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Summery: Justin and Kira get sent back in time and meet the original MMPR except Tommy set after Green candle and before Tommy's return.

The Disappearing Rangers

By Kenn,Faith,Dawn

Chapter 1

The 6 Dino Rangers had just returned to their base after defeating Mesogog's latest monster and powered down their stood Conner, Ethan, Dr. O, Trent, Kira and Justin. Justin had traded Blue for Green and had been going out with Kira for about four months, they had to keep a secret in school since Justin was Tommy teaching assistant. The school frowned on any sort of relationship between teach and student unless it was parent child even though Justin was the same age as Kira the school didn't want them to be seen together on school grounds.

Anyway this Monster was one of weakest the Mesogog had sent down it was so easy to kill that one Ranger could have done it alone but just in case it was a trap all 6 had gone. When they returned to the Command Cave and realized the time they started to head off Trent went to the Cyberspace for his shift while Conner and Ethan went with him while Tommy went upstairs to get some things sorted while Justin and Kira tided the Command Cave and then came across a hidden Photo album,

"I bet Tommy's forgot about this Photo Album" said Justin.

"Can we look inside?" asked Kira.

"Sure why not it can't hurt to look" said Justin as he opened it and the first picture he saw made him drop the photo album.

"Justin honey what is it?" asked Kira.

"Don't look in their" said Justin, as Kira picked it up and saw the first picture.

"How is that possible?" she asked.

"I-i don't know come on let's get out of here I need to think about what we've just seen and see if I can work out if that is even possible" said Justin as the Photo album was dropped beside the computers in the cave.

They both left the cave and called a see you tomorrow to Tommy and left the house and got in Storm Blaster and drove to Justin's house.

The Disappearing Rangers

The next morning Tommy entered the Command Cave and heard an alarm going off he found the location and called Justin on his wrist communicator.

"Justin can you and Kira take a look at a disturbance near your location?"

"Sure Tommy we'll let you know what it is when we know" said Justin.

Tommy sat down and waited for the information to comeback about what the monster was, he hadn't noticed the photo album on the floor yet.

"Tommy come in" called Justin.

"Yeah go ahead" said Tommy.

"It's a monster with clocks all over it and with different years on it to"

"Get in Storm and get away from it" said Tommy something ringing a bell in his head.

The Disappearing Rangers

Justin and Kira as quietly as possible made their way back to Storm Blaster and tried to make their escape but were caught by the monster and were imprisoned in a ball Justin automatically nodded to Kira and they activated their Morpher's and Morphed the Justin activated his communicator.


He message suddenly stopped and no matter he did Tommy couldn't contact them, Tommy called the others and got them to the Command Cave and told them what was happening that's when Hayley found a Photo album on the floor near her computer.

"Hey Tommy what's this?" Hayley asked him as she picked it up.

"No Idea probably just some old photos in their" said Tommy not realizing what it was.

"Uhm Tommy what are Justin and Kira doing in here?"

Tommy now realised what Hayley was looking in and said "Shit I should've know this was gunna happen but how did it end up on the floor?"

"I don't know did anyone else look at it?"

"The only other people down here you guys and Justin and Kira?"

"Do you think they saw it"

"Maybe that would explain why it was on the floor"

"What do you know about that time?"

"Not much that was after the Green Candle incident and before I came back to help them regain their Coins from Goldar"

"So what time frame are we looking at?"

"About a month at least"

"Can they survive in the past for a month?"

"Justin yes Kira I don't know, Together they should be ok"

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