The Scarlet Witch destroyed life as we know it when she snapped and created the alternate dimension known as the House of M. Every mutant was granted their greatest wish so Wanda could have hers. Humans were made out to be scum; the lowest society had to offer. With all his memories of his previous life gone, Thomas wandered the continental United States until he joined Melody and Grace Millary's human resistance group. He stayed there for months before Illusion showed up. He did not know that the unique and commanding young mutant was his 23-year-old daughter Nikki Storm. Thomas participated in and survived the rebellion against the army of Genoshians. At the flash of light, he returned to his old life of waiting for the right moment to tell Nikki the long unrevealed truth.

Clint "Hawkeye" Barton joined Luke Cage's rebel group when he heard of their reasons. He has saved their skins from Sentinel attacks on numerous occasions. His heart was entirely dedicated to the cause for years. All that changed when Illusion joined the group. She was beautiful, talented, and smart. Hawkeye fell for her immediately, flirting with her every minute of the day. He wanted her to life a happy life with him, raising the family he always wanted and growing old together. Even when he learned her life was threatened by the unforgiving Legacy Virus, his dreams persisted. Shortly before the final battle, he shared his feelings with Illusion, and they acted upon them. Previous to her final stand against Magneto, he gave her a precious medallion, planning on asking her to marry him after the fight. However, he accepted her death bravely and with a straight-face, putting her mind at ease.

Nikki Janice Storm's mind was so powerful some of her old self was apparent through the memory loss. Parts of her shone through, such as her leaving the Red Guard to help humans. Nikki caught the mutant police's attention, so they hired her and taught her their ways. But she could not live by their idealistic, so when her training was complete, she left and worked with Homo sapiens. Her uniform gave away her former position, so most groups were cold and distant when she was around. Finding that Luke Cage's group was open and not hostile to her, she frequently visited them. They appreciated her assistance and company. When the time came to prepare for their attack on Genosha, Hawkeye shared his romantic emotions with her. Illusion gladly returned them, enjoying true love for the first time. With her old memories, she was able to plan appropriately and make their escapade foolproof. During her final confrontation with the master of magnetism, everything was explained, such as how she contracted the Legacy Virus and the Scarlet Witch's breakdown. Nikki died a hero, but sadly, not before she could witness her friend's triumph.

Many other heroes encountered Illusion. Some of the most prominent were Dancecraze, Baton, Wolverine, Black Cat, Luke Cage, Cloak, Emma Frost, and Plantress. Each played an important role in the takedown of Magneto's army. Sadly, most were killed or about to be when the white light burned again. Though only a small percentage of mutants remember their time spent in House of M, those who do honor the memories of all those who helped Nikki bring down the evil dictator once and for all.