" replied Natalia. "So you're all sleeping" he asked again. "Probably" she replied. "So everyone here is sleeping" I say to myself. "Sounds like it" Rey tells me. I look up and see that Rey and AJ are within ear shot. "That's right you're all asleep" says an enormous voice. Everybody looks up around for the person speaking but can't find it. It speaks again "Don't bother looking you won't find me. You're all here because I brought you here to play my game and unless u win then you won't wake up the voiced laughed maliciously. "What about her?" Cena Scoffed pointing at me. "She's not a WWE wrestler like the rest" he continued. "You will need her" it said leaving.

Once the voice was gone they all stared at me I just stared at the ground. "Well let's get out of the ring and see what we find" Taker tells us. Everyone followed not wanting to hear the voice. As we left the ring Kane came by my side saying "This first time in the ring right?" I nod. We enter the back stage it was full of people. Everyone was busy. Not knowing where I was going I bumped into Vince McMahan. "Alright kid what are you doing here" he said. Taker stepped in front of me but Vince doesn't see him. "Well" he says getting impatient. I uh um… the other stars call him but he doesn't listen to them. Beth finally puts a hand on Vince's shoulder. Her hand just went through him. "Security" yelled Vince. "I 'm looking for my parents I yell out" "well in that case" he turns to the security. "Make sure you get her to her loved ones ok?" With that he leaves. "Bathroom I say before their able to make a grab." Then I run. A few minutes later Kane told me to follow him I did. We come to some kind of giant utility closet. "Ok am I the only one that finds it weird that Vince saw you and not us?" asked Chavo. The other nod to say no I stay quite. "Well was there anything different done before going to bed? Since were asleep" Cena questioned. I found this before watching Smack down I tell them. It was the pebble I found earlier. "So you have the moonstone" the voice said in the dark. "Here is the game find ten pebbles in this arena in order to wake up from this dream. Each pebble belongs to somebody" the voice said leaving once again. "Wait" taker calls but ends up getting ignored

With a sigh he looks at me says "let me see the stone" I give it to him and he passes it around until everyone gets a chance to see it. Finally it ends up back in my hand. When I put it away I look up and see everyone staring at me. "What I say" Taker takes a breath and says "kid you're going to have to look through the arena" "I can't look threw them" I tell him "You have to" he says I look at everyone their all nodding. "The security will catch me" I protest. "We already have that covered" the divas say. AJ then whispered something in me ear. Now let's go find Triple H's room Eve tells me. I didn't know what they were thinking but we left looking. "This way" says Rey I follow them him. We find Triple H's room and I start knocking "Who is it" he yells I don't answer I just keep on knocking until he opens the door. I go inside and take a seat. "Ok kid you got to go" he said. Triple H picks me up and carried me to the door. He's about to kick me out when Undertaker whispered something in my ear and I whispered it in Triple H's ear. He looked shocked. Triple H left me down and closed the door. "What can I do for u kid" he said. I take a deep breath and pull out the stone. Before I get to answer I see the pebble glow silver in my hand. I play hot and cold with it until there was another glow under Triple H's couch. "Do you mind moving the couch?" I ask him. "Yes I mine" he said glaring. I must have seemed shocked because he said Kidding and removed his couch smiling. Under the couch was another pebble I picked it up and put both in my pocket. "Was that all" he said "No actually I need a VIP pass for the entire arena" I told him. "Sure why not just don't anybody" he said. With that I left his office and went back to the closet with pebbles and pass. We gather around me then show them the other pebble. They pass it around until it turns bright red in Kane's hand "Must be mine he grins" "did you guys see it glow." I ask them. No one answer I ask Kane for his rock, they were still glowing how about now I ask them again. "No was the response. "Wait I do" someone spoke we all turn to see Kane. "You do?" I ask he nods. "So they glow when there together?" AJ spoke "Basically" said Kane. While the group talked. Kane said "Listen Cata stay here while I go look for the rest of the stones ok" then he left. "Wait" I yelled after Kane. I follow Kane outside not noticing one of the group members saw us leave. He was smirking to himself. "1 down 9 to go" I told myself.