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Evenly-timed beeps echoed in the quiet space. The setting sun's glow filtered through the sheer curtains, illuminating the burgundy walls, and their three occupants, naturally instead of by the lights. It gave a softer look to the otherwise extravagant room. It was also a very drastic change for the sleeping hero. Instead of too-bright white or murky black, the surroundings were peaceful and familiar. Someone had said that might help encourage the young acrobat out of his deep sleep.

So far they had been wrong, Wally thought as his head dropped again, knuckles pressing into his forehead. It was a position he often assumed as he watched over Dick these past three weeks. Zatanna sighed as she watched Wally curl in, once again failing at hiding his frustration with the situation.

It wasn't surprising to her that Wally would be the one most affected by Dick's comatose state. The two had been joined at the hip since the Team started, and even before that! Them separated was like seeing a lion without its mane, a eating a PB&J without the jelly, the Lochness lake without its monster… Something just wasn't right when the Pranknamic Duo were reduced to solos, even though over the years they had matured - one more so than the other.

Wally's eyes flicked towards the machines, looking over them with hope that his friend was just joking this time; that he'd suddenly sit up and tell Wally that he was fine. The speedster shook his head, watching the ground again. He leaned forward, resting his head in his hands on the bed.

"Why aren't you coming back?" He asked, voice tight and strained.

He had asked the same question hundreds of times by now, but he never got the answer he wanted. There wasn't a single reason that he, or anyone else, could see as to why Dick was still out. The acrobat was home. He was safe.

"This doesn't count, you know. It's not what we meant when we said you're not allowed to die, Bird-brain." Wally looked up at Dick's face, the beginnings of tears brimming in his own.

Zatanna stretched a hand towards Wally, clasping his shoulder. She squeezed reassuringly, finding that that was all she could really do. The time for giving words of encouragement, or even hope, had passed. Yes, it had only been a few weeks since the teen had gotten an exploding flower detonated not more than three feet from him. That would have been more than enough cause for most people to be in a vegetative state for the rest of their lives, with no hope at all of coming out the same, but this was not most people. The hero in question was Richard Grayson, adopted ward of Bruce Wayne: youngest superhero protege of all time and one of the best, in spite of being compared to straight-up aliens. If anyone could come out alright, it would be him.

No matter the injury, Dick had always been back on his feet as quickly as he possibly could- whether that was in days, or at the most, two weeks. A quiet chuckle escaped Zatanna as she remembered having to drag the boy back to bed a few times when he had a sprained ankle and cracked ribs. Somehow Wally had convinced him that pulling pranks was a fine thing to do when incapacitated. "No one'll suspect you," he had said. The magician shook her head. Between Dick and Wally there was sometimes no more common sense than that of a peanut. There was no one stronger, or more puzzling, than the people with her.

The speedster looked over to her, a quizzical expression on his face, as if he could not understand how she was laughing then.

"Just thinking about that time after the mission in London when you two were utter dorks," she said, not able to suppress the smile that crept to her lips.

Wally smiled a bit in return as he shook his head. "Nah, he was the dork, I was the mastermind."

"You sure about that? Because I recall when you told me your master plan was to take over the world using tofu."

"That was ages ago!"

Zatanna blinked as a skeptical look crossed her face. "That was last week."

For a brief moment laughter filled the somber room, lifting the weighted feeling from both sets of shoulders. The sun's dwindling light brightening the world around the three youths, almost as if to encourage the moment of cheer among the weeks of gloom. Though, the joy was only fleeting as the two laughing teens realized that the chorus was missing a cackle to complete it.

Silence enveloped the atmosphere again, save for the beeps from the machines. Zatanna sighed leaning farther back into her seat whereas Wally growled and stood, striding away from the bed. He was trying to be patient. Waiting was never his strength, in any kind of situation and especially not when his friends were on the line. Three weeks. He had been sitting diligently by Dick's side for practically three straight weeks. The needed to do something, anything, to bring him back and get the acrobat moving again or at least talking was becoming intolerable.

The redheaded teen stopped by the window, arms crossed tightly in front him. His eyes were shut tight, almost as tight as his jaw was clenched. Frustration was never a hard feeling to distinguish with Wally. That, anger and sadness were the only truly negative emotions he really let out. It was the differences between goofing off, sincere, and pranking that were hard to learn with the freckle-faced boy.

