2020 - Author's notes

Hey! Many people asked me to upload the sequel of this fic, and after a long time I decided to do it,

I updated "The Wind of Change" tweaking a little bit to fix some fights and grammar&spelling mistakes

I hope you guys enjoy the update if you want to read this again, or the sequel if you want to follow what happened next.

Sequel is called

"Check Mate"
Short Summary
LuNa - When something unexpected happens to the male members of the Pirate King's crew, it's up to Nami and Robin to figure out how to get them back! This time, they will be doing the rescuing and butt-kicking! - LuffyPirateKingXNami Lemon - Can be read as stand-alone, belongs to my other universes of fics. M rated-

Many thanks to my friends at the LuNa discord group for encouraging me to write more!