Final Chapter!

The adventure was over. I had discovered who I was, I had found out who I was, and I had reeked some sort of revenge for my mother. Apparently Calypso was in Tartarus, and was forced to spend eternity watching the Care Bears Musical. I thought that was fitting.

"Your down." I puffed.

I had been sparring with Clint. Again, I had defeated him. I don't know how he kept going, considering that this was the twelfth time.

"You sure you don't want to give up?" I asked.

"He has to." Steve said, walking over and taking off his jacket, revealing a white t-shirt. "I want a turn."

"Come on Cap!" Clint complained. "I almost had her that time."

The room echoed with laughter.

"What?" Clint whined.

"Almost had me?" I asked, still laughing. "I had you pinned in thirty seconds!"

We continued laughing. Sulkily, Clint walked out of the sparring area. Steve got himself ready, and I braced myself for the storm that was Captain America. He attacked. We kept going for three minutes before I finally managed to pin him.

"Finally." I panted, sweating all over. "I thought you would never stop."

"Ow cn tk or fut ut o mi muth.*" He struggled.

I laughed and took my foot off his mouth. I helped him stand up, still panting. Clint was clapping and laughing. We stared at each other. Steve and I were about to attack Clint when I decided to leave.

"I'm going to bed." I announced. "Life needs more time for sleep."

We all laughed and I left.

"Hi guys." I said sitting down.

It was Monday; I hadn't seen any of the other demi-gods since the battle.

"How's life?" Thalia asked.

"Well..." I thought allowed. "Apart from being stabbed in the stomach, whacking my head on the Iron Man armour, attacking Loki, Calypso, and their evil minions and getting a D on my reflection on what-I-did-on-the-weekend because it was more a narrative then a reflexion. Pretty good!"

"Sounds pretty much like my day." Connor agreed.

We sat there chatting for a little bit. Then I had an idea.

"I have an idea." I announced.

"Well that's something your brother is terrible at so let's hope your better." Annabeth said smugly.

"Hey!" Percy protested.

"It's true." Nico agreed.

"Anyway…" I continued, still laughing. "Do you guys want to come to the tower and train this afternoon? Clint and Natasha are coming, so I thought it would be a good idea to show them how good we are."

"Is your limo going to pick us up?" Travis asked, suddenly excited.

"I was going to walk." I told him, watching his face drop.

"Sounds like fun" Conner answered.

"Dude." Travis said, "We're going to the home of a billionaire. Of Course it's going to be fun!"

I groaned. That was not what I had meant.

"No looting though." I enforced.

"Awwwww." The two sons of Hermes complained. "Fine."

The training room was full of Avengers vs. demi-god battles. Clint and Thalia where firing arrows like there was no tomorrow. Percy and Thor were going sword to hammer, no one could interrupt them. Steve and Nico were going hand to hand, and Natasha was going against Conner and Travis. Annabeth and Tony were in an in-depth conversation over the structural supports needed in a tower over swampland. Bruce and I were sitting on the side lines, just watching.

"They're going to be exhausted in ten minutes." Bruce guessed.

"Five." I corrected.

"Why do you say that?" he asked.

"Conner and Travis suck." I listed, "Clint and Thalia are nearly out of arrows. Percy and Thor do whatever I ask. Nico will call some zombies to fight for him in two minutes, Steve will get confused, then Nico will steal his shield, then they will both laugh and run for water. And Tony's holographic thing has 4 minutes and 30 seconds left of battery."

Bruce looked at me in shock.

"You sure that'll happen?" he asked.

"Watch and see." I smiled back.

Sure enough, everything played out like I said.

The demi-gods had left; the others were in bed, probably asleep. I was lying in bed, looking at the ceiling. I was thinking about life. How I wasn't going to see Thalia for another 6 months, while she's with the Hunters of Artemis. Finally, I drifted off.

"You seem to be fitting in well." Loki snarled.

"How lovely." I smiled back, "You care about me."

"It's not that I care about you." He groaned back. "I care about getting revenge."

"Isn't that every super villain's motive." I chuckled. "That or taking over the world."

"Well…" he mumbled. "I will then take over the world."

"Yeah!" I laughed gleefully, "Another super villain. Tartarus shall suit you well."

"Very funny mortal." He replied. "But I will come. I will seek my revenge. I will take over the world. And you will be at my side watching."

"Lovely." I said faking happiness. "But when you come, I'll be ready. When you come, I won't have any regrets."

"Isn't that a line from Harry Potter?" he asked.

"Way to spoil the mood." I grumbled.

"I'm sorry Natalya Prime." He snickered. "But one day the world will know who you are. One day."

I could feel the dream conversation fading.

"I'm sorry immortal. But I can't hear you over the sound of my demigodishness."

I woke up. I had a feeling today was going to be a good day. Loki was going to have to wait.

* "You can take your foot out of my mouth." Translation