"Alright ma, I'm here now," Kryhs said into her mobile as she pulled up outside the large set of apartments.
"Okay sweetpea. See you soon. Love you," Karen's shaky voice said over
the phone. Kryhs rolled her eyes and hung up. She had pretty much zero
patience for her mum's overemotional-ness this morning. Plus, calls from overseas cost a bomb nowadays. Kryhs walked over to the large desk in the reception and smiled at the lady sitting there.
"Hey. I'm Kryhs Somerset. I'm from the UK. I just got here. Um do you
know where I am supposed to be living?"
"Your living with Toby Turner, apartment 503," the woman at the housing desk said.
"Does he know I'm coming?" Kryhs asked.
"I think so. Good luck," the woman smiled, giving her a key. "Knock first."
"Will do," Kryhs nodded.

Toby opened the door slowly. "Oh! Hello!" he smiled.
"Hey, I'm Kryhs, your new roommate?" Kryhs smiled back.
"Right, yeah, I heard something about a new roomate. Come on in," Toby
nodded moving aside. Kryhs took one step into the small apartment.
"Its cute," Kryhs beamed. She noticed all of the gaming equipment in the corner but decided to say nothing about it.
"Cute?" Toby scoffed. "It's adorable!" Kryhs smiled.
"Right, that's what I meant to say. So where am I sleeping?"
"Right this way!" Toby grinned, before leading Kryhs to a small but select little room which was connected to the living room but separated by a door. "Just dump your stuff in there, it's home now."
"Thanks," Kryhs smiled, dragging her luggage into the room which had
deep cream carpet. "Oooh it's beautiful in here!" she said, dropping her suitcase onto the floor. "I'll unpack a little later."
"Cool," Toby smiled. "So..do you play video games Kryhs?"
"Oh, sure. I actually have a YouTube channel, called ZeldaGhostGamer?
Yeah," Kryhs smiled casually, making her way to one of the sofa's in the living room.
"You do?" Toby grinned, his eyes sparkling.
"Sure. What about you?" Kryhs asked, trying to sound friendly.
"Um.. Yeah I do as well but that's not important. So, do you do vlogs as well?" Toby asked curiously.
"Yep. But I do that on KryhstalClear, only gameplays on ZeldaGhostGamer. I do a rant feature every week on KryhstalClear, called 'Kryhs is Cross'. I just talk about stuff that doesn't matter but people like it," Kryhs blushed, feeling like she was boasting.
"But enough about me, tell me about your one!"
"That's not important," Toby waved off the suggestion. "Could you do a
vlog now? I wanna see!" Kryhs took one look at Toby's excited face and
"Oh alright. I'll get my stuff," she sighed, heaving herself off the sofa. Once Kryhs had unpacked her camcorder she flipped it on.
"Ready?" she asked Toby.
"Born ready, mo," Toby smirked. Kryhs rolled her eyes and pressed record.
"Hey everyone you're watching KryhstalClear which means you're either
here for a vlog or a rant. Well here's two clues. One is that I've done KryhsIsCross this week. Two is that I'm doing something that starts with v ends with log that's right you've guessed it you've won the £5000, Johnny give them the cash cos I'm doing a vlog!" Kryhs said into the camera brightly. Toby could barely keep a straight face, he thought this was absolutely adorable. "So anyway I'm now in USA and I have a new roomate. He's a MAN. Wolf whistle I know right. Here he is, Toby Turner!" Toby popped himself into the view and grinned.
"Hello Kryhs watchers! Or..Kratchers. Like crotch-ers-"
"Okay seriously that was not appropriate. Um I guess that we can make
some other video's?" Kryhs suggested. Toby blushed.
"Oh..sure," he smirked. "Some place in the future."

Here's the first chapter! Woohoo.