Hadrian had turned to Kai with a serious look on his face when she opted to skip out on class to talk to him.

"How do you know them?" As far as Hadrian knew, he had been raised by Kai. She'd been the one to teach him the skills to survive, but couldn't do anything to save him unless the Vindice was to be involved, but he didn't remember her leaving anytime in his childhood.

Kai let out a dark smile. "I don't. I only know Reborn and Tsunayoshi. I met Reborn at a pub in Italy and I did hang out with Tsuna for about a week when he was younger, I just twisted his mind to make it seem like longer."

"What did you do to the rest to make them think they knew you?"

"I just grabbed a figure from their childhood memories that I changed to make them associate with me, so I do exist in their memories. That Chrome girl was a lot harder. She had Rokudo's mental backing and a pretty shitty childhood. I kinda just replaced myself as her stuffed toy. More an imaginary friend, I guess. I couldn't block Rokudo from knowing about what I did, so I used some magic to prevent him from telling Chrome."

Hadrian shrugged, after all, desperate times call for desperate measures, not that Kai really had to do anything. "Wait a minute, if Reborn saw you in a pub in Italy, wouldn't that be kinda dangerous?"

Kai was pretty nonchalant. "Doesn't matter, I obviated him, the worst that could happen is that he has feelings telling him something's missing, but that guy's paranoid as crap, so he'll probably give up on trying figure out his feeling soon. Besides, I'm an information broker before and assassin."

"I still worry about you though, Kai. I'm probably the only person you have formed any semblance of attachment to in the past century according to what you have told me. What if I get killed? The mafia is not an occupation that is easy to stay alive in, especially as an assassin."

Kai only blinked. "I forgot to tell you, didn't I?" The moment the Harry Potter in the original universe got the deathly hallows and became the master of death, all alternate versions, one of them being you, have 9 lives. You can only die from old age or dying 9 times. It's really weird, guess Death has a cat fetish or something. I heard from some other Ancient that Death's got a British accent and was often called a posh twat."

"Oh yeah, Kai, don't you have class?"

"Hadrian, I have sports next. We're doing running. I have n stamina, remember?"

"Then how the heck do you complete missions?"

"Easy, I use magic to boost my abilities when needed. "

And that was why Hadrian face palmed and promptly left.

Kai just scratched her head. "I guess I should head back, I think next period's in about 5 minutes, and with that, she strolled off to her classroom.