Harry Potter and the Quidditch Adoption

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Chapter 1

Fred Weasley was walking back from buying his round of the quidditch team's multiple orders of butterbeer that they consume at the Three Broomsticks. It was always the same; the quidditch team, usually during the practice the members of the team that were able to go to Hogsmeade would get together after they finished in the locker rooms and plan when they would get together, usually at lunch. During that lunch, copious amounts of butterbeers were drunk, firewiskey as well, if Fred and George's contact, Mundungus, had come through. This week it was just butterbeer for the lads and ladies of the Gryffindor quidditch team. As Fred approached the table they were all using, his ears picked up an interesting comment coming from the chaser line.

Angelina Johnson, as well as being Oliver Wood's right hand witch when it came to the Gryffindor quidditch team, was; being groomed by Ollie to take over after he graduated from Hogwarts, Angelina was able to voice complaints that might not be taken as well if voice directly to the over exuberant quidditch fanatic in response to the other responsibilities that a Hogwarts student might find themselves beholden to. This being the case she had an even better eye than McGonagall and Pomfrey when it came to the emotional well being of the Gryffindor team.

McGonagall was a good sponsor, but spent too much time involved in her rivalry with Snape and the Slytherins, not to mention her duties as Deputy Head of Hogwarts, to really spend the hands on time necessary to be a proper sponsor of any after curricular type of group. Also, if Fred and George are to be believed, when Harry had gone to McGonagall before about what he thought was wrong at Hogwarts during his first year she'd given him a very curt and rather perfunctory brush off.

While Angelina found this rather strange given what Harry, Hermione and Ron had testified to in the common room after they'd won Gryffindor the point that had put them over the Slytherins in her third year at Hogwarts, she didn't know what if anything McGonagall might have been trying to do behind the scene to try to rectify the situation that the Gryffindor three had found themselves in and was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. However she had begun to wonder if she was correct with regards to what had happened to Harry in the intervening year, that being said, she opened up her mouth and began to speak.

"What should we do to help Harry?" Seeing the confused looks on the faces around her Angelina explained, "Just by going with what Fred and George have told us of what they know of Harry's home life", she paused as she watched her teammates all look as though they wished to use the killing curse for the first time, regardless of what the penalties were for it. Admittedly none of them had believed what the twin beaters had said about Harry's home life until the Twins, looking sincerely angry that no one was taking them seriously, called for an elf to get a pensive in which to put their memories of the "jailbreak" of Harry from his relatives. The enraged team for who the only reason the Dursley's were still alive was due to the fact that none of them where convinced the Knight Bus would go to a muggle location, thought of how to help their seeker.

"As I was saying just by what we know of Harry's home life he's treated worse then some of the darkest families treat their house elves. So, given that he's our seeker and to a certain extent our little brother; how are we going to help Harry?" Angelina sat back with her arms crossed over her chest with a challenging stare in her eyes as she looked at the rest of her team, a team that was shocked by what was said. While they did think of each other as a loosely formed family, just the fact that they had real biological parents and in some cases siblings, led them to overlook the fact that the most well known member of their team was basically on his own. Thinking about it now, on top of the fact that according to Harry's best friend Hermione, Harry was getting into trouble again by being sent a top-of-the-line racing broom by an unknown benefactor, possibly Sirus Black, led to a hard look in the eyes of the Gryffindor quidditch team as they bowed their heads together to start planning.

Not knowing that what the amateur quidditch players were deciding would cause a number of plans to go haywire, while not impacting him that much, Harry got slightly nervous when he felt the hairs rise on the back of his neck. He shrugged it off thinking that it was just paranoia over worrying about Sirus Black.

The next day Harry woke up and got ready for his day. He was thinking about working on his homework while Ron and Hermione went to visit Hogmeade; even if he didn't mind using the tunnels to get to the town one day of the weekend he felt that not being around Hogwart both days that he was supposed to be castle bound, was just asking for trouble. He could just imagine Snape lurking around trying to find him to get him into trouble. Given what happened yesterday with the cloak slipping, Harry didn't want to tempt fate. Unbeknownst to him trouble was brewing without any help.

Pranksters though they were, Fred and George were known to be serious when the situation called for it. The problem being that the twins and most figures of authority had vastly different ideas of when the situation called for being serious. Their head of house, mum, and prefect brother seemed to be under the opinion that everyone should be serious all the time; where as Fred and George thought that it was necessary to be serious only at life or death situations, depending even then.

