Hermione stepped off the plane and looked around, 'So this is Japan huh? Nice.' She walked into the airport and looked around, she spotted a family with a sign that read 'welcome Hermione Granger' and walked over to them. "Hello I am Hermione Granger and you must be the Mikuni's," Hermione said, bowing her head. "Yes, yes, welcome miss Granger I am pleased to meet you, I hope you find all well here, I am Kaoru and this is my wife Maya and my daughter Miharu." The man said." She shook hands with them. "Now that we've all met each other, shall we get going?" "What? Oh yes, of course!" Hermione said. They headed over to the carousel and waited for Hermione's luggage to come around. "Why did you choose Japan?" Miharu asked. "Well I've been really interested in it ever since I was little and I've read books about it and studied the culture and I've studied the language," Hermione replied. "That's nice," Miharu said. "Mhmm."

Soon the carousel started Hermione's luggage came around and they grabbed it and left. "Well miss Granger I really hope you like it here," Kaoru said. "I think I will, it's always been one of my favorite countries." "Well We're glad to hear that," Maya said, "now I am sure you have had a long stressful flight and you are probably very hungry, would you like to go and grab something to eat?" "Um yeah sure," Hermione replied. "And what would you like?" Maya asked. "Anything is fine really." She replied. They stopped by the kare-ya and got something to go (A/N I know you hate seeing these pop up in the middle of the stories but just a quick little f.y.i the kare-ya is an actual restaurant in Japan).

By the time they had gotten home and settled in, it had started to get late so they all got ready for bed. When she had crawled into bed she pulled out a book and read it until she fell asleep, she thought about writing them, but was far too tired to do so she decided to do so in the morning and soon fell asleep.