"Walls, it's not-"

"My fault? Yeah, it is," he snipped, not bothering turning towards Zatanna.

"I was gonna say that it's not wrong for you to be happy around him, you know. He wouldn't want that," she replied, standing, though staying beside the bed.

"You don't understand!" Wally swung around, throwing his arms out for balance when he stumbled a little. "You weren't there- you weren't there when we were first captured! I couldn't do anything to stop them. He's my best friend, Zee, practically a brother and I couldn't protect him."

Even with his back to her and the light streaming freely through the window around him, Zatanna could still picture the twisted grimace distorting Wally's face. Her own features mimicked it, pulling together and feeling as though her heart was cracking. It was painful for her to see Wally so torn and angry over something that he couldn't have handled any better. What hurt the magician most, however, was how powerless she felt to help. She was supposed to be able to help him. If being in a relationship had a contract, that would be written in her's. Yet she wasn't doing a very good job of it, in her own opinion.

Shaking her head, Zatanna slowly stood and began walking towards Wally. Her pace was careful, but not to keep him from noticing her. Quite the opposite. She was giving the speedster a chance to tell her no, that space was a better idea than proximity. He didn't even seem to blink at her approach. Zatanna took that as a positive sign, at least, as she stopped beside him.

She didn't speak as she reached for his hand, intertwining their fingers. A tentative smile grew on her lips as they stood there looking out onto the green grounds of the Wayne Estate. The flowers were starting to open under the sun, birds were flying around the garden. Zatanna glanced over at Wally, catching the beginnings of a smile there too. She flicked her eyes back to the landscape, now wondering what would distract the speedster so thoroughly. All she could see around the gardens were robins. At least ten, possibly more, but in North America that wasn't terribly uncommon this time of year. Zatanna kept watching though, wondering if she'd see something.

She didn't notice how Wally's eyes were following the birds themselves. He watched as they flew from their trees, pecking at the ground and soaring low over it in search of the food both they and the speedster knew was there. Someone in the house would be putting out food for the robins; it was as important a task as cleaning the house and doing the laundry. The robin colonies that had formed around Wayne grounds were as much a part of the family as any person. Dick had told him that when the younger hero taught the speedster how to 'properly' care for the birds. Then it had sent Wally into such a fit of laughter that it took him at least an hour to stop chuckling and chortling. But with the birds' first friend not laughing with him, only a half-hearted huff of a laugh left the speedster.

"What're you thinking about?" Zatanna asked, running her thumb over the back of Wally's hand.

His head turned towards her, the faint grin still present, "The robins."

"The people or the birds?" Zatanna's brows arched upwards minutely as she looked at Wally quizzically.

"The Wayne robins, a group of colonies that Bruce has on the grounds," he answered, pointing to the birds flitting over the ground of the garden. "They all started with Dick adopting a nest outside his window and basically pulling a Charlotte's Web with them and creating one of the biggest robin families ever recorded."

Zatanna couldn't help the smile that slipped onto her face as she looked over her shoulder at their sleeping friend. She sighed, shaking her head but not losing any of the smile.

"He really is the biggest dork I've ever met," she chuckled.

"But what about me?"

"You get the title of biggest clutz and idiot in my life," Zatanna stated, crossing her arms over her chest as the fond grin turned into a bit of a smirk.

"You say that like they're good things," Wally snorted, looking back to the birds.

"Wally, you know I what I mean. They're some of your weirdly endearing traits," Zatanna defended as she turned to face him instead of the window.

The speedster's body stiffened as she watched him. Zatanna could see the muscles in his jaw working as he ground his teeth, apparently trying not to bite out his retort. That only made the magician worry more. She truly hadn't meant for her words to be anything more than a lighthearted jest. A quiet, wordless groan escaped her as she brought a hand to her face, resting over her eyebrows with her thumb pressing on her temple.

"Walls, please, I didn't-"

"Mean to say that I'm broken and that's one of the better qualities I have?"

"No! That's not what I meant, and you know it. Don't twist my words just for a reason to get angry."

"I don't need anymore reasons to be angry! I've got plenty, more than plenty actually. There're so many reasons for me to be angry it'd be a shorter list to name the reasons why I shouldn't be," Wally practically roared as he whirled around to face Zatanna, arms gesticulating wildly as his virescent eyes dug into her's, a vicious flame alight in the green depths.

