Roads of Yesterday

Nightwing sat at the monitor in the heart of Mount Justice, his eyes glued to the screen as he typed furiously. A strained pause came to pass as the computer scanned for Nightwing's current target. The silence was broken by a loud ping from the computer, honing in on a warehouse complex in the middle of nowhere between Gotham and Star City. Nightwing reached for the com that hung on his belt before pausing

"Do I really want to drag the team down there when I'm not sure if they're even there?" Nightwing asked himself.

He'd been second guessing himself a lot lately. He didn't trust himself as much anymore, not since he'd messed up and gotten Wally and Kaldur nearly killed several months ago. Nightwing sighed as he stood and walked to his room. He'd just grab a few things and go check out the warehouse. Nothing more. He was just going to make sure that this wasn't a false lead and make sure he knew everything before calling in the team. After checking that his utility belt was well-stocked he headed to where he kept his bike. He put on his helmet and revving the engine he set off.

He drove down the roads at break neck speed, almost flying down the pavement. He passed through Central City, wincing when he saw Wally's house. He hadn't yet gotten the courage up to speak directly and alone with his friend since that mission, the memories of the fear and panic that had gripped him when he'd thought Wally dead still slashing fresh in his mind now and again. His thoughts blurred back to the night when he'd given the order to move in, the tense minutes when he was fighting for his life and then the feeling of being blasted backwards; flying through the air on a hot wave. Nightwing's mind jolted back to reality as he felt the bike beneath him begin to fall. He quickly managed to right the bike and avoid a head on collision with the asphalt beneath him.

"Stay focused Nightwing. Stay focused." He growled to himself as he continued on.

For some hours he drove along a winding stretch of road, the landscape flashing by him slowly growing into more of a countryside, soon turning to a desert like wasteland. The sun flew across the sky as Nightwing sped down the road. When the golden light of the sun began to turn a deep red-orang and sink behind the hills the monitor on his bike began to blink as he neared the warehouse complex. The dusty roads of the countryside led to a spread out yard circled by electrified, barbed wire fence. Nightwing stepped off the bike, laying it in a patch of desert bushes to conceal it. Silent as the desert wind Nightwing turned towards the fence, eyeing it with dangerous determination. A deep breath and he was off flying towards the 12' fence. He leapt off the ground, pulling his legs towards his chest and flipping over it easily. A small swirl of dust erupted at his feet when he landed soundless as the night on the other side. In an instant Nightwing was flying for the cover of a large pile of boxes. He stopped and listened, listened for any signs of life or movement in the warehouses near him. He opened up the holo-screen on his wrist guard and checked which warehouse was said to be housing the newest lair of a new super-villain group naming themselves the Corps of Unjustice.

He closed the screen as he got to his feet. He listened a few seconds more before peering cautiously around the corner of the boxes. Neither hearing nor seeing any indications of another beings presence Nightwing set off through the maze of warehouses. He flew through the silent dead land like a shadow over the ground and silent as the moon through the night. When Nightwing found the warehouse he suspected held the newest headquarters the sun had almost entirely sunk behind the distant hills. He found another pile of boxes beside a warehouse and decided to get a vantage point as he listened. He leapt up the stacks and finished lightly on the metallic roof of the warehouse opposite the suspect. He closed his eyes and let his normal hearing expand, listening to the sounds within the warehouse; trying to find hints of people yelling or talking or large things moving. He had no super hearing, but with focus he could have better than average. With sounds of occupancy nonexistent Nightwing opted for a closer look. He stood from his crouched perch and backed up some feet away from the edge of the roof before sprinting down the metallic surface. He pushed off the very edge of the roof to leap the seventeen foot gap between warehouses. A gentle thud was all his practiced landing created. Still he heard no noise as he stopped to listen. The black suited superhero walked down the roof and to the edge, attaching a grapple claw to a metal thatch before lowering down in front of a dusty, murky window. He attempted to peer inside, but saw no lights, no movement, no sign of any kind of occupancy at all.

"I was right to come check this out before calling in everyone. It's just another dead lead." Nightwing grumbled to himself as he climbed back up the rope.

