Kryhs knew that Toby loved her, yes that was obvious. But one thing that Kryhs couldn't stand was hate mail.

On one video of her and Toby, 90% of the comments and the tweets that followed it's release would be positive and funny, cute and inspiring. However it was that 10% of comments and tweets that Kryhs would always see.

For example, 'Kroby' were doing a Q&A and in the middle of the vlog, they shared a little kiss. It was tiny but it was there and there was a huge uproar about it. Comments on the Toby's upload of the video included;



'so cute xx'

'they are perfect. I hate that'

'She's so good for him! Love that!'

'they need to get married NOW'

'Kroby 5eva'

But the negative comments just flew in like a flock of birds on a summers day…they were EVERYWHERE.


'wtf, who is she?'

'shes only using Toby for fame'

'Toby deserves better'

'She's so f***ing FAT'

'she's actually disgusting'

'good bye Kryhs, bring back OLGA'

'Even Jenna was better #sorrynotsorry'

Yes they flew in thick and fast, and it just so happened that Kryhs read all of these one morning, as Toby's laptop was open and the page he was on was the video. She smiled to herself as she read some of the comments but as she carried on reading, her smile disappeared and went from a frown to one supporting tears. She knew that was she wasn't the slimmest of girls but really, hearing that from someone she didn't even know technically shouldn't be a problem, but seriously for some reason, that really hurt her. She heard the keys jingle in the door and quickly closed the Mac and pretended to tidy up Toby's desk and smooth out the duvet on the bed and whatnot as Toby and Gabe came blundering in, laughing with each other over something as Gryphon bounded in after them. Kryhs wiped her eyes a little too harshly with her sleeve so that a bright red bumpy rash began to form right underneath her eyelid. Toby walked into the room to put his shoes and coat down. "Hey beautiful," he grinned happily. "We spoke to the civil court today and they said- Kryhs? What happened to your eye?" Kryhs was trying her best to cover it up, just nodding and smiling to what he was saying but this question suddenly took her by surprise.

"Hm? Oh, that's nothing," she shrugged it off with a light laugh. "What were you saying about the court?"

"Look at your eye though! Did you skid against the carpet?" Toby asked quickly, rushing over to Kryhs and examining her raw eye closer. "My God…GABE!" Before Kryhs could stop him, Gabe came sliding into the room, with an ice lolly in his hand.

"What's up?" he asked casually, licking it.

"Look at Kryhs' face! Would you say that's carpet burn?" Toby murmured, as Gabe began to peer at Kryhs' eye in mystery.

"In my professional days of medical history," Gabe began boldly, his hand now on his hip. "That does indeed look like carpet burn. What happened, Kryhs?"

"Well I thought that would be the first question," Kryhs grumbled moodily. "Look, I felt like I had something in my eye so I stupidly rubbed it with my sleeve and it gave me a rash, that's all. I'll go and put some ice on it to stop the swelling." Kryhs gave a small smile and then walked past them to get to the kitchen. Gabe followed her, his arm with the ice pole outstretched.

"Hey, I have an ice pole if you want! It will leave your eye tasting berry-fresh!" he assured her. Toby frowned to himself and opened the lid of his mac.

Then he saw what Kryhs was actually reading.

But it wasn't only Kryhs that got the hate. She had a large fan base herself, 5 million subscribers was a lot to work with and she had hundreds of thousands of fan accounts on Twitter and Instagram just for her, and many of them just found Toby childish and irritating. A lot of people shipped Kryhs and Felix and had done for AGES, even when he found Marzia, it was one of those ships that people just never let sail. So there was one day, when Toby opened Twitter on his phone and went straight to his mentions, as he always did. What he forgot was that Kryhs had actually logged in onto her profile on his phone the last time she used it. But by the time Toby had checked the mentions, he couldn't be bothered to log out so he decided to have a little peek through it. Some of the tweets directed to him were literally horrendous.

'TBH, Toby can just die.'

'Kryhs deserves better #KRELIX'

'Pewds and Kryhs forever, Toby can swerve'

'Toby Turner is such a child. LOVE YOU K!'

'Toby Turner really pees me off. Just go away lol'

'Toby T is crap. BYE'

Toby felt awful reading this. Was it true? Did Kryhs really deserve better. He didn't really know. He just logged off without another word.

Kryhs was sitting reading her magazine on the leather sofa, waiting for the film 'TAKEN' to come on. Gabe was out getting snacks and they promised they would wait for him until they started the film. In the middle of reading, Toby suddenly slumped into the room and lay down on the sofa, his head on Kryhs' lap. She smiled as she looked down at him, "Hi," she laughed slightly, sensing something was wrong.

"Hey," Toby said miserably.

"What's up?" Kryhs frowned, hearing the sadness in his voice. She couldn't tell if he was doing it deliberately or if there was actually something wrong.

"I…I just…" Toby began. Yep, this was genuine.

"Spit it out," Kryhs said gently, putting her magazine down and stroking his hair, running his little quiff bit through her fingers.

"Do…do you think I'm a child?" Toby blurted, automatically going red and wishing he hadn't even said anything. Kryhs raised an eyebrow.

"Really? You're really asking this question? We're really having this conversation right now?"

"I mean, sometimes I feel like you deserve better," Toby murmured. Kryhs froze, recognising those words.

"Yeah, I'm sure you also feel like you can just die, that it's 'Pewds and Kryhs forever' and that you're crap and that you annoy everyone?" Kryhs guessed. Toby winced – he had been caught out. "Toby, you have got to stop reading my mentions." Toby sighed and turned his head to her.

"Well then you've got to stop reading my comments!"

"How do you know I do that?!" Kryhs gasped. Toby smirked slightly as he raised his fingers up and gently rubbed them against Kryhs' bumpy rash underneath her eye.

"I know you too well," he answered simply. "Pinkie promise that we'll just carry on loving each other, despite what the haters say." Kryhs giggled and wrapped her pinkie finger against her boyfriends'.

"Promise," she nodded, as Toby took her hand and kissed the back of it.

YO, I'm sorry that it's been so long but school was INSANE. I love you all, though, and I swear that there will be a new chapter every Friday for all of my stories so yep.