"I'd say you've got a few pretty good reasons to not go blowing up right in front of you," she barked back, not backing down an inch, instead stepping towards him. "You've got no more reason to be angry than any of us. Shit happens to everyone, okay? Everyone! And there's nothing we can do except deal with it and keep moving on."

"Easy enough for you to say Zatanna, you've got magic. You can fix practically anything-"

"No I can't! If I could, do you think I'd let him stay in a coma? Or leave my father as Doctor Fate? Or keep letting you be in pain? I wouldn't. If I could fix any of those things I WOULD. In a heartbeat I would. But I can't. Magic has limits Wally, everything does, even us. Especially us, unfortunately."

"But we're the exceptions to almost every law of physics and science around! Look at our team! We've got a guy who can breathe underwater, one who can change into animals, an alien and a half-alien clone, more than one person who can do magic and a few people who push and defy the laws of what a normal person should be able to do. We should be able to protect our friends, damn it!"

His voice was ringing through the room, almost seeming to echo with the strength of it. Zatanna appeared quelled as she stepped back, biting her lip harshly, looking caught between anger and grief with her tight jaw and scrunched eyes. The two didn't move, staying a few feet apart, attempting to let their pride deflate some before trying to talk again. The lull in the tension ceased when a quiet knock came from the door. Both the conscious hero's heads snapped towards the door.

"Guys? You okay in here?" Tim called as he opened the door and peered in.

A heavy silence weighed on the room as neither Zatanna nor Wally moved to speak. Their heads turned away from each other, eyes downcast and brows pulled into a gentle frown. As Wally's jaw locked and the frown deepened, Zatanna's lower lip began to tremble. Tim was smart enough to not step further inside or speak, giving the pair time. From just the volume of their previous conversation he could guess it was bad. After what felt like forever to Tim, Zatanna turned towards him, wiping at her eyes, trying to hide that she had started to cry.

"We're fine," she announced, voice thick with tears and cracking as she said the opposite of what she was feeling. "What do you need?" She asked, plastering on a faint attempt at a smile that faltered slightly as she cleared her throat.

"Bruce and I are heading to the Watchtower. The meeting starts soon," he answered slowly.

Zatanna nodded, giving him a bit of a wider smile, again failing at faking it. "Thanks, Tim. We'll be there soon." She let out a shaky breath as she nodded once more, looking quickly over to Wally.

Out the corner of her eye she saw Tim nod in answer and slip out of the room, door closing soundlessly behind him. She watched Wally's shoulders hunch forward and head bow down, his lips parting as a broken keening sound left him. Zatanna flinched at the sound, knowing just how much pain it took to cause it. She stepped closer to Wally, situating herself in front of him. With the caution and care she'd use when reaching towards a tigre, Zatanna slowly took one of Wally's balled fists in her hands.

"Hey," she said softly, squeezing his hand. "You did more than anyone ever expected you to. You got him home Wally, and that's pretty darn impressive. You can't keep beating yourself up over circumstances that you couldn't control." She shook her head, bowing it forward briefly before taking a deep breath. "If anyone's to blame for what happened to him, i-it's me."


"You can't tell me it's not!" She dropped her hands away, crossing her arms again, gripping her elbows tightly. "If it wasn't for me you wouldn't have gone in without us and the information we got from Helena. The alarms wouldn't have gone off and we'd all have been in and out with not one the wiser! But I got you stuck here. And you reacted like any of us would have. I shouldn't have told Kaldur, then he'd be fine and Barbara would be fine and everyone would be fine!"

Zatanna tried to turn away, but Wally reached for her arm, stopping her. He stepped closer, only leaving inches between them, and used both hands to cup her face. He wiped away the tears trickling down her cheeks.

"It wasn't your fault. You hear me? All you did was try to protect me and the Team, okay? That was the right thing to do," Wally told her, looking her straight in the eyes.

"But I-"

"No, stop. Guilting yourself over what happened isn't right. You were trying to keep me safe and I didn't listen. What happened was on me. I brought Babs there, I was the one that tripped the alarm and I'm the one who is to blame for what happened to Dick. Not you, Miss Magic. You did the best you could in the situation at hand… Why're you smiling?" His brow quirked upwards.