As he shimmied quietly up the rope, Nightwing heard something on the roof. He paused to listen but it stopped before he could, so he dismissed it as a bird landing or a stray something gone flying. Nightwing reached a hand over the top of the roof to haul himself up. He managed to get his other arm over the edge of the roof and haul himself halfway up before a hard blow to his jaw sent him flying from the roof. Quick reflexes and his stunning ability in acrobatics allowed Nightwing to make a last second save and tuck into a roll as he hit the dusty ground. He snapped his head up to see Poison Ivy standing on the roof. Her dark red hair glowed eerily in the light of the setting sun. Just as Nightwing stood she vaulted down from the roof. She landed next to him and smirked.

"Who would have thought that I got the pleasure of taking out Boy Wonder himself by sticking around on guard duty." Ivy said as she looked at Nightwing with a gleeful smile.

"A chance to get you butt kicked you mean." Nightwing snarled as he launched himself at Ivy, eskrima sticks in his fists.

A cloud of dust quickly arose around the two as flurries of kicks and punches were dished out from either side. A lucky quick jab into the ribs by Nightwing with his eskrima sticks had Poison Ivy stumbling backwards a few steps. Nightwing leapt away,flipping to keep an eye on Ivy and get farther away. He stood poised ready to block attacks as he tried to catch his breath. He reached a hand back to press a locator activation button on his belt, but a sudden movement from Ivy gave him no chance. She darted forward, followed by a string of plants that had surged out of nowhere. Nightwing was thrown on the defensive as he parried attacks from Poinson Ivy's monstrous plants. He quickly found that the attacking aid of Ivy was throned, though not poisonous, yet it could easily slice him to ribbons should he get entangled within it's iron-like tendrils. He managed to hold off the vines for a little before his sticks were smashed to rubble. Nightwing as a result had to fend off the attacking flora with only his hands. He was able to maneuver his way out of the constricting mass of seething vines. Several lacerations dribbled red onto the dusty floor as Nightwing glared at Ivy before continuing to block attacks from the vines. Nightwing vaulted several yards away. During his brief respite he glared at Ivy. He was launched into action once more as an even larger wave of vines came his way. Ivy stood smirking as she watched him fight in vain.

"You should give up little bird, you're not going to win on your own. My babies are too strong." Ivy said to Nightwing as she walked a few steps forward.

Nightwing's breath was getting faster and more labored as he fought, the sun nearly sunk behind the hills in it's entirety. The plants kept attacking with relentless force, tearing at his skin and suit with their thorns and attemptingHe knew he was starting to tire when he leapt up to do a flipping retreat and he nearly crashed on his face, but managed to finish the move and landed on his feet. A sudden blow knocked Nightwing forward. He turned halfway to see Black Spider standing behind him. The villain didn't hesitate as he sprung forward, aiming a blow at Nightwing's head. The hero managed to catch the blow on his scratched up forearm, but didn't anticipate Black Spider's web shooter join off and covering his face. Nightwing kicked Spider hard in the gut and stumbled backwards to rip off the sticky mess that had exploded in his face. Unfortunately neither Poison Ivy nor Black Spider wanted to give him that chance. Spider rushed at the hero whilst Ivy sent her babies at Nightwing as well. The black-clad hero was successful in fending off both opponents blind for a short while before being over powered. A sharp, heavy blow thudded against the base of Nightwing's skull, causing the black-garbed hero to fall unconscious. Thorned vines coiled themselves tightly around Nightwing whilst Black Spider encased the hero in a cocoon of webbing to keep the hero subdued until he was properly contained.

"Should we alert the others?" Black Spider asked Ivy, a hint of a malicious hiss in his voice.

"I think now would be a good time, yes. Bring the old Boy Wonder inside and call the others. Make sure to double lock the cell and turn on all the security measures." Ivy reminded the villain as he picked up the limp cocoon of Nightwing.

The black bug man made his way into the dark warehouse with Nightwing's cocooned body slung over his shoulder. Ivy watched the villain with scrutinizing eyes and a cautionning glare. She distrusted just about every member of the organization except for Joker and she wasn't afraid to show it. She took a final glance at the sky before retreating into the warehouse after Black Spider to make sure he was doing as told and then to call up Joker and the other heads to tell them that she and the Spider had just caught Nightwing in their little web.

"Joker will be so pleased." Ivy said to herself as she locked the door to the darkening warehouse behind her.

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