As all of u knows these characters don't belong to me. The ones u doesn't recognize are mine. Everybody else belongs to their proper owner. Vince McMahon owns all WWE sadly I do not. I don't known nobody in WWE so don't sue I don't have much money I just wanted to write a story after all the stories I read. Any way no flames please this is my first story be nice and last but not least there will be grammar rules broken. I'm not very good in grammar and spelling to let people know. Some of these ideas are not mine so ill give credit where credit is due. Now on with the story, rating: PG-PG13.

It's been three years since the incident with the stones began. I never take it out, but I can't help wonder was it really a coincident. Shrugging the subject out of my head I finally open the compartment that holds the stone. I have a feeling in my stomach that today I'm going to need it. Putting it in my pocket I hear a voice "Cata you ready to go" my mom ask? She's taking me to WWE Bragging Rights. "Yeah almost" I tell her. Once I'm done I get in the car and she starts driving. Were 30 minutes early she buys the snack while I go check out the merchandise. My pay check is dying I spent close to all my money on merchandise. With it I bought a Taker sweatshirt, a cup with all the divas on it, Kane mask, Rey Mysterio arm bands, John Cena shirt and a Chavo Guerrero poncho. Walking I start to hear fans screaming. Ignoring it I bump into the last person I expected AJ. We stare at each other not knowing what to say. Words don't get out instead she grabs my arm and starts running. Pulling me along I try to stop it's no use. Finally yanking my hand off I ask "Why are we running?" She doesn't answer instead turns me around 180 degrees. My eyes widen, behind us is a crowd at least 100ft away. "OOH" turning around we both started running again. Trying to make fun of the situation I said "Now I know how you feel when running away from crazy fans." Aj gave me a smile before pulling me backstage. I was lucky that there were a lot of security guards to stop the fans. Going backstage was exciting there everyone was busy. People were drinking coffee others were on checking out clothes. Stars were talking on their phones. "Cata this way follow me" AJ said. With a shrug of my shoulders I followed her. In no time at all we were at the Diva's locker room. Taking a step at a time I went in. The Diva's were everywhere. Soon I was the center of attention I nicely answered all their 5 Ws. I think Natalia saw me uncomfortable because, she spoke up "Cata come over here" They didn't have to tell me twice. Going with Natalia was a good idea. I saw Beth, Eve, and Alisha. All five of us ended up talking. They did more than me. I just heard them. Before we knew it an hour had pass. A sudden voice at the door warned the divas that the pay per view was about to begin. Standing up I was getting ready to leave. On my step out the door Alisha pulled out a backstage pass. Eyes wide open I was about to ask … "I had an intuition you know" closing my mouth I walk out with it. Thinking fast I run back to the locker room and tell them not to tell the guys. Walking out of backstage I try to find me seat.

