Chapter 1

Timoteo carefully stepped around the smoking remains of the enemy famiglia, now in smouldering remains. They had tried to break the alliance with the Vongola and sell them out, in hopes of becoming the top famiglia. It was best to check for any survivors, lest they try for revenge, after all, it wasn't everyday that a famiglia was wiped out. Timoteo carefully sidestepped as his intuition was telling him to, and a second later some rubble fell where he was standing before. Not everyone was a lucky with the reflexes that Reborn was gifted with, plus, he was getting old. Old men like him needed as much leverage above others as possible in this kind of 'business.'

He turned down the hallway into the one where all of the labs were. Corpses were scattered everywhere, some with horrified looks froze in death, others with a smirk, like there was more to come. Timoteo carefully manoeuvred around the bodies, heading for the top security experiment lab. It was the sight he saw there that stayed forever etched into his mind, later that year when Sawada Tsunayoshi inherited the 'Sins' of Vongola, one of the scenes he saw. There in the middle of the lab was a boy, no, a teen, no older than 14 sitting in the middle of various machines, tied to all of them, surrounded by corpses. Dull, lifeless emerald, silver and gold eyes glanced at the old man, as if he was just another insignificant figure.

Suffering, horror. Screams.

Hadrian looked at the intruder with lifeless eyes. He had heard the screams of his captors, the whispers of 'the one with multiple flames' or 'the jewel of our eyes.' Talking about the uses he had for this family how they were going to 'rule the underworld and destroy those Vongola brats.' He was only to be used and abused by others. At birth, eidetic memory manifested. He knew how the world worked, could comprehend the existence of magic and forced himself to accept the parts those strangers would play in his life. A smiling red head and beaming brunette looked down at him, blocking the view of the rest of the room.

'Idiotic people, do not restrain my sight. Go away, I could survive myself in this world. Destroy yourselves ...

It was just his fucking, crappy luck that ended with him trapped by the mysterious group of people from the Mafia. They mentioned something like 'unheard of' or 'how could one have more that 1 flame, the most I've heard of was Nono's son Xanxus using the Wrath flame.' He knew that he was a freak of nature. And Hadrian couldn't care less. He knew the false security a world like this provided. People were selfish. Human beings were greedy creatures. They betrayed, fought, killed, destroyed only for their own good. Greed. Only want more. Never happy with what they have. No appreciation to the Earth. Earth is slowly killing itself...

He carelessly ripped out the wires and tubes hooking him to the machines. He was a trained assassin, and a good one at that. He had single handedly destroyed families in less time than it would have taken someone to log onto a laptop. He slowly got into a causal fighting stance and the slight glint of life was all the warning Nono got before he was sent into the floor by the teenager. He glanced at the lithely muscled teen in amazement.

This child could be on par with Reborn! What he did not know was that Hadrian had been trained by a famous figure in the underground world Joker. He smirked at the confusion and amazement Timoteo showed. Another one of his gifts other than being able to use all possible flames in dying will mode, he could do anything from reading minds to conjuring a knife out of thin air to teleporting. It was his magic, magic he had perfect control of, wielding it like a hitman wielded a gun.

The one known as Grandpa to Tsunayoshi looked at the teenager more carefully. His intuition told, not shouted at his to move his ancient fucking arse before he got thoroughly murdered by the kid, but for once in his freaking senile life, he ignored it. He could feel the killing intent that rivalled Reborn's slowly leak out, enough to nearly choke him. He was a mafia boss for Christ's sake! How should've been used to this, but no he wasn't. He was the crazy glint that Xanxus would occasionally get in his eyes become predominant, giving the emerald, silver and gold a magical effect. Hadrian opened his mouth, careful to turn off the siren like effect of this voice. Magic was unpredictable and just stuffed this goddamn ability down his throat, so all Timoteo head was an extremely musical but cold and heartless voice promising death if not listen to.

-After Timoteo and Hadrian have a 'Chat'-

That idiot the Vongola call boss just offered him a 'position' in the Varia. He was also warned that Xanxus might be a 'little difficult to handle' but should be fine if he was in the lower ranks. Ranks his arse. He had already met Xanxus on a job earlier on in the year.


He was having so much fun stalking his target through the city. The moment the little mouse let his guard down, a knife went through his head and disappeared swiftly. Hadrian smirked and got ready to leave when a taller, well muscled and toned man walked up to him. Mind you, it wasn't really easy as he was currently upside down one of the beams supporting the Eiffel Tower. He looked up (or down) and stared at the person with a dangerous glint of curiosity.

Xanxus smirked at the cocky brat he had just found. He had only recently got out of that freaking ice flame thing and had just finished one of his missions before noticing a shadow moving. Oddly enough, the apparent shadow's wasn't on him. It was on -ah, an assassin. The man running like a headless chicken was a well known information broker in the underworld. Oh, right, the person had recently betrayed the Lost Famiglia, known for their scientific developments and flame users as well as well known connections to nearly everyone in the underworld.

