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Summery: Justin and Kira get sent back in time and meet the original MMPR except Tommy set after Green candle and before Tommy's return.

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The Disappearing Rangers

Chapter 2

"Justin where are we?" asked Kira once they had emerged from the energy ball.

"Uhm I'm not sure Kira let me get my bearings then we'll find out where we are" said Justin.

"Well I don't think we're in Reefside anymore?"

"Well I'll say one thing were not in 2004 anymore Storms internal clock is retuning itself" said Justin as they watched the years rolling back.

"If it goes back to far it'll be before we were even born" said Kira.

The years finally stopped going back and stopped on 1993. "That's five years before I became a Turbo Ranger" said Justin.

"So what do we do now?"

"I have know idea let's try the communicators I doubt they'll cross time zones but since the Morphers are still working it's worth a shot"

Justin and Kira both tried to use their Communicators to cross the Time gap between 1993 and 2004.

"It could be worse?" said Kira after about ten minutes of silence since their Communicators had failed to contact any of the Dino Rangers.

"Yeah how?" asked Justin.

"Our Morphers could have stopped working?" said Kira, before adding "Since we're here and still have the knowledge of the Future we can survive here for a while"

"True but I still want to know where we are. Storm any clues as to where we are?"


"Are you sure"


Justin looked round trying to see if it was right

"Justin what is it?"

"Storm says we're in Angel Grove" said Justin.

"So what do we do?"

"Well firstly Storm activate camouflage mode" the car followed Justin's order then Justin added "Now we find the Power Rangers since this is Angel Grove 1993 that should be Rita's era"

"Shouldn't Tommy be hear as well?"

"Maybe it depends when in 1993 we are we might even be before Rita arrived"

"What about Zordon?" asked Kira.

"Yeah he'd be here but I wouldn't know where to start the story"

The Disappearing Rangers

Meanwhile back in 2004 Hayley and Ethan were trying to reconfigure the Communication system so they could try and contact Justin or Kira.

"How's it coming guy's?" asked Conner.

"Slowly we can't pinpoint the Time zone they've been sent to" replied Hayley.

"Well lets start with the photo, Dr O what time period was it?" asked Ethan.

"It looks like the original rangers but I don't remember it so it must be 93 either before I joined or while I left for a while due to the Green candle" said Tommy.

"Ok so can you tell us anything about what happened during either time?"

"No but I know someone who should" said Tommy as he took the photo album with him and headed up the stairs and pulled out his phone, and rang the first number.

"Hey Jase its Tommy I need your help?"

'What is it bro I'll do what ever I can to help' replied Jason.

"Well I know this is a silly question but do you remember back in the days of the MMPR Rangers did two Rangers from the Future show up?"

'Yeah they did it was just after you left the team with the effects of the green candle, why?"

"Two of the Dino Thunder Rangers have been sent back in time and we're trying to find them"


"Yes We I'm the Black Dino Ranger and please no piss taking I had enough of it from the Green Ranger"

'You mean Justin?'

"Yeah I take it you remember them"

'Yeah they were a real help while you had left the team, I'm sorry I can't remember the girls name, she strangely reminded me of my little cousin though who lives in Reefside, her and Justin were always together, so I never really spent much time with her way from Justin'

"Jase I need to know all you remember about what happened back then"

'Ok I'll come to your place and we'll talk'

"It'll take you to long won't it?"

'Nah Billy remodeled the Communicators to work on a different power sauce so I'll transport their shortly'

"Thanks Jase see you soon"

'No problem I've been meaning to come to Reefside to check on my cousin and her family anyway. See you soon Tommy'

Tommy returned to the Command Cave.

"So any help?" asked Hayley.

"Yeah I just spoke to Jason and he remembers them he's coming here to help and to catch up with family" replied Tommy.

"Uhm who's Jason?" asked Trent.

"Jason was the original Red Ranger" said Ethan remembering the Ranger Video, but that had never shown Justin and Kira in the past.

"Dr. O how come the Ranger Video never showed them in the past?" asked Conner.

"Because it was cut out incase either of them ever saw the video any time travel references are cut out due to orders from the Silver Guardians they patrol the time line and protect it"

"Who's his family in Reefside?" asked Hayley.

"No idea but he said that when he met Kira and Justin in the past Kira reminded him of his little cousin" replied Tommy.

"Uhm Dr. O, you don't think Kira is his cousin do you?" asked Ethan.

"No she would have said something when she saw him in the Ranger video. Then again I wasn't hear when you watched that video?"

"She did seem a little freaked by something at the start of the video but I thought that was because of you with your long hair" said Conner.

"Well I guess we'll have to wait and see when Jase gets hear" said Tommy.