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Feather Seventy Nine

So. Yes. The training was hard. But her wings had come out consciously in one particularly pressing moment, and Asbjørn had not been very happy to get a face full of wing. Neither had Alannah, despite standing nearly six and a half feet away. Of course, Siobhan wasn't exactly used to six-plus feet of meat, bone, and feather sprouting from her back, and was thrown off balance, falling in a heap as she tried to compensate for the added weight – and ended up over-compensating. Wings bent painfully, grey-white feathers flew through the air, and muffled yells came from her mentors.

Asbjørn stalked up to Siobhan from where he had been thrown. "Hva den- When were you going to tell us about this?" he snarled, gesturing sharply at her. . . extra limbs.

"Perhaps when I managed to manifest them consciously," the young witch offered thoughtfully, gazing at her wings in bemusement.

"Why do you have wings?" Alannah asked, a warning lilting her voice. Hm. They seem to be upset at the secret.

"I don't know. They were marks on my back – you've seen them. You've had to have seen them – had to have felt the magic in them," Siobhan stated, a touch confused.

"That doesn't mean we were aware that they were more than just magical tattoos!" Alannah snapped. The younger witch frowned at her Irish mentor, wondering why she appeared to be so upset.

"I wasn't either, at least not until feathers began to litter my bed," she offered, "If I had realized I was sprouting wings at night, I would have asked both of you about it." Sprouting wings, after all, wasn't something she read about in Inheritance books. Nor was sprouting other limbs, actually. Limbs morphing into something else, yes, but a new set of limbs? No. Not even tails.

Alannah gave a heavy sigh. "So, you don't know anything about what it means to have wings?" the Irishwoman asked, sounding peculiarly tired. Siobhan shook her head.

"Come, then, we have much to tell you," Asbjørn rumbled, thankfully calmer.