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Family – BPOV

It was quiet in the room after Rosalie had left to refill my cup. I had been drinking blood for a few days now but I still felt slightly embarrassed about my craving for the liquid, every other human being would feel disgusted just thinking about drinking.

Since I had made my decision to join Edward in his eternal existence, I had accepted the fact that blood would be a constant part of my life, from my change on. So the idea of drinking it now, while I was still human, wasn't as revolting as it would normally have been.

What I couldn't believe, was how good it tasted. It felt like a wave of satisfaction was flowing through my whole body when the dark red liquid made it's way from my mouth to my stomach. The only experience that had ever felt remotely as good was being with Edward, having him make love to me, our naked bodies pressed together tightly.

My thoughts wandered off to Isle Esme the morning I had woken covered in feathers with the deepest bliss I'd ever felt. The night before, Edward had made me his in every possible way. What we didn't know then, was that we had created little EJ that night.

Over the last weeks, I had craved Edward's touch even more than I was craving the blood right now. I missed feeling him close to me, his arms around me and most of all I missed him inside me, the two of us being one. But he'd been dead set on killing our baby to save me, and I couldn't risk him hurting our child. The disagreement had caused an almost insurmountable rift to expand between us, although I wished every day that we would find a way back to each other soon.

I could see Edward loathing himself and beating himself up about what he thought he had done to me, no matter how hard he tried to hide it. He wasn't able to see that he had given me the greatest gift of all, our child growing inside me. He was sure he'd lose me in the process, and there was nothing he feared more than eternity without me. I knew all that, and I felt constantly sorry for the way he suffered, but he wasn't able to see that I'd fight for our baby till the end. And I knew I'd make it. I was strong enough.

My thoughts returned to our honeymoon, replaying the wonderful time we'd spent in Brazil. My eyes were unfocused when I felt the warm sun on my skin that had woken me the morning after the first night we'd made love. I could feel the soft layer of feathers covering ...

"Did you say something?" Edward's voice pulled me out of my thoughts.

At first, I was sure he was talking to someone else. I had been kind of absent, so I didn't know if someone had said something. Then I noticed that he was, in fact, talking to me.

"Me?" I looked at him in bewilderment. "I didn't say anything."

He raised himself onto his knees, bend over me and his thirsty black eyes bore into mine with immense concentration.

"What are you thinking about right now?"

He had asked me that question about a million times since we first got to know each other but never with the intensity he was showing right now. His tone and stance were kind of alarming.

"Nothing." I answered his question. "What's going on?"

"What were you thinking about a minute ago?" he insisted without giving any explanations.

I felt my cheeks turn red with an embarrassed blush when I admitted what had been on my mind. "Just … Esme's island. And feathers."

"Say something else," Edward murmured, not commenting on my confession.

"Like what? Edward, what's going on?"

Then he did something he'd never done before. He put both his hands lightly on my belly, careful but it was still feeling like a caress. I didn't know what to make of his actions when he finally began to speak.

"The f – " He interrupted himself, swallowing like he was somehow steeling himself for what he was about to say. "It … the baby likes the sound of your voice."

Everyone in the room was quiet so it seemed even louder than it actually was when I shrieked, "Holy crow, you can hear him?"

That moment I felt a strong kick in my stomach that made me take in a sharp breath. Again Edward reacted in a way that was completely new. He carefully moved his hand to the spot where the baby had kicked me and started to stroke it tenderly.

"Shh," he whispered. "You startled it … him."

My eyes popped wide open, amazed as well at the sudden way of understanding the baby and his needs as by Edward's new, almost loving tone when it came to talking about our child.

I fondled the side of my belly as if I was caressing little EJ himself, whispering, "Sorry, baby."

Again, Edward's face showed intense concentration along with curiosity when he leaned his head towards my stomach, listening hard once again.

"What is he thinking now?" I couldn't hold back my excitement. I was totally captivated by the sudden possibility to connect with the baby.

"It … he or she, is … " he stopped and his eyes locked with mine. They were filled with emotion the way I had only seen them on the day of our wedding. He seemed to be radiating adoration as well as something similar to jealousy. "He's happy," he said in a wondering voice.

I almost choked at Edward's statement. In this moment, I knew more than ever before that I'd done everything right from the beginning. I had protected our child, and I had loved him from the start. Knowing him to be happy was the greatest reward I could imagine for my inconveniences.

My lips formed a bright smile while, in my eyes, happy tears brimmed over, running down my face, but I almost didn't notice. Through the blur I saw Edward looking at me with an expression I hadn't ever seen before. He had lost the look of pain that had been in his eyes since the day we found out about the pregnancy. The hurt he'd tried to hide from me but didn't quite manage had been replaced by joy and admiration. For the first time in weeks, we were on the same page, partners again.

"Of course you're happy, pretty baby, or course you are." I said to our child, touching my stomach lovingly as the tears didn't seem to subside. "How could you not be, all safe and warm and loved? I love you so much, little EJ, or course you're happy."

"What did you call him?" Edward asked me with this new excitement he just found minutes ago.

I felt the blood rush to my cheeks, realizing I had slipped and said the name I had given the baby in secret. "I sort of named him. I didn't thing you would want … well, you know." Until now Edward hadn't shown the slightest interest in the future of our child. He had been too concerned with his fear of losing me. So I had taken it upon myself to choose a name.

"EJ?" he asked confused.

"Your father's name was Edward, too."

"Yes, it was. What – ?" He paused, listening again. "Hmm."


"He likes my voice, too."

"Of course he does. You have the most beautiful voice in the universe. Who wouldn't love it?"

"Do you have a backup plan?" For the first time Rose took part in the conversation. Until now, she had kept her distance, granting us this moment to ourselves. Her eyes were as happy and excited as Edward's. "What if he's a she?"

I tried to wipe the annoying tears away before I answered. I was a little insecure about the name I had chosen for the baby if she was a girl. "I kicked a few things around. Playing with Renée and Esme. I was thinking … Ruh-nez-may."

"Ruhnezmay?" I looked into three sets of confused eyes.

"R-e-n-e-s-m-e-e. Too weird?" At once, I was really insecure, although I had been thinking about this for at least a week now.

"No, I like it." Rosalie was the first to be on my side again, like she had been over the last fourteen days, and I was very grateful for her constant support. "It's beautiful. And one of a kind, so that fits."

"I still think he's an Edward." The image of the little green-eyed boy I had been dreaming about on Isle Esme was still so present with me that I was sure that he was the baby I was carrying.

Again Edward was listening intently, his eyes blank with concentration.

"What?" I needed to know everything there was to know about our child now that Edward could hear him. "What's he thinking now?"

Instead of answering, he gasped three times, astonishment written all over his face. I was sure that, if he had been able to cry, tears would be running down his cheeks right now. Very tenderly he leaned his head towards my stomach and gently placed his ear against it.

"He loves you," he whispered, his voice thick with emotion. "He absolutely adores you."

In that very moment I knew that, no matter what happened over the last days and despite all the discussions we'd had since our return from Brazil, we were on the same side again. Each of us would do whatever it would take to protect our baby. Finally, after those hard two weeks we had become a family.