The pay per view starts with Rey vs. Chavo. Rey won that one easily. A triple threat match is next Aj vs. Beth vs. Alisha. Cheering for Aj I see that Beth won. Cena teamed up with Batista to take on Randy Orton and Edge. Sadly Rated RKO won. Another Diva's match was up. Eve vs. Natalia that one lasted for 10 minutes Eve gave it all she got but still ended up losing. The main event finally started Raw against Smackdown I didn't really care who won since they both had awesome wrestlers I just cheered for both teams. Another main event was up next Kane vs. Undertaker. Going into Bragging Rights Taker had the Title coming out lets says he was missing a certain belt. The wrestling event was great. Once it was over Mom wanted to leave soon but I told her I had some friends that I wanted to catch up with she wouldn't budge until I told her that I would call her every hour. That must have done the trick because; she took the cup leaving me with everything else. Putting on my Kane mask I went to the security guard. He asked for the pass, taking it out of my pocket I showed him. He let me pass walking in I went directly into the diva's room again. I congratulated the winners on the match then the topic of conversation went to Boys, shopping, and a little bit of anime. The conversation soon got quiet. "So how was the kiss "asked Eve. Blushing I ask "What kiss" "The one with Taker" Alisha rolled her eyes. "That was Zapter doing" I say. "Right" Says Beth letting that one slide. "Well lets go the boys should be ready" Aj shouts happily. I put on my Kane mask then go right in front of her. Walking to the guy's locker room took a while but we got there. "Everyone decent" asks Beth while knocking. No one answers instead the door opens. The person opening the door is none other than Rey. "Hey Aj Whose the kid?" he asked. "Ay Mysterio como que no te recurdas" I reply. "mysterio let them" in a voice hollers. Cena and Chavo are confused into silence. I take of the mask and reveal myself. "Hay chava no pensaba verte otra vez" Rey says. Chavo and Cena woke up from their confused silence to Scream "CATA!" "Hey guys" I respond "so you're not shy anymore" asked Chavo "Nope, so what's up with u guys" I ask. "oh u know Winning matches t kicking Ass, Watching u fail…." Cena breaks in "Guys let's talk about the dream." Natalia reminds us. "We need to wait for certain people " Eve says "I'll go look for them" says Rey "No need Mysterio I'm here, just missing the Deadman himself" says Kane coming out of the shadows" with the belt on his shoulder. "KANE!" I shout running up to him going for a hug. "So that's what all the commotion is all about." He said hugging me. "Nice job on the Win" "Thanks kid." "So where is taker?" I ask "where do u think" "un..." "he's in the shower" at those words an evil sly smile goes on my face. "uh oh" somebody says. "Anybody want to help on a prank?" I asked No one seem to want to help until another sly grin grew on the big red machine face. "I'm in" With that Kane went inside the shower room. He soon came out with Undertaker's duffle bag. Going threw it I took out all his clothes only leaving boxers, socks, and deodorant. I still needed a few items to finish this off. Looking over at the Diva's I asked "Does anybody have extra clothes with them?"I got my answer when Kane gave me a 3xx pink shirt containing white happy faces and green butterflies in the middle it read "Girl Power" I took it from him mouth agape. "Don't even ask or think about it that means everyone" he sneered to everybody in the room. "ok do u have shorts?" I asked. Imagine my surprise when in his hand he held a pair of white shorts. I didn't know what to say so like he said "Don't think about it" thought I think everyone else took a step back. "Wait isn't that Beth's…" someone said "If we stay here Takes going to finish his shower and the prank won't happen" Kane reminded us "And you're probably signing your death warrant" Rey replied. Taking a hint I grabbed the clothes and ignore mysterio completely then I put them in the bag. "Walking quietly I walked into the shower the water was still running. Checking behind me I checked Kane to see if he was still behind me. Well let's just say that I was on my own. I didn't really expect Kane to ditch me but he did. If Taker caught me I would take the consequences. I opened the door and went in; leaving the bag there I went into another room and hid anywhere I could hide. The water stopped running he took 15 minutes to change. When he came out let's say that smoke was coming out of his ears I suppressed the giggle that wanted to escape me but sadly one did. Hearing the giggle he looked for the person that made the noise. Not holding it any longer I laughed out loud. Taker found me laughing my Ass off "so kid u decided to get me back for everything I did" "Yep" I told him. "well get over here and give me a hug."I hugged him then followed him out of the shower. Before opening the door he put his hand on my shoulder. "At least let me put on the shirt inside out" Nodding I waited until he was done. "Well she's alive" said Eve. The other wrestlers couldn't hold it any longer and laugh at what he was wearing. While everyone laugh I went to look for Kane "why you ditched me" I ask." I'm not that stupid to mess with him" he replied. We waited until the laughter died then everyone went serious. "Did everyone bring their stone" asked Chavo. Some nodded others stay quiet." Doesn't matter if u guys Brought them as long as the kid brought the original" voiced Cena nodding I took that one out. "see if u could call the missing ones?" question Taker. Sure enough all of the stones appeared each wrestler taking their rightful stone. We put them all together waiting for something to happen nothing. "Were u waiting for me" asked a voice. "Zapter" all of us chorused. "Hey it's good to see you again but I have some bad news Bronx escaped and it's up to you guys now. With my energy low I won't be able to help and the stones are bonding with u humans. So it's your job to capture him again" Those were his last word before he disappeared. "I did not sign up to play superhero" growled Kane. "None of us did" I replied quietly. "The question is do we have a choice?" asked Natalia "Well know soon enough" Responded the Undertaker. The End


"Ay Mysterio como que no te recurdas"

Oh Mysterio ho can u not remember

"Hay chava no pensaba verte otra vez"

I didn't think to see u again.