Chapter 1: Blushin' while makin lovin...


Kai always thinks I'm a Tomboy, sometimes he even thinks I'm a boy! Me. Christina Mia. A Tomboy? Pfft He has really hit his head hasn't he common really! He's been my room-mate for what? 2 months and he still thinks I'm a Tomboy! There's nothing wrong being a tomboy, but it's his messed up mind that don't get it right! Kai Hiwatari The Player.

"Maybe I should hit his head?" I thought, then letting that thought get away as it been 3 hours since, he left... Huh? Why am I worrying about that Prick?! But still maybe he's gotten himself in trouble like he always do... He's bloody 19 for his sake! Urgh why is he in my mind!

The time went past, I mean like really fast. It's now 10 and I still stayed up for him, I wonder if he's even going to come back to the dorm tonight or maybe stay over another girls house or maybe's his mates. One thing I hope is that if he's alright. I was still in my black track suit's and purple tank top, walking into my closet, I undressed getting changed I was in my cream lace bra, and the same for my panties'.

I put my old clothes away, and now I'm trying to look for my dressing gown but the only one I can find is a shell pink - ish cream gown that touches the floor and short sleeve, in my opinion it looks like what Rihanna wore in her music video california king bed, which was cool. I let my blonde hair out, as my roots wore brown, I would say my hair is like Rita ora curly hair, she has normally up until she start pulling it back, which makes her hair look horrible in my case.

My eye's were crimson, I know a Blondie with red eyes. I put the gown I had in my hand as I left the front open. Still looking around I put away, the clothes I kind of messily got out, and I bet you're wondering why I aint in my PJ's... Well, Kai kind of ruined ALL my PJ's, cause of a stupid bet! But I had some but I never got the chance to go out really, as in our school rule there have to be at least 1 person in the dorm. And that person is alway's me!

Looking at the clock it's 10:20PM nothing big, except that Kai still isn't here, I swear he's going to put me in a Pissed of mood in the morning with him! I walked out of the closet, flicking the light off as I heard another door close. I bit my lip, and hoped it wasnt anyone but Kai cat he got. I sighed as I turned around, to not only to expect someone but feel a rush go down my body through my spine, sending me shudders and shivers everywhere.

I opened my eye's to see Kai, right in front of my with not so happy or cocky looking eye's. He looked furious, but he had a smirk on his lips... This is something I never expected. I looked around to get away and so I tried lifting his arm's up so I can duck underneath them but he didn't budge.

"This is un-expectedly" He said and stopped moving closer he was by my ear "Good" Those word's he finished as I felt something wet on my ear, I-It felt like a t-tongue. I wasnt sure what to do, this felt so good but bad cause of him and his comments!

"I'm a tomboy remember, so back off!" I said as I pushed him away, I walked towards the bathroom, as I noticed he bought some things with him, but I didn't care Each time he goes shopping the stuff is always for himself and when I do go out, I at least buy him something to so I still thought about him as a mate, and NO not in that way!

Walking halfway to the bathroom, room I felt that something was just not right! I turned around to still see him looking at me with the same, hungry eyes but yet so calm and not fierce. He walked to the bags and grabbed a certain one that was black with gold writing on it, they were in italic so I couldn't really make the writing out.

"I bought this for you" He said as he looked in the bag before passing it to me, I looked at him with great detail, his two toned blue hair, but the lighter blue started to look like the colour slate then light blue. His purple eyes were hypnotizing to look at. He was in some grey baggy jean trouser's but they weren't too baggy, a black tank top that showed his abs clearly, the black leather jacket on top showed his big biceps he worked out with.

I looked in the bag to see some PJ's that were my size, I mean he picked the expensive - ist one, (A/N Dont know if that's a word) there was something else at the bottom as I saw he also bought me some lingerie which were my size aswell as I was pretty surprised he got it right.

"How do you know my size?" I asked as he came back from putting the other bags away in somewhere I had no clue.

"Your petite, and you look like a size 6 and plus your busty around your boobs, and you look like a size 36D" Kai explained as my mind was blown away. He is such a pervert to know all that information about a girl. I mean a big pervert!

"Urm... You really sound like a pervert" I replied as I kinda made it sound serious and bit of a joke as Kai chuckled. I'm surprised that Kai saw me in girly lingerie like he never seen a women in these kind of clothes before I mean common he almost fucked all the girls in the school in brackets a.k.a sluts and beggar's including girls that are desperate.

Coming back from the room I just put the stuff away in, I saw Kai take his top off, as I blushed seeing him already get changed when I'm in clothes like this too, just great! I walked in the room like it was nothing as I got my phone out lying on the bed on my back, looking through the messages I got some where boring as I skipped to reply to them. And some were good so I quickly replied to them.

"Did you stay up for me?" I heard Kai say as I continued with my phone. I didn't know how to answer it, cause that's that I've doing exactly for the past few hours I could have slept through in. I put the phone down as I saw Kai still topless with the jean's loose on his hips, that now revealed the top part of the boxer's. I looked away so it didn't look obvious as I looked up at the ceiling's playing with the phone in my hands.

"Well Yeah I was worried why you weren't back at such a late time" Saying that I felt like a good friend, I looked at Kai to see his expression, but when I looked up to see him, he wasnt there. I sat up as I felt a quick move come up, I couldn't react quick enough to see what I was doing. I felt like I was sitting on something and then I moved I felt some warm skin. Opening my eyes, since they were closed I looked down to see some purple orbs look up at me, he haf a smirk on his lips but not to big just the corner of his mouth raised.

"I never dreamt of being in this position with you, I prefered the M position or doggie style" Kai said as I smiled in the disgusting way at him, I couldn't believe again of what he said, I never thought I would hear him say his favourite positions... Great!

"Eeew! Kai, why are you telling me!? And you're the one who attacked me, and done the moving around!" I yelled back at him, crossing my arm's in front of my chest looking down and over at Kai, his hands were on my hips as if they belonged there.

Kai sat up as it looked like I was straddling his lap, while sitting. My dressing gown slipped down, just sitting at the sides of my arm's as I didn't really care about that. I felt his nose and lips rim against my skin, as he it felt like he was sniffing a bit. Is he sniffing me?! His arms moved around my waist pulling me in tighter.

"Your so warm, after that hot bath" He whispered in my ear, as his hot breath rolled against my skin. I blushed for some reason.

"How did you know ... -" I said before he winked at me, I blushed a bit, but the way him saying he knew it, somehow that turned me on... What the heck am I saying?! He called me a tomboy! Remember that!

"I'm gon' make you wet" Kai said as he whispered it back in my ear's. Hearing that I didn't want it. I got up quickly to get out of his grasp and his comfort zone, as soon as I jumped off the bed I felt a hand grab hard onto my right hand wrist. This aint good...

Written by - Rebelle Boss