And indeed, Zatanna was weakly smiling at him despite still crying. A quiet, breathy chuckle escaped her next as she leaned into his hands slightly.

"Because you're a hypocrite with a guilt complex that's extremely annoying and clumsy, and yet somehow manages to be attractive," she answered, biting her lip as she smiled.

"You find me annoying?" He asked incredulously, evidently having stopped paying attention there.

"Sometimes. Mostly when you're trying to guilt yourself into an early grave." She brought a hand to her face, taking ahold of one of his. "That particularly bothers me because I don't want to have to deal with the funeral preparations that would involve."

The two of them let out quiet chuckles, one a bit heartier than the other, but it was a relief to both of the teens that the other was laughing, even if only just barely. Maybe, just maybe, they would make it through this loss without falling apart. Zatanna squeezed Wally's hand as she lowered hers, bringing his with her own.

"We should go," she remarked.

"Probably. It wouldn't be quite appropriate to be fashionably late to this get-together," Wally replied, smiling just a tinge.

"No, it would most certainly not be. We need the Leaguers to take us seriously if we're going to even stand a chance," Zatanna affirmed as she started walking to the door, stepping around Wally.

"We already had a chance, and we blew it a long time ago. What we're gonna need is some sort of magical miracle," he chuffed as he followed her.

"Fresh out of miracles here. It's all up to you, speed-brain," she told him, wrapping her arm around his waist as he opened the door.

"Darn it, here I was hoping that you might be able to prove that magic is real," Wally taunted jokingly, as they stepped out of the room.

"Keeping talking smack and I might just give you a demonstration of magic's realness. Wait. Is realness even a word?" She asked, stopping in the doorway and dropping her arm away.

"I don't know. I'm not the dictionary here."

Zatanna snorted as she glared at Wally, a look that promised he'd regret saying that later. He gave her a wide grin, pleading to not be turned into a toad or something after the meeting.

"I am not a dictionary," she retorted, closing the door to Dick's room with a soft click before heading to the stairs, uttering a quick spell and disappearing in a poof of smoke, leaving Wally standing there for a few seconds.

"Zeeeeeeee! Wait for me!" He shouted, taking off running through the manor to the Zeta tubes in the Batcave.

In a slow, contained movement, Batman stood with his palms resting on the table and shoulders rolled forward. His head was bowed, but only briefly as he lifted his eyes- looking like they were narrowed to slits through the cowl- towards the gathered group of younger teens. Silence reigned as he surveyed the proteges. An ominous weight grew in the room, choking out all the air as the Dark Knight prepared to speak. By now everyone was used to his prickly ways and the somber aura around him, but this was worse. As Batman stayed quiet that invisible austere darkness spread, chilling the room and sending tremors up its occupants spines.

"As previously stated, this meeting is to determine the ranks of the Team and whether or not two of the children before us are qualified to be on it," he stated dryly, voice cold and harsh, almost distant if it weren't for the notes of anger.

No one answered, all their mouths frozen shut as Batman stood tall, rolling his shoulders back and dropping his hands beneath his cape.

"To me, it is clear that the two in question have no place among future heroes, at least not anymore." He looked to his right at the Leaguers. "The Team is a facet of the League that relies on the ability to perform missions unnoticed, adapt when missions go wrong and trusting the people you're working with. How do you trust a thief with your life when they could easily decide that turning a profit is much safer than keeping watch?" He looked to his left at the others. "Or a paraplegic to defend anyone when they lose their method of transportation, as they become as much of a risk, hazard and encumberment as the civilians they're protecting?"

His head turned back to the youths, eyes focusing on Barbara and Helena in turn, both of whom glared back without the slightest hesitance. To the others it looked like the clash of an unstoppable force with an immovable object, or two in their case.

"Any gain that they may provide," Batman continued, breaking his glowering gaze from the girls and directing it to Wally, "is outweighed by the potential hazards and risks that they create. Endangering our proteges any more than missions demand so that two girls can play hero, would be irresp-"

"You didn't have a problem with her playing the hero under your wing," Wally snapped, not too quietly as he glared back at Bruce.

The sudden dead silence of the room made Wally look around. Did he just say that out loud? Shit crap fiddlesticks in a haystack, I'm doomed, he groaned to himself mentally. However, the fierce scowl that he had been leveling at Bruce didn't waiver, instead intensifying as he started to stand, ready to rattle off a few more of the comments he had held back earlier. Instead, a buzzing whir sounded as Barbara moved to the front of the group, the others stepping as much out of her way as they could.

The girl stopped a few feet in front of the group, managing to exude an air of pride and defiance even from her chair. Almost everyone had expected her transition into the life of a disabled person rather than a hero would be hard, and in some ways it had been. She wasn't the type of person to ask for help easily and it grated severely on her pride that she now had to ask often. And yet, in other ways Barbara Gordon adjusted just fine because she hadn't changed at all. She stayed her same strong-willed and witty self, rising to any challenge and still putting people in their place when she had to look up to them.

"He's right, you didn't have such problems with me when I was included in your band of birds," she pointed out, hands folding together in her lap.

"And perhaps there is a reason why I am no longer your mentor," Bruce replied, a thick layer of something akin to venom in his voice.

Barbara's eyes narrowed at the statement. "The reason's simple, because I outgrew you. I don't need a mentor if all it gets me is someone telling me where the limits are. I've got all the reminder I need," she snorted, hand moving to the control.

"And if your concern is that an ex-thief who ruined her reputation and risked her life to save one of your people when she didn't have to, perhaps you need to reevaluate your views of people," Helena piped up, stepping forward, but not breaking rank with the other Team members.

Bruce looked about ready to blow, jaw visibly clenched. He shook his head, fresh anger adding to the over-flowing crock pot of emotions that were driving him. Beneath his cape, his hands curled into tight fists as he attempted to temper the scathing retorts that burned at the tip of his tongue. Those closest to him heard his teeth grinding together with the force of restraining himself from just snapping back at Barbara and Helena.

"One good action, no matter the magnitude, does not make up for the wrongs that were done before. Expecting anyone to take the single statement that you 'helped someone that you didn't have to' as a reason for you to be a hero, is idiocy. A hero would never say that there was anyone they didn't have to help. So you saying that, only shows just how much of a vi-"

A brief blare of static cut him off before a British voice came through the overhead speakers. "Sir?"

"Yes, Agent A?" Bruce replied, tone drastically different; worried instead of spiteful.

"It is Nightwing, sir. The readings are becoming erratic. The doctor does not believe it to be a good sign," the voice reported.

The room froze.

Everyone's hearts stopped, looking to Bruce, Barbara, Tim, Wally, and Zatanna in succession. None of them were moving, their shoulders didn't even appear to rise and fall, all the air driven from their bodies. The small flicker of hope that had struggled to stay alight shattered to pieces with an almost audible sound in the stark silence.

In a heartbeat the stillness broke as the group bolted towards the Zeta tubes. Wally got there first and began turning on the ports, and getting them ready for the big group. Though he wasn't fast enough as Zatanna came up behind him, reaching around to help. Just as the others arrived, the tube lit up and the five were transported into the Batcave.

As soon as he felt solid ground beneath his feet, Wally was off, faster than a bullet shot through a gun. The path upstairs was no mystery to him, bordering on memorized after all the years he'd spent running it.

Two rights. A left. Up the stairs. Straight to the next flight, turning left at the landing. Down the hall on the left.

Wally came to a screeching halt outside the door, eyes wide and frantic. He didn't even bother to wait for the others as he practically wrenched the door of its hinges as he opened it. As the speedster stepped inside, his stomach lurched. A dull, drawn-out note, that made him curl his lip and shut his eyes, sounded in the room. It wasn't what he wanted to hear, in fact it was the opposite. He hated that beep, the message that it conveyed, what it was just repeating over and over and over again…

He cracked his eyes open as he walked towards the bed. It'd be a jerk move not to say goodbye. When he opened his eyes wide enough, Wally froze, staring right at the bed. It was empty, vacant, had no one in it.

"Who kidnaps a comatose kid?! Fate just hates him," Wally whined as he turned to head towards the door to tell the others.

"You're right about the fate hate part of that," came a disgruntled grumble from the far side of the bed.

Again, Wally stopped on the spot, turning on a dime and making a wide-eyed expression at the bed. In the next blink of an eye he was on the other side of the room, kneeling on the ground, practically draped over Dick as the speedster hugged him.