They were also well known for their harsh reactions when traitors were discovered. The victims usually came back with crazy stories about an evil, terrifying incubus, enough to land them life in a mental asylum. Even Vongola's best information broker and hacker came back in such a state, telling tales of a beautiful child demon, seducing people to their deaths. The kid came to be known as Nero Seduttore or Black Seducer.

Tales from the insane came to say that Nero became even more beautiful as the years came by. The traitors always spoke of an enticing voice driving them to death, like a siren, or the haunting strings of a violin, piano, harp or viola. Sometimes they were just killed by Ombra Assassino, the Shadow Assassin who worked exclusively on the execution of traitors.

This beauty must've been the Shadow Assassin thought Xanxus. Well, at least he knew it was male. They stared and spared. Rainbows of flames danced around the Eiffel Tower, tourists thinking it was a special light show. Xanxus blasted with his guns and Flame of Wrath, while the assassin danced with various weapons appearing out of nowhere. His first shock was when weapons started appearing out of nowhere, next was the variety of dancing flames around the figure. He could see sky, wrath, storm, thunder, cloud, mist, sun, rain, but there were seven others. It was only his extensive study into Vongola history that he could recognise the Shimon Family flames. Earth, forest, mountain, swamp, glacier, desert and matter all blazed to life around Shadow.

It was then that Xanxus gave up the fight. "Trash, I want you to be my guardian, my cloud guardian "

And he was promptly refused on the spot with a vague promise of "perhaps in the future."

The primal carnivorous air that the man emitted was delicious. Not that he had any sexual preference, he had to know how to seduce targets to bed after all. He may be young, but was absolutely beautiful. The Perso famiglia had made sure he was a master in every aspect. Lethal grace of a predator, ethereal beauty - glowing eyes, lithely muscled body, creamy pale skin, no one was free from his charm. He was an incubus, a deadly one at that. They were his prey. The was the predator who never failed to catch his prey.

He accepted and immediately apparated away, noting the near heart attack Nono had and Coyote moving in to catch his boss before disappearing into the time space void and appearing in the middle of the Varia house.

Which was the kitchen.

It was breakfast time and all Xanxus other guardians were gathered with the former in his throne in all his scarred glory sipping wine, so he just set himself down in Xanxus' lap and started eating. They were totally calm. Yeah right, that'll only happen when hell had a ski resort. So anyway, all he broke loose, just imagine a shark, skink, peacock, snake and stingray yelling at each other. Totally not weird. (NOT)

"VOOOOI! Who the hell is this, shitty boss?!

"Ushishishi ~who's this peasant?"

"Boss, do not worry, for I, Lev-I-Than shall protect you from this intruder!"

"Mou~ Who's this beauty?"

"Boss, We are out of funds for this week and I want a raise."

Hadrian only smirked at the Varia members, each glowering at him in a slightly threatening way. Seems they do love their boss after all. "I am you new cloud guardian-" at this they immediately turned their heads towards their boss who was swirling alcohol in his cup, not the least bothered by the person in his lap while smirking slightly, "The Shadow Assassin."

Hadrian was getting irritated when 5 minutes later the gapping was still going on so he sent his coldest glare at the group. This caused a variety of reactions. Levi, Squalo and Bel flinched, Lussuria started cooing (WTF?) and Mammon has dollar signs light up in his/her eyes. (Again, WTF?)

Xanxus sighed and said "Old Fart made him, and he's stronger than everyone here." The Varia just stared at him as if he just said he and Santa had dinner together. "Yes, even me." Xanxus begrudgingly admitted. It was here that Varia thought the world was going to end. Xanxus NEVERadmitted that he was weaker than someone. Levi actually fainted. It was then that Hadrian finished eating and jumped off Xanxus and left the room with a blood chilling smile and the words "I'm going to get some assignments from your office, make sure the cleanup crew is there, actually don't bother, I'll burn the place down."

Bel giggle nervously, Mammon paid no attention, Squalo was gaping, Levi was still out cold, though no one cares about him, Lussuria was thinki- well I don't think anyone wants to know what Lussuria's thinking and Xanxus just left the room to hope Nero didn't bloodbath too much. After all, the Varia were a bunch of bloodthirsty assassins and if the leftover assignments had no bloodshed, hell he better hurry up. From what he knew of Nero, the Shadow would do anything to irk him. He sighed and reached for one of the bottles of whiskey in the various alcohol hideouts in the hallway.

He heard a maniacal giggle. Fuck! That trash better not destroy his office! Xanxus growled and just ended up using his X-Guns to blast him to his office. What he came upon was a totally trashed office with the pile of assassination assignments missing. He should've known, one of them even had task to wipe out a minor famiglia, though apparently Nero had wiped out his first family at 3, so there'd be no problem. No problem at all. Oh, who was he kidding.