Looking over at the table they had been residing at before they got up to buy their rounds of butterbeers, they were unable to meet up with their firewiskey wholesaler and had to drink the student drink instead. Not that they minded butterbeers, it was just after Charlie came home from his seventh year of Hogwarts to clear out his room and say goodbye to his family/got into an argument with mum over being a dragon handler, he had slipped a bottle of Ogden's Old in his bag to bring home with him.

After Arthur and Molly had gone to bed, Charlie had called the twins to his room and after they entered it had put up a silencing spell/fireproofing ward that he had learned in his efforts to become a dragon handler/beast master. The silencing spell that Charlie had used was more of a silencing ward in its construction, but all three boys were glad it had been put up. Upon taking their first drink of firewiskey, to Charlie's amused retelling to Bill later by post, Fred and George resembled a dragon with how they spewed fire after their first taste of the brew.

Infrequent sampling of firewiskey away from the parents and siblings helped the twins build up a tolerance. Fred and George were proud of their two eldest brothers who had shown them the way to be happy: find something you love to do and don't let anyone tell you any different no matter who they are. Some would say that this differs from what seemed to be the unspoken motto of the Weasley's family before everyone else, Fred and George blamed their mollycoddling mother for this view. Not that they would ever phrase it that way; they liked the limited amount of freedom they had at home, thank you very much.

It was partly for that reason that they had taken to pranking. Their mother; in her fear and need to keep her family as safe as she could was constricting them, and they were chafing against that constriction. Due to their age, they never gave pause to think about the fact that their mother lost both her brothers in the last war against Voldemort, brothers that her twin sons with their laughter and anything goes spirit were a constant reminder of. The only thing the twins saw was their mother trying to keep them as children, propelling them towards an unhappy adulthood working for the stodgy ministry. Fred and George couldn't believe that she could still use the same argument given how the ministry-appointed Dementors had affected Harry.

Although it could be said that Molly was using the "better the devil you know than the devil you don't" argument in regards to her children's careers, except for the fact that she truly believed in the ministry and was blind to any and all corruption using the excuse that it wasn't actually true and if it did happen then it happened much less then it was purported to be happening.

The twins were brought out of their musings by the voices of the chaser line as they approached their table. Given their attractions to Angelina Johnson (Fred) and Katie Bell (George), the twins were always pulled out of their musings by the lyrical voices of their Quidditch team mates, two of them at least, something that greatly annoyed Lee when the three of them were planning a prank. While what this meeting caused to happen could be considered a prank, it wasn't one in the traditional sense. It had far reaching consequence that reverberated through the wizarding world for years to come.

"Can't believe after everything Harry has gone through with You-Know-Who he now has to deal with a demented follower of his after him too." Katie commented. The twins snorted, causing the Chaser line to glare at the two beaters. Seeing the looks directed at them, the twins were quick to explain. Hashing out what they learned from Ron last summer about what Harry went through to rescue Ginny, not to mention the manner that they had to acquire Harry the summer before the lad's second year. The look on the Chaser line, after the twins' explanation was finished, made the twins and Lee hopeful that they would never have it directed at them.

"Let my get this straight", Angelina growled after a few moments where the members at the table who didn't know digested what Fred and George had just divulged, "For the last two years Harry, along with your youngest brother, and Hermione have somehow got themselves into situations that would make the strongest aurors give pause and no adults have even tried to help, much less stop them, not even McGonagall?" After Fred and George nodded in agreement, Angelina started her rant up again. "So Harry is risking life and limb to protect the school from You-Know-Who and his pet basilisk, and no one seems to care as long as Harry doesn't get himself killed." Looking somewhat afraid of what reaction they'll get, Fred and George nodded, again worried what replying verbally would get them. They were glad they did, for few seconds after that, there was winds spinning up around the enraged witches.

"Before any of the girls get arrested for what seems to be rather justifiable homicide, I wonder if we sat down and put our mind to it, we could come up with a better option for our seeking friend." Lee's voice had calmed down the Gryffindor chaser line while Fred and George were sitting down from where they had gotten up to try to keep the girls from running off and killing Harry's relatives, or whomever, put Harry with them or both. Upon coming to grips with what Lee actually said, a large smile grew across the twins faces.

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