"Are you freaking kidding me Dick? You almost gave me a heartattack, twice, just then," Wally grumped, only partly joking, as he pulled away, actually smiling a full smile for the first time in practically a month.

"Only twice? I must be off my game," Dick chuckled, smiling back at Wally with that annoying devilish grin that got both them in and out of more trouble than either would ever admit aloud.

"Well you have been in a coma for three weeks, so eh, you get a bit of leeway from me, but not from the rest of the welcome party," Wally told him as he heard Barbara's wheelchair racing down the hall.

The whir of the gears was the only sound she made as she came into the room, until her breath audibly caught in her throat at the flat line beep.

"Hey, he's fine, mostly. I think. You are fine right?" Wally asked Dick, suddenly looking more concerned than he probably ever had before, even when they were captured.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm alright Walls," Dick assured him, straining slightly to watch as Barbara turned the corner and came into his line of sight.

The smile that had slipped onto his face at her arrival fell when he saw the chair. It sent his head spinning- though that could be the leftover vertigo from his multiple concussions. His mouth hung open, closing slightly as he tried to form a question, any question really. He didn't get the chance to ask it though as the redhead wheeled the chair over close as she could before putting on the brake and using her arms to lift herself out of the chair, flopping to the floor half on top of Dick.

"Richard Grayson-Wayne, if you ever pull something like that again, I swear I will kill you myself. You hear me? Don't ever do that to me again," Barbara ordered, prodding him harshly in the chest for emphasis.

"I promise, as much as I can control it, that this will never happen again, okay?" He said, reaching a hand out to take one of hers. He tugged her towards him, wrapping his arms around her in a vice-like grip. "I will do my best to not get caught ever again," he promised, kissing her on the ridge of her brow.

Barbara smiled, shifting as well as she could to nuzzle her face into the crook of his neck. When he tried to move beneath her, he unbalanced her, causing her to fall backwards, onto Wally, who hadn't been paying much attention to the two at all. For a bit it was a mess of tangled, useless limbs, legs in casts and a good deal of laughter as Wally, Dick, and Barbara untangled themselves and settled into comfortable positions.

When the others came in Dick was leaning against the bed, still on the floor, with Wally beside him and Barbara on the acrobat's other side, tucked into his side as best as she could. Each of the other's had the same reaction as Wally and Barbara, but didn't have nearly as big of a scare as they gathered around. Tim being Tim launched himself onto Dick, attempting to hug the life out of him. Everyone laughed at the youngest's enthusiasm, sharing much of it themselves.

"Nice to have you back," Zatanna said with a wide, teary-eyed smile, standing back a bit.

"Nice to be back, Zee. You guys stay out of trouble while I was… out?" Dick asked, trying to find a good word to use, and shrugging after using it.

Zatanna tossed her head from side to side, "Mostly. But what can you expect from us?"

"Not much, apparently," he jested, smirking.

Zatanna grinned as she nodded and stepped aside, letting Bruce come forward. She watched the elder hero with understanding, knowing that much of what they had all seen earlier was a reaction to the pain of losing someone.

Wally stood quickly as he saw Bruce coming and walked over to Barbara, offering his hands to her. With a quick nod she took them, using the leverage to shift out of the hold of Dick's body, allowing Wally to pick her up easier. He set her in her chair before turning back to their friend. What he was seeing was even more shocking than Dick's empty bed had been.

Bruce had crouched beside his son and embraced him, while still wearing the cowl and cape. The two held onto each other for a long time, the father assuring himself that his son was indeed safe and well, while the son let himself truly believe that he was home. Tears dribbled down everyone's cheeks as they each shared a look.

It was over.

A collective smile grew on each person's face as the final vestiges of the mission's weight lifted, freeing them all of its burden. They overcame every obstacle thrown their way, had beaten any and every odd that said they'd lose. Every member of the team had made it home, and new beginnings had sprung to life in the smoldering ashes of so many failures. No one on the Team was the same as they were before this last month start. They weren't quite whole anymore. Eventually each person would grow, adapt and change to accept that little part they lost in exchange for what they had gained.

It would be a different day, new players in a whole new game, but always the same outcome because the Young Justice Team will always face tomorrow's path together.