One of the many ideas that decided it absolutely has to be written out. I'm giving it to you guys so you at least have something, even if it isn't Zenku or Was It Worth It. This one is going to be a kinda drabbley HP/Boondock Saints crossover, starting two-ish years prior to the first Saints movie.

This is one of the few stories where my femHP does not, in fact, have a flower name. Instead, I have given her 'Siobhan' – pronounced the same as Chevon – and it's an Irish equivalent to Joan, and means 'God is gracious'. I did concede to giving her 'Juniper' as a middle name, even though it won't be mentioned much, if ever. . . And 'Evan' – where 'Evans' is drawn from – is a Welsh name that can be an alternative to John, which also means 'God is gracious'. :3

'Kian' is also an Irish based name, meaning 'ancient' and 'enduring'. (It also sound like cayenne pepper :3 Figured I'd give someone a somewhat plant-sounding name)

This is not included in my Plunnie Farm due to that fact that this will be an interconnected drabble series.


Siobhan Potter

She wasn't sure what had gotten into Aunt Petunia. "I'm only a few months off of my seventeenth!" she protested incredulously. A scowl marred her lightly freckled features as the blue-eyed woman still ushered her into the car, shoving a carryall with her uniforms and schoolbooks into the teen's arms.

"I don't care," Aunt Petunia snapped in return, then abruptly looked contrite, "My father has asked that you spend this summer with him and you will do so."

The Girl-Who-Lived sank back into the back seat of the car, feeling as though someone had punched her in the gut. "I have a grandfather?" she whispered in shock.

Aunt Petunia nodded tensely, "Kian Evans. He has Tourette Syndrome, and is a veteran of the second World War, so you better respect him."

"Tourette. . . That's where you say stuff randomly, right?" Siobhan hesitantly asked, remembering the small book of common mental disorders that Hermione had given her when she had started to 'hear voices' in her second year at Hogwarts.

The Dursley woman pursed her thin lips, nodding curtly. Thankfully, her niece fell silent for most of the trip.

"You never told me why your school closed early," Petunia muttered. Siobhan had been sent back to the Dursley residence in early January, instead of late March. Pale, leaf green eyes meet Petunia's cornflower blue ones.

"I suppose I didn't." The You never asked was left unmentioned. Petunia flinched, Why do her eyes